Out of Work — Stop Wishing

Many people are getting progressively more depressed from being out of work. The longer they are out of work, the less trust they have in themselves and their ability to find work in something that’s going to excite them. Stop wishing for the right job to come along. Instead, create it.

The answer to this is to create what excites you to be your job. If you look around for an already existing job and you don’t find something that excites you, then allow what excites you to become your job. Somebody had to start the jobs that exist in your society. They didn’t always exist in the format that they exist in now. Someone had to say, “Wait a minute! Look around; the thing that really excites me the most, there isn’t a job for. I guess I had better start one.” And now, at this point in time, you think that’s a typical job.

But if you look around and do not find something that excites you; if you look around and find that your path simply does not lead you into these things, then allow yourself to truly examine in all honesty what it is that really would be exciting. Take it for granted that you then – if that thing really excites you, and no one else at this point is doing it, or you do not attract into your life an opportunity to do it where it already exists – then take it for granted that your ability to conceive of what it is that excites you the most also represents your ability to create that to be the job that will support you – automatically. Again, this is a matter of truly trusting that what you come up with, what you really know would excite you in life, you are capable of doing, whether any structure already exists for it or not. If no such structure exists, then it means that because you thought of it, you have the structure inherent within you, and all you have to do is let it out. Let it unfold, and then the reality will he able to build itself on that structure. Let the idea out and build it from there. When you trust and belief in this process, your exciting idea for work will come to fruition.

~ Kathyann


Remembering Infinity: Our “Miracle Machines”

Loving Life on Earth:

Thanks for posting this much need to hear article. Stargazer, you are totally right when you say we should love our bodies more and appreciate what they do for us. They are truly amazing and we should respect them and speak kind words on a daily basis. Dolores Cannon received so many ET messages pertaining to humans in general and they expressed their amazement about us. If they are amazed about us Humans, how much more should we be amazed about ourselves. ~Kathyann.

Originally posted on Remembering Infinity:

Do you treat your physical body with the respect, care, and love that it truly deserves?

Just think of all the wonderful things we’re able to experience–simply because of our human bodies!

One of the things I’ve been giving a great deal of thought lately is the relationship that we humans have with our physical bodies. It has taken me quite a while to understand and accept it, but I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that I am not my body. Now I realize this may seem to be a strange concept to some—and I understand their skepticism, for I was once a bit doubtful myself.

What I suppose I should say is that we are not the body itself—rather, we are the conscious awareness that temporarily resides in it. OK, I guess that’s probably as clear as mud. First, let me define “conscious awareness” as being the part of you that recognizes itself as you. The part that sits here reading this and…

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Coffee Time – Communicating With Our GPS System by Kathyann

Coffee time for dog

It’s a new day friends, let’s make it a great one. Remember you create it – no one else can do it for you.  Grab yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and join me for conversation on the GPS systems.

I know many of you listen and follow what your car’s GPS tells you, right?  The GPS is a marvelous man-made piece of equipment that is beneficial to many who lose their sense of direction.  Many people have it — some use it often and others rarely use it, thinking they can find their own way.

Well, guess what concept the GPS was built after?  The human GPS.  It is interesting how many people often use their internal GPS in the same way they use their car’s GPS — some use it often and others rarely do, thinking they can find their own way. Finding your own way is a wonderful thing to do and so much can be learned when we lose our way and get off the beaten path/road.  However, may we all remember the internal GPS we have is eternal, cannot be destroyed, and knows the path or road better for us.  Life is so much more rewarding when we turn our internal GPS on, tune in to it, and then accept the suggestions it gives us as to which way to turn: right, left, straight, or go around and start over.

Ask it every day in a quiet place, preferably before rising out of bed, to guide you through your day – guide your thoughts, your intentions, your words, your feelings, and to make you more susceptible to its guidance that comes in many different ways.  Learn to listen and follow you innermost self and you will find peace, happiness, and the person you really are.  You will always find your place in this world — where you are utterly and unquestionably supposed to be.


Happy GPSing my friends!

– Kathyann

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Tomorrow’s Another Day, Another Opportunity to Create

log bedroom with white comforter - CopyTo create your tomorrow, go over your day tonight when you are in bed just before you go to sleep and feel gratitude for all the good things that came your way.   Remember, some days it will not be easy to find something good that came your way.  Just remember, I said “it will not be easy”.  I did not say “impossible”.  So evaluate your day and find something that you can give thanks for.

