Simultaneous Time and Changing Past and Future

This is an interesting process if you are desiring to change something in the past or change your future.  It helps to give you a better perspective on your present NOW power and how all exists together at the same time. Hope you find it as interesting as I did. ~ Kathyann

Simultaneous Time

This article is from the Hermes Reality Creator Series Books and or upcoming books.
© copyright 1995 – 2014 by Tom DeLiso / Hermes Trismegistus

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The Chicken and Egg question is an issue which seems to be unsolvable, using society’s present belief system. However, the concept of Simultaneous Time answers, explains, and negates the entire idea of anything coming first. Prepare yourself to delve into an all-expansive topic which will utterly shatter your concept of time, space, and physical reality.

To begin with, just because you can’t see or touch something does not mean it doesn’t exist. They laughed at Thomas Edison when he said he could make light come out of an empty glass tube. The lack of belief in an incandescent lamp did not stop the bulb from lighting! I am glad Mr. Edison had the good sense to ignore those narrow minded fools of his time! In fact, I thank him every time I turn on my light switch — and you should too!

What does Thomas Edison have to do with Simultaneous Time? Not much directly, but his spirit is a reminder that you can break down the barriers society has erected against you. Barriers which stop you from understanding and accepting useful ideas, like Simultaneous Time.

To begin with, your past, your present, and your future exist NOW, simultaneously, within the Ever Present Moment. As we covered in the last chapter, the Ever Present Moment is your intersection point to other energy patterns. Each present moment is a doorway to the moments that came before and the moments that are to come. If this doorway did not exist, the present moment would not either. For example, It is logical to assume that to get to the moment you are in now, you had to go through the past moments which led up to your present moment. Now, let’s take this idea one more step. If past moments exist — because you had to pass through them — than the future moments must exist too. Think of it like this: how can you move from or to something that does not exist?

Think of the past, present, and future as three rooms. You are in the center room. This room’s name is the present. Now, directly behind you is the past room — you just came from there. Ahead of you is the future room — you are going there. Now, if that future room did not exist, you would have no place to step into; as also, if the past room did not exist, you could not step into the place you are now.

Because you feel you can not peek into that future room or back into that past room, you feel they can’t exist. Yet you walk easily from one physical room to another, without first peeking into them — and you don’t think twice about it. So it is with Simultaneous Time, you effortlessly walk from moment to moment, without a second thought about where you have been or where you are going. Obviously the carpenter built those physical rooms for you to walk through, and because he built them, they exist. Well, the carpenter for your past, present, and future is yourself. Are you going to deny the existence of yourself? Then don’t deny the existence of your past or future.

What we are doing here, with this room to moment analogy, is breaking down those barriers that society has erected. In actuality, there is no difference between walking through rooms and moments. Both items are energy through which you move. However, the difference between them is in the patterns that the energy takes, at any given time. Once your consciousness tunes into a particular energy pattern, that energy pattern becomes part of your conscious moment and becomes your point-of-power. The fact is that the any physical room, the past, the present, and the future are all energies which exist together, within the Ever Present Moment!

Can we access these other energies contained within the encapsulated moment? Yes! These other moments, which encompass the Ever Present Moment, are accessible. Simultaneous Time coupled with the Ever Present Moment demand it to be so; and the instrument which enables you to obtain this information is with you all the time: your consciousness.

Because your past and future are accessible from the Ever Present Moment, you can check on, alter, and even communicate with those moments! Think for a minute how powerful and advantageous that can be for you now. Imagine calling on a future self, to help solve your present dilemma! Imagine going back into your past, so that you could warn a past self of a potentially dangerous event. What would those actions do for you now? The potential is infinite — and awesome!

No longer will you hang on an unknown future or a disturbing present event. No longer will the past haunt you. The answer is simple! Go back and change those past moments or go forward and see what you will do. Your past and future, as well as your present, exist together within the present moment because time is simultaneous. Remember your point-of-power. Your point-of-power is your key to access those other moments. With your point-of-power properly focused, you can change what was and what will be, or look into what was and what will be, or even talk to what was and what will be.

