The Oracle Report




Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment                                    July 6, 2012

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

The keyword for today is “puzzle.”  Something may be puzzling us or we may feel like we are trying to solve a puzzle.  The puzzle may feel like we are being boxed in.  This is happening today to help us gain a certain amount of control.  The key to today’s energy is to not become obsessed or preoccupied with finding answers to things.  What we need will come to us by disengaging from anything that is on our minds or anything that is troubling us.  We need to stay centered and let the puzzle pieces arrange around us.  So in this way the mission today is to be passive.  It sounds contradictory to be passive in order to gain control, but this is necessary today.  Solar activity is exceptionally high with several massive sunspots poised to hoist flares directly at us.  We know that this always intensifies the energy.  Give yourself and others some space because emotions are going to run high and events will happen quickly.  Glide through the energy like the serene swan in this photograph.  Don’t push for answers, but if you feel prompted to break out a book that has provided spiritual wisdom and guidance in the past, understand that this is a message for you and follow through with the impulse.