Dolores Cannon

Past life Regression Hypnotherapist, Author, International Speaker, and Teacher, Dolores Cannon began hypnotherapy on individuals who were seeking to lose weight or stop smoking over 45 years ago.  Since that time she perfected her own technique for placing a person in the lowest state of trance, called the Somnambulistic Trance.  From these sessions, she has learned much about our world’s lost knowledge, current times, and future events from other entities.  She has written 17 books and lectures around the world sharing what she has been told.  She is an amazing lady who has been blessed and shares her blessings with others.  As for the ascension, she was told that not everyone will ascend at the same time.  Those who are still in a negative state of mind, will remain here on this 3rd Dimensional Earth.  In order to make the shift and move to the new 5th Dimensional Earth, a person needs to be at least 51% positive and in service to others.  Those who are left behind will be left with what they created.  They will stay on this Earth to work out their karma.  However, eventually everyone will make the transition over to the new Earth when they are spiritually ready.  Man is and will continue to evolve despite it’s shortcomings.  During these times and times to come, attempt to live your life in peace and harmony.  Be happy and love others as you would want to be loved.  Help others in need and you too will be a part of the shift sooner than you think.  The Golden Age is coming… it is only a matter of time as the Universes progress in cycles.  There is no stopping the many changes coming to us, but how we perceive and react to these changes is what will matter the most.

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Much love, Ann