Starseed CorTauri Contribution Request

MartinThis particular post is about helping someone who is an amazing Soul here on Earth at this time.  This is a special time here on Earth as many of you know and the need to continue sending the message of transformation, the truth about the world and universe, and light energy into the world so that others wake up to the new horizon that awaits us.  One person who gives much of his time to helping others is Starseed CorTauri, otherwise known as Martin Lehmann from Germany.  Martin is a Pleiadian Starseed with Alderbaran and Arcturian energetics. At this time in his life, he is in need of funds to continue to assist others with their ascension process and provide white energetic light into the world.

If you are moved and inclined to send a contribution, please follow the link below:

Starseed CorTauri

There is much to do still to assist Mother Earth and Humanity so let’s appreciate Martin by helping him at this time.  Much love to all of you, ~ Kathyann.

Coffee Time – Nothing in Your Life

coffee on the beachIt’s that time again and boy do I need a cup of coffee.  You are invited to join me oh so virtually, so please do.  Prepare your coffee how you like, grab something to eat if you wish, find a comfortable place to sit and now take a deep breath in and then breathe out and release all that has you worried or has been occupying your mind in a negative manner. If you need, take some more deep breaths in – breathing in positivity and exhaling all negativity.  Now, take a sip of your glorious coffee, smile, focus on your heart and tell yourself, “I AM beautiful, I AM peace, I AM Source Energy, I AM love, I AM respected, I AM responsible, I AM a master creator, I AM deserving of all good things, and I AM in charge of my life.”

Take note of the fact that you are the creator of your life and there is nothing in your life that you did not put there by allowing yourself to focus in that direction.  When you focus on something long enough on an ongoing basis, it will eventually appear in your life.  Don’t blame your friend, sister, brother, boss, neighbor or anyone else because no one can create something into someone else’s life without their approval and allowance.There is nothing

If you want a better tomorrow, you need to start today by giving gratitude for all good and bad currently in your life. Give thanks for the good things and how they made you feel and express how you would love to hold onto these things.  Now, give thanks for the bad things and how they made you feel and the lessons they taught you.  Express your desire to let them go out of your life and then let the Universe decide the best way to do it.  Then forget about all your bad feelings towards the bad in your life and in time, you will notice they are gone.

What we think and believe deep down in our hearts today is what we will experience tomorrow.  The problem with most people is that we they have limiting beliefs about themselves and their abilities.  This needs to change.  The best way to do this is to begin believing that you are worthwhile of all good things in life and then make a conscious effort to focus, dream, daydream, imagine, visualize and whole-heartedly accept all the things you desire and give thanks for them as if you already have them.

Remember nothing in life is static….. all is ever-changing energy, simple energy that can be transformed with thought and attention.

So, I wish you a wonderful day of remembering that you have the power and all the necessary tools to change your life.

~ Kathyann

Our Perception is Limited

All of our attention is focused in a highly specialized way upon one shining, bright point of which we call reality. However, truth be told….. there are other realities all about us, but we ignore their existence, and blot out all stimuli that come from them.  There is a reason for this.  Many have discovered the reason for this trance and have awaken and little by little, we all must wake up and face the fact that we are multidimensional beings of light that exist in many different facets.

Creation and perception are far more intimately connected than any of our scientists realize.  It is quite true that our physical senses create the reality that we perceive. It is simply that the physical picture is simply one of an infinite number of ways of perceiving the various guises througyour perception of life is your choiceh which consciousness expresses itself.  The physical senses force us to translate experience into physical perceptions.  The physical senses allow us to perceive the three-dimensional world and yet by their very nature they can inhibit the perception of other equally valid dimensions. We identify with our daily physically oriented self.  We would not think of identifying with one portion of our body and ignoring all other parts, and yet we are doing that exact same thing when we imagine that the egotistical self carries the burden of our identity.