If there was something you wanted to happen a different way, replay it in your mind the way you would have wanted it to go.  As you fall asleep, say, “I will sleep deeply and wake up full of energy.  Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life!” Now, going forward, remember that every day can be the most beautiful day of your life because each moment is a new beginning — so go for it — soar and touch the stars. Be the happy creator that your heart and soul knows more passionately than you do.

Good night!

~ Kathyann

Coffee Time – Appreciate Nature

Good afternoon friends.  Hope you are all doing well.  I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee this afternoon as we discuss the subject of nature and gratitude.coffee 2

May I say, if you do not have a loving concern for Nature in which you dwell, it’s time to wake up.  Nature is the reason you are alive and you need to begin caring for it, respecting it, and giving gratitude for it.

Nature provides for us in so many ways….

1.  Enjoyment, Relaxation, Peace
Simply walking on the beach while watching the sunset, sunrise, or the moon provides you the opportunity to unwind and reflect on what is happening in your life and whether a change is necessary.  I encourage you to make the time to go to the beach by yourself early morning or late into the evening or night when there are not so many people around. Engage all of your senses:

– Walk and look around.  Notice the beauty of the sun as it rises or sets, take in the beauty of the moon as it provides light, watch the waves as they roll in and out to shore, notice the bounty of water there, or watch the birds as they gracefully fly around.

– Smell the air and allow it to absorb your problems and carry them away.

– Feel the wind or air as it touches your body.  Put your feet in the water and feel the wonder as the water moves about you.  Bathe in the water under the beauty of the light of the moon.

If the beach is not to your liking, give it another chance with an open mind and I believe you too will see the beauty and reap the benefits it provides.  If you prefer, the mountains or a meadow as they can both provide the same benefits – they are truly breath-taking and provide such peace as well.

2.  Food and Medicine
Mother nature has provided you with food to survive and always will.  It doesn’t matter which foods you prefer over others.  They all have an element that has been derived by Mother Earth.  Along with the animals, the plants, flowers, and trees all provide us food to eat.  Additionally, there are many natural elements in them that are meant to be used for medicinal purposes.  These are natural medicines that your body can tolerate unlike pharmaceutical medicine that destroys.

3. Oxygen
We are given the oxygen we need to breathe through the air.  Our bodies need the oxygen and it is so freely given to us.  You can thank the trees and plants for this.

4. Water
Ahhh, wonderful water so freely given to us by Mother Nature.  Stop and think about all the ways you use water and then give gratitude to her for it.  You would not be alive without it.

walking in natureLet’s all participate in showing respect for Mother Nature, look around and appreciate her beauty. Thank the tress for the fruit they give us, thank the flowers for the happiness they bring us, thank the herbs for making our food taste better, thank the water for making us feel clean and hydrated, etc.

Have a wonderful day and remember, the more we appreciate Mother Nature, the more she will give us and the world will be a more beautiful place to be. ~Kathyann




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Blackboard Eraser – Impossible to Possible

impossible possible“You get to fill the blackboard of your life with whatever you want.  If you have filled it in with baggage from the past, wipe it clean. Erase everything from the past that does not serve you and be grateful that it brought you to this place now, and to a new beginning.  You have a clean slate, and you can start over – right here, right now.  Find your joy and live it.”

The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne.

Isn’t that just so wonderful!!!! I love the fact that we are allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, erase them from our lives, and move on. We really have been given the most amazing gift of all – the ability to create. Making life situations that seem impossible POSSIBLE. ~ Kathyann.

Coffee Time – Feel Good and Think Good

good morning coffee peace and loveHappy Saturday morning friends.  It’s time for a wonderful happy cup filled to the rim with coffee!!!!  Please feel free to join me for a few minutes of relaxation, time for yourself, and a few good thoughts.

So you have had negative thoughts about yourself, others, the world in general…… and you wonder why your life is not a happy place.  All things begin with thoughts.  So if you’ve been thinking negative thoughts, simply forget them and begin to think about things that make you feel good inside and make you happy.  By doing this each and every NOW moment, you will shift yourself to a whole different frequency where negativity does not exist.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world with only positivity everywhere?  No matter what you have thought or done before, it is gone so let it go, NOW is where all your power is!  Right now you can use your power and shift yourself to a place you long to be.  When you know and do this, you can live your life without fear or regrets because you can always think good thoughts NOW.  Why wait, get started thinking good thoughts and see your life change for the better. Feeling good and thinking good – go hand in hand….. you can’t have one without the other.

I wish you all a day filled with good feeling happy thoughts! ~ Kathyann

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