Oracle Report

Saturday, July 7 – Sunday, July 8, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

So after being puzzled by things yesterday and trying to respond by letting things be rearranged around us, Saturday should bring new understanding and wisdom.  It’s a new day and the intense energy that has been building on the Sun finally erupted in an X-class flare.  There is a cathartic relief that will take place (if you haven’t already experienced it).  There is, however, an astrologucal transit happening Saturday (Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron) that will press on any feelings of failure that we may be having.  It may manifest as feeling like we are not growing or evolving properly.  If you are dealing with this, recognize that seeds are being sown and take time to develop.  It takes time, and what matters is enjoying life in the interim.  On Sunday, the energy strongly favors relaxation and a break from responsibilities, so it would be better to take care of responsibilities on Saturday.  Saturn is in opposition to Eris, and they naturally pull against each other.  Saturn likes structure and order and Eris defies any and all attempts at restrictions.  This may pose problems in relationships or situations that have these issues in play.  It’s a draw.  Resolution of the matter is not possible under this influence. People will react against being told what to do or feeling boxed in.  Those who are trying to change another person’s behavior will become frustrated.  It is a waste of energy to work against these forces.  Try and take a break now.  Energy will begin to build toward July 17th’s major astrological aspects (see report from July 2 in the Archives) and any energy that is stored now will help us then.  We know that the best way to strengthen our spirit is to connect with the beauty of the natural world around us.