The inner senses open our range of perception, allowing us to interpret experience in a far freer manner and create new forms and new channels through which we, or any consciousness, can know itself.  Consciousness is, among other things, a spontaneous exercise in creativity.  So we are learning now, in a three-dimensional context, the ways in which our emotional and psychic existence can create varieties of physical form. We manipulate within the psychic environment, and these manipulations are then automatically impressed upon the physical mold.  Consciousness is a way of perceiving the various dimensions of reality. We form the physical body that we know at a deeply unconscious level with great discrimination, miraculous clarity, and intimate unconscious knowledge of each minute cell that composes it. This is not meant symbolically. It is literally the truth.  Now, because our conscious mind as we think of it is not aware of these activities, we do not identify with this inner portion of ourselves. Rather, we prefer to identify with the part of us who watches television or cooks or works – the part of us that thinks it knows what we are doing.  But this seemingly unconscious portion of us is far more knowledgeable and our entire physical existence depends on it. This portion is conscious, aware and alert.  It is us, so focused in physical reality, who do not listen to its voice, who do not understand that it is the great psychological strength from which our physically oriented self springs. I call this seemingly unconscious, the “Higher Self”, for it directs inner activities.  It correlates information that is perceived not only through the physical senses, but through other channels. It is the inner perceiver of reality that exists beyond the three dimensional. It carries within it the memory of each of our individual and collective existences. It looks into subjective dimensions that are literally infinite, and from these subjective dimensions all objectives flow. All necessary information is given to us through these inner channels, and unbelievable inner activities take place before we can so much as lift a finger, flicker an eyelid, or read this sentence upon this page. This portion of our identity is quite clairvoyant and telepathic, so that we are warned of disasters before they occur, whether or not we consciously accept the message and all communication takes place long before a word is spoken. The Ego and the Higher Self operate together, the one to enable us to manipulate in the world that we know, the other to bring us those delicate inner perceptions without which physical existence could not be maintained.  There is however a portion of us, the deeper identity who forms both the inner ego and the outer ego, who decided that we would be a physical being in this place at this time.  This is the core of our identity, the psychic seed from which we sprang, the multidimensional personality of which we are a part. We are ever changing and evolving and this process will go on forever.

Now is the time, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, call it what you will.  However, humanity has crossed a threshold into a new cycle of life that is now operating on a more peaceful current.  We are no longer under quarantine meaning other beings from other civilizations, the universe, other planets are now able to intercede and assist us with our evolution. Welcome them as they come to help us learn how beautiful and powerful we really are.  Many have awaken to their TRUE SELVES and many will follow.  Don’t get left behind.  Allow the gift of your perception to grow and be the gift that it was intended to be.  Meditate to find yourself and realize that you hold “all that is” within you.  The world needs your light and love so share it around and help to create a world of peace and love that all have been waiting for and that all agreed to build before incarnating to Earth.  This is our mission – we agreed to help heal Mother Earth and evolve humanity.  There is no greater time than NOW to be alive, to be human, and to love ALL THAT IS. Widen your perception and you will see that life is not limited and neither are you. ~ Kathyann.


Strong, Positive, and Highly Developed

Be the strong, positive....When you see a man or a woman doing something worthwhile, who is creating a positive impression upon the world, who is moving forward towards greater and better things, you will find that their individuality is strong, positive and highly developed.  If you wish to succeed in the world, it is absolutely necessary that you give your best attention to developing your individuality by using the forces within you.  A negative or weak individual drifts with the stream allowing life and others to choose what they give them. But a firm, strong, positive, and well-developed individual, actually controls their life and destiny by choosing themselves what is allowed in their life and by doing so, sooner or later, they will gain possession of what they originally set out to secure.  A positive individual has the power to take hold of things and turn them around to the better of all involved.  This is one reason why such a strong and positive individual succeeds.  Another reason is that the more fully developed your individuality is, the more you are admired by others with whom you come in contact with.  The human race loves power and counts it a privilege to give lofty positions to those who hold power, and every man or woman whose individuality is developed, does possess exceptional power.  This power is found deep within their being. Stand your ground and be firm with your power.  You are so deserving of all good things. ~Kathyann.

Where Do You Look For Yourself

heart meditation 2Do you ever look for yourself?

Have you ever found yourself?

Do you ever wonder who you are?

Ever wonder why you are?

To find the answers to these questions, you must look inside your beautiful self.  Really, there is no other way.

Do you know that the heart is the very first organ grown in a fetus?  This is because the heart holds all life.

With that being said, you will not find yourself outside of your heart.

As the song goes, “I was looking for love in all the wrong places.”  Love is all there is and it is all inside you.  In order to give love, you must love yourself first and then you can pass it on in a healthy and unconditional manner.

So how do you find yourself?  Meditation – focus on your heart with complete intention on seeing what is in there, believe you will see yourself as you close your eyes and turn off your mind.  Breathe slowly and deeply and with each breath, you will travel to “all that is”.

He who looks on the outside continues to dream and just exist.  He who looks inside himself, finds the reality of life and awakens to living life in the most wonderful manner and is not afraid to make changes necessary for his and humanity’s growth.

I encourage you to go find yourself.

Your friend, Kathyann.