Now that we have hyped you up, let’s come down-to-earth a bit, before we go any further. By shifting your point-of-power and traveling backward in time, to change some undesired event, there are things that are not going to change, as far as your current moment concerns itself. For example, if you changed into a job that you regretted and you go back to that past self and stop that person from changing jobs, that is not going to alter the fact that you changed jobs in your reality. However, what will change is your present feelings that accompanied that mistake. You will no longer feel regret for that past action. You will have helped another part of yourself make a wiser move.

Furthermore, that changing of your past, through the Ever Present Moment, will influence the future you are drawing toward you. The past you have changed will cause other conditions to spring about more suited to your present needs. Eventually, your present moment will change into conditions similar to what you would be experiencing, had you not made the erroneous decision. Also, as if that is not enough, Simultaneous Time dictates that once you begin to reach to your past selves, to help them through difficult times, your future selves will come to your aid when you need it.

Now, the extension of future selves, in a reality that is simultaneous in nature, should bring you to the idea of your Higher-Self. You’ve heard people talking about that all-knowing self locked away some place. Your Higher-Self is a future self of you eons from now. Simultaneous Time unlocks that elusive Higher-Self and brings that wisdom right into your present. Your Higher-Self knows what is best for you because, in your Higher-Self’s Ever Present Moment, your future is his past! Simultaneous Time is one reason your Higher-Self cares and loves you so much. Your present moment is his past. Your Higher-Self knows the all important lesson of Simultaneous Time: to make the present the best it can be, you must make the past and future the best they can be. Your Higher-Self loves you dearly — for without you, he would not exist. Likewise, without your past, you would not exist. Therefore, when dealing with a past self, use only love, kindness, and compassion. Remember! It’s you you are reaching out to.

Let’s talk about how you can reach your past and future self from the Ever Present Moment, using your point-of-power. For this exercise, and your first few times doing the routine, limit your contact to the past. In the beginning, it is easier to make the connection to a past personality than a future one. Also, it may be helpful, but not necessary, to get an old photo of yourself taken around that time you wish to travel back to.

First, to accomplish this connection, you will need to shift your point-of-power from the reality you know. Find a comfortable spot, but one that will not put you to sleep. You can sit or lie down. We find that sitting on the floor with your back against the wall works the best. Take a moment to relax. If you have a picture of yourself, take these moments to look at it. Try to get a feel for the time and era you are trying to reach. Think about the feelings that were going through you then. Now, close your eyes.

Place your finger tips together — without letting your palms or your adjacent fingers touch each other. Each finger tip, including your thumbs, should touch each other. Your right thumb tip should touch your left thumb tip. Your right index tip should touch your left index tip … and so forth. There should be about a one inch space between your palms, and there should be at least a half-inch space between each touching finger. Only your finger tips should be touching. The tops of your fingers should point up and be near your chest. This finger positioning is very important — it connects all your energy centers in such a way that enables this technique to work easily.

Now, start taking slow, easy breaths. After about a minute, try to feel yourself floating within a warm, cozy bubble of energy. At this point, you should feel your energy-level rising. You may even notice a burning or a chill running up and down you spine. That sensation is good. It is a sign that your energy centers are active.

Now, mentally look outward through your energy bubble, as if you are looking into a great distance. Think about the past self you wish to contact. Picture that person in your mind. Now, visualize before you a calendar. This calendar should start with today’s date. Begin to turn the pages of the calendar backward, faster and faster, glancing at the dates as they go by. Stop when you reach the approximate period you want.

Now, see that past person clearly in your mind. Do not worry, in the beginning, if you feel this process is all in your imagination. In time, the images within your mind will become more clear and more real. Tell that person the advice you came to communicate. Now, travel forward in time a bit — visualize that other past self following your advice and watch the new outcome.

Now, you may return. Picture that imaginary calendar flipping forward and stop when you reach your time and reality. Take some deep breaths to center yourself. Open your eyes. The technique is complete.

The whole process should take no longer than ten or fifteen minuets — less time than that when you get good at it. Try to do the exercise once or twice a week, until you get the knack of it. After that, you can use the routine as much or as little as you like.

As you get better with this routine, you should use the procedure for contacting a future self, though this contacting may not always be necessary. Once you begin establishing a good connection with your past selves, you may find future selves visiting you, without the need to program yourself to go there. A future self is most likely to visit you right before you begin to turn those calendar pages backward. However, don’t be surprised if you find a future self popping up in other places, like in your dreams or in the form-of whispers in your ear. Remember, your future selves are better at this exercise than you are. They have been doing it longer than you! They have improved on the process!

That’s it! So which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you have been following me, neither chicken nor egg came first. They exist together. One can not exist without the other — when the egg came into being, so did the chicken. When God created you, your past and future came into being. As far as Simultaneous Time is concerned, it does not matter. As far as God is concerned, he recreates you every moment — moment to moment. If God is not concerned about this which came first thing, than why should you?

In the next chapter we will dive further into the Ever Present Moment and explore another doorway that exists, the probability doorway. Probabilities are what enables you to choose from a myriad of possible futures. So get ready! The next chapter will finish the mind-blowing this chapter began!

Source Link – Wisdomdoor and Reality Creator Books

Bashar – Become the Master of Your Thoughts

master of your thoughtsBelow is an exercise to assist you in gaining control of your thoughts by remaining in neutrality and in the now moment. These instructions are given by Bashar as channeled through Darryl Anka.

“Let it happen, stop trying, give up, surrender, stop and when you do that, you will find that you stop thinking so much. You will find yourself looking at things and all of a sudden realize that that’s all you’re actually doing. You’re just looking at things. You are not looking at them and thinking of something, you will be thinking of nothing, you will just be looking at things and appreciating them for what they are and there will be no other thoughts.
You will find yourself at peace, a peace so profound it will be at first, perhaps, difficult to believe that you are experiencing it. It will be at first difficult to believe that you are not having random thoughts. You will not be running things around in your mind, your mind will finally be quiet, because you will be aligned with who you are and the thoughts you need to have will be the only thoughts you have.

And your actions and your thoughts, in what you call your Taoist and Buddhist terminology, will be right action, right thought, right will, which means that they will be synonymous with your being, and when your actions and your thoughts are synonymous with your beingness, it doesn’t feel like you are doing anything, but you will act, you will do things.. but it won’t feel like anything, it will feel like you are just being in life, enjoying life and receiving the love, the unconditional love, the gift of the miracle of All That Is.””

When you have accomplished this, you will be the master of your thoughts and life will be so much more enjoyable and under your control.  I am not speaking of life in general, I am speaking of YOUR LIFE and what you allow inside your life.  Something for all to work on.  Wishing you a day filled with controlled thoughts. ~Kathyann

Do You Understand………

Do115 you understand how much Well-Being is flowing to you?  Reach out and grab it.

Do you understand how much orchestration of circumstances and events on your behalf are available to you? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Do you understand how loved you are? Without you, nothing else would exist.

Do you understand how the creation of this planet and the creation of this universe fits together for the perfection of your experience? Life is all about the experience.

Do you understand how the universe goes out of its way to bring you your desires.  Accept them with gratitude.

Don’t try to understand, simply believe these words and act upon them. ~Kathyann

Your Problem and Solution Co-Exist

“You seem to have problems only because you are misusing time. You believe that the problem comes first and that time must elapse before it can be worked out.  But you do not see that the problem and the answer is simultaneous in their occurrence at the quantum mjust breatheechanics level.” ~ Bashar

There is a solution for every problem and both co-exist.  Therefore, it would be best for you to focus on the solution and not the problem. This way, you will see it faster and bring it into your reality sooner.

All will be okay. ~Kathyann

Who Are the Hybrid Children by Bridget Nielsen of Hybrid Children Community

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the  hybrid children?

The hybrid children are a genetic blend of human and extraterrestrial (Zeta Reticuli/Grey) DNA. At the moment, the children reside in a different dimension, but they will begin arriving on Earth in the relatively near future. They’re excited about coming. And we, the parents, can’t wait for their arrival.

Everyone involved in the hybridization program, whether he or she remembers here in physical reality, made a soul agreement before coming into this lifetime to take part in the agenda to awaken humankind to our infinite expressions and reunite us with our galactic family. During the hybridization program five hybrid races were created, including the Shalinaya/Ya’yl and Essassani civilizations. The Shalinaya (“those who will come first”) will be the first to make open contact with Earth. Their ship, known as the Phoenix Lights, was seen across the state of Arizona in March of 1997.

Our immediate genetic hybrid children, known as “the freelancers,” are hitching a ride with the Shalinaya and are with them on their ships. This group of children are not part of a hybrid civilization… they’ll be a part of our human civilization!  When our immediate human children mix with these hybrids, we will become the 6th hybrid race, galactic humans.

Many parents communicate in dreamtime with their children. Some shift dimensions when they are asleep to aid and assist the children with lessons they will need in order to acclimate to our society. Humans 101.


Where can I explore more of the physical evidence and “nuts and bolts” research on the subject of extraterrestrials?

There are many brilliant ufologists and researchers such as Stanton Friedman, Stan Romanek, Lee Speigel, and Dr. Steven Greer who are experts on the subject.  If you’re interested in research on ET experiencers Dolores CanonMary Rodwell and Barbara Lamb have thousands of documented cases of information to share. If you’d like information directly from well-known ET experiencers like Whitley StrieberKim Carlsberg and Brigitte Barclay please visit their sites.

We suggest you dive into their information and decades of research to verse yourself on the history of extraterrestrial presence since the Roswell New Mexico crash in 1947, understanding government involvement, technological advancements, and thousands of documented everyday experiencers accounts of their encounters with extraterrestrials.


I’m new to understanding the world and ETs from the perspective of energy, spirituality and consciousness, what resources do you suggest to understand more?

Utilize the concept of a personal practice. Expose yourself to only positive, expansive, uplifting thoughts and media. Catch and eliminate all negative thoughts, behaviors, TV, music. Be impeccable about this and do it every moment. Only talk about what you want to experience. Turn off mainstream TV and listen to consciousness expanding media like: BasharEchart TolleAbraham Hicks, The Law of One (Ra Material) in your car and on your headset when you’re moving about in your day and read books by authors like: Neale Donald Walsch, and the amazing trilogy book series by hybrid father Kirk Nielsen.

If your new to the whole subject and what a step-by-step approach, we suggest watching the Youtube series “Spiritual Science” and the documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know”about quantum physics. The basis of experiencing your world through consciousness begins with the understanding that we create our reality. It also functions on the 4 universal laws of creation:  1. The One is the All and the All is the One. 2. What you put out is what you get back. 3. You exist and cannot cease to exist. 4. Everything changes except the first 4 laws.

Hybrid Children Community is excited about focusing on and utilizing consciousness to shift ourselves to a Harmonious Earth by changing within so we live in a peaceful, transparent, ecstatic reality where we can live with our galactic family on earth.  We understand that by acknowledging that what we’ve created collectively with our government, economic, social, technological, religious, education systems aren’t working and we must create a new structure to live in a holistic world. If you’d like to learn more about what’s currently happening you can watch Thrive Movement for an overall picture and for a deeper look The Zeitgeist Film Series. It is our perspective to know where you’re going you must understand where you are.  You can explore the solutions and new structures Kirk Nielsen’s developed for a positively oriented world at


Where can I learn more about ET abduction and the hybridization program?  To our understanding, the most informative and energetically accurate source on extraterrestrials, abduction, and hybrid children information is through the channeled information byBashar, The Law of One (Ra Material), and Ishuwa, and research by Dolores Cannon, Mary Rodwell and Barbara Lamb.  There are many other great researched and channeled books on the subject, so dive into what you’re attracted to.  Youtube is an incredible resource to hear first-hand accounts from ET experiencers and research on all ET subjects, so don’t be shy… cruise around!  


Do I have hybrid children?

If you’ve synchronistically “landed” on this website it is likely that you’re participating in some way with the hybridization program and are choosing the reality of experiencing this incredible awakening. Most people who have been abducted have hybrid children.  Tap your heart and truly ask your soul the question: “Am I a part of this program?” and “Do I have hybrid children?”… listen and the answer will come. You know what is true for you, trust yourself.  If you’d like additional confirmation of your ET experiences or meet your hybrid children, you can contact us for a session or to ask us any questions to continue your excitement in these new discoveries, validate your ET interactions, and connect with your hybrid children.


Benefits of Embracing Hybrid Children: “One of the questions that came up for me in the exploration of children integrating into our society is why people would want to welcome these children into their homes and embrace them in their lives. Of course they are our family, they are our children, but what else will happen by creating a home for them?  This of course is a very human question, but important to address. The answer came to me that these children are incredibly beautiful beings with very high, loving vibrations. They are “step up transformers” which will accelerate our consciousness, hearts and ascension process. They will add an infinite and unimaginable amount of love, expansion, wonder, joy, creativity and peace to our lives.  In my opinion it will be the greatest gift imaginable to welcome a hybrid child into our lives.” – Bridget Nielsen



Aren’t we all hybrids? Am I a hybrid? 

Yes, we are all hybrids, created over millennia from many different cosmic civilizations (including Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturan, Orion, Anunnaki, Zeta Reticuli and Ubsilo) and the process continues. Many of the human children born within the last few years have a different DNA signature with more activated codons. They are literally a different species, able to remember more easily who they really are, whereas for generation after generation, we humans have placed great limitations on ourselves by forgetting we are eternally connected to Source. The New Children have the ability to remember.

The hybrid children who are not yet on Earth, who are in other dimensions, as stated above, operate at a much higher frequency that Earth humans. Once they arrive, acclimatize and assimilate, they will help to create the next exciting stage in humanity’s evolution.


You ask, “Am I a hybrid?” Since the hybridization program has been going on for several generations, there are people alive today who are literally hybrids in the strict sense of the word. With soul agreements made in spirit, genetic alterations are made in mothers’ wombs to upgrade the child’s frequency before birth. Many of the children being diagnosed with autism today are these beings. The density of Earth is simply too much for their high vibration. Other hybrids simply create an aura of love and light around themselves, doing their work silently, energetically. If you meet someone you think might be a hybrid, look deeply into his or her eyes and listen to your heart.

We suggest these resources on this subject if you’d like to learn more: Prism of Lyra, Bashar,The Law of One (Ra Material)


What if I don’t have hybrid children? (All hybrids are your children, even if they’re not genetically yours… )

On how children live (similar to our future hybrid structure) on Eshakani (formerly Essassani): “… He (the Sassani/Shakani children) will go and attract himself to teachers and the sharers and the learners to whom he needs to attract himself. He will always remember his biological parents, for we are never out of touch. You see, the child recognizes that every adult is his parent, and every adult recognizes that every child is his or her child, and acts accordingly. We are all truly one family, all telempathically connected. No one ever loses a child; no child is ever lost.” –Bashar: Blueprint for Change by Darryl Anka.

Rays of sunlight streaming through trees with glowing beams falling on the dew soaked grass

By the time we interact physically with the hybrids, the social structures of that reality will be very different.  The concept of “Oneness” will be something we experientially live by and we’ll understand that everyone is all archetypes… Everyone is our child, mother, father, and sibling.  The families will therefore be less oriented toward independent family units but will be increasingly oriented toward collective communities.  This is important to understand because as some mothers may have 20-50 genetic children, kids may at times be attracted to another family or mother for a period of time and they’ll go wherever they’re attracted.  The unconditional love from parents is very important so the children can follow their highest excitement, wherever it may synchronistically lead them.  There will be many human mothers who never choose the reality where they meet their kids so for people who were not abducted or don’t have children, there’s an abundant demand for willing parents to “adopt” these children.  Also, if you’re a part of the hybridization program or attracted to this reality, you have a very valuable piece to share with the children and humans… Maybe you’ll be a teacher and mentor or be involved in other activities that will be really important to these communities.

What percentages of DNA do I have in my kids? 

There are two ways to be part of the creation of the hybrid children. The first is by the utilization of your physical genetic material to create a hybrid child. The second is for your genetic energetic makeup to be used for the essence/archetypal frequency of a hybrid child. In most cases individuals have agreed to participate in one way or the other. If someone’s energetic makeup is used in the creation of a hybrid child, that approach makes the child no less yours.

With physical genetics, percentages vary from very low to very high. For instance, a child could have 1% from someone, 37% from someone else, etc. Robin Carpenter has three hybrid children with 85% of her DNA. That’s extremely high, making her children almost totally human. Seventeen of Sharon’s 23 kids have at least 57% of her DNA. The other six have lesser percentages but “wanted to count” as hers.


As you can see, many beings, both human and Grey, may be involved in each child’s heritage. The children who arrive on Earth first will have a high percentage of human genetics, making it easier for them to acclimatize and assimilate, and making it easier to humanity to accept them into Earth society.

With the energetic contribution, certain elements and arrangements of the energetic makeup are copied that help fascilitate the archetypal cross-connection energy representative of the ability to tune in and be an antena to draw upon those types of energy connections. The mechanism is a reflection, a “copying” of the vibrational state and frequency of your genetic energy structure as a reference point of what you’re doing, playing out the theme you chose when you incarnated. The genetic material is used as a referral template in order to arrange preferred genetic codes in certain hybrid children.

There is other genetic material used in the creation of the hybrid children from other species such as Sirians, Pleiadians and other star systems. This is not necessarily captured from those species directly, but by utilizing the DNA we already have from them within us.


Are mothers AND fathers involved in the creation of the hybrid children?

As stated above, there are situations where a human female/male may have a high percentage of DNA in a hybrid child mixed with a percentage of Grey material with no other humans involved. In most cased there’s a blending and mix of just one all the way up to multiple people’s genetics involved in the creation of a hybrid child. Often agreements are made with particular fathers and mothers in the creation of particular hybrid children. In over 500 documented cases, males and females that met on the ships during their contact experiences have re-united in Earth reality where they’ve continued very close bonds. These connections usually correlate with hybrid children being created out of the two people’s DNA (or more) and/or vibrational energy.  It’s likely you’ll synchronistically cross paths with these people you’ve met on the ships and share hybrid children with as you awaken to more of your ET experiences.  In Bridget’s experience the reason for these “this life” bonds is for the parents to help each other remember what happened on the ships together.  If one person remembers more it’s part of the agreement, in appropriate situations and timing, to share their recollections with the other person.



Naming Hybrid Children:

The hybrid children are able to choose names for themselves, but they don’t identify with them the way we do in our current human culture.  They understand that they are infinite beings that have many expressions of excitement.  They choose names that are associated with nature and natural things that match their vibration. They’re teaching us our interconnection with all living things. Examples: “Holly Cotton” and “Willow Helichrysum.”  When connecting with your hybrid children, tune in and they’ll share their names with you. They may be playful and have you “nickname” them for now, before they land on Earth!


When are the hybrid kids landing? 

No one knows for sure.  There are many timelines of how the landing will occur so it depends on how we humans expand our frequency and live as our natural selves so we’re the energy of the reality where they can appear. We have to raise our vibrations to a level where the high-frequency children can arrive. It could be as early as 2015 for the first group of hybrids to land in the isolated communities described below. It could be as late as 2033. But we are sure that many, many people alive today will have the privilege of greeting the hybrid children when they touch down.


Where will the hybrid kids live?

The first hybrid children to arrive on Earth will live in small communities in pristine, isolated locations around the planet. These communities will have been created by humans who have raised their vibrations to a level where they can interact with the higher frequencies of the hybrids. Once the children have acclimatized and assimilated to a sufficient degree, they will then interact with the wider society, eventually moving out to other locations as they are accepted by the world.  Here are some of the sacred sites, chakra points and vortexes where they’ll first land. Click here to read more about the contact communities, the enclaves we’re creating for them and us! 



What do they kids eat? 

Different hybrid children will have different diets.  The first to come will likely be vegetarians and vegans. The higher frequency kids will only consume organic living liquids. Some will not eat at all but will receive their nourishment directly from the electromagnetic field, as many ETs do.


What are their personalities like? 

The hybrid children are unique because they know who they are. They know their essence, their gifts and their incarnational themes.  They understand that they are the reality they exist in!  As the parents and friends ready to receive the hybrids, we’re matching their knowing by understanding our gifts and divine puzzle piece. This awakening within us as humans will allow us to match the reality where the hybrids exist.

Like humans, each child has his or her own personality. Quiet, outgoing, contemplative, energetic, musician,  healer, artist, animal communicator… The list is endless. Click here to check out the personalities of some of the children by visiting their pages (worlds)!


Is there a symbol to help connect with the frequency of the hybrid children?

Yes, there are many, but the most relevant is an equilateral triangle pointing up with a smaller equilateral triangle inside it pointing down. Color and create this with whatever colors inspire you… each holds a different vibration. For example, orange will allow a strong emotional connection, blue will allow a stronger mental connection, violet will assist in tapping into the collective consciousness.


How will the hybrid kids be protected from those who are not ready to receive them?? 

The reality where the hybrids exist won’t have a “big brother.” They will appear on a parallel Earth that is vibrationally ready to receive them, one that is reflective of an integrated, positive world.

Witness Declaration!  FACTS about UFOs- Click to view!

Disclaimer: Hybrid Children Community is not in any way officially connected to Bashar Communications. It’s just that we love Bashar so much, we do talk about him a lot. :) 

SOURCE:  Hybrid Children Community

Coffee Time – Happiness

Coffee on the porch at seasideGood morning friends.  I believe it’s time for a great tasting cup of coffee.  What about you?  You are more than welcome to join me on this beautiful Saturday morning.  I am presently sitting at La Jolla Cove.  Been up sitting out on the rocks since before sunrise and really could use a cup of coffee right now. So, while I go fix my cup, you fix yours, find a comfortable place to sit and relax and I’ll join you back here in a few.  Remember, this is your time to relax before you start into your weekend activities.  If you’ve already started your weekend activities then take a break and consider what happiness means to you and all the ways you look for it.

Those who know me will tell you that I find complete happiness at the beach.  Lately, I seem to find utmost peace and serenity at the peace which equals complete happiness to me and that’s the only place I want to be.  I got to wondering why I don’t feel as happy when I am somewhere other than the beach.  My husband shared his thoughts on it and I believe he’s right.  Now, he loves the beach as much as I do, but he can also feel happiness in other places as well.  No matter where he is, he looks for something positive to appreciate and be happy about.  To him, it’s that simple.  So he explained that there is nothing wrong with me wanting to be at the beach but when I have to be at the beach to be happy….. that’s a problem.  It’s every human’s desire to be happy and everyone looks for happiness in different ways,such as, health, achievements, material possessions, career, money, travel, family, healthy relationships, etc., but these things will only bring temporary happiness.  He went on to remind me that true and permanent happiness is found inside yourself.  It is the state of being that brings peace and happiness no matter what circumstances are going on around you.  Permanent happiness comes from you choosing to be happy all the time.  He also reminded me of the Law of Attraction – when you choose happiness and gratitude, the Universe has no other choice but to bring you more things to be happy about.  So my lesson is to look for happiness in all things no matter where I am and no matter what is going on around me.  Give gratitude for all things and all situations and remember that I and only I am responsible for my own happiness.  la jolla cove 8.14

Enjoy your coffee and I wish you all a wonderful weekend and much happiness. Remember to look and find the happiness within you and bring it forth into your outer world. ~Kathyann.