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Discover the Power of Vortex Meditations!

Vortex EnergyThe very nature of our humanness allows access into the field of all possibilities. As we open our cells to hum and flow in alignment with the rhythm of Nature, we begin to move in harmony within the universalQuantum Field. Our bodies and minds are in sync with the fluid motion of Creation…our being becomes a pulsing, thriving electromagnetic energy field.

All of life in our dynamic Universe emerges from Singularity (Stillness) and returns to Singularity in the constant motion of energetic collapse and expansion, continually re-creating itself. It is the natural pulse of life, like a cosmic heartbeat that fuels our Universe.

By using Vortex Energy in meditation, we can activate the Pulse of Creation in our bio-energetic system and accelerate our personal evolution. By spinning in Vortex Energy we can collapse all discordant thoughts, emotions, patterns of disease – and pulse alive our new healthy body, clear mind, joyful heart and calm Center. Vortex Energy accelerates the oscillation of our sub-atomic particles to UNLOCK and break free from the dense, polarized magnetic field that is keeping us stuck, unable to improve our life situation. Step into the VORTEX and Set Yourself FREE!

Global Intention Video

11:11 is a sacred symbol that represents an opening to greater spiritual awareness, shifting up into higher, enlightened consciousness. The symbol embodies the inter-dimensional seam between dimensions, where we can bridge across into another reality – just as sliding doors in timespace. On November 11 all of humanity will have an opportunity to shift up into higher dimensional realms of knowledge…in a sense, being presented with a new door that will lead us home to our Soul’s wisdom and truth.

Meg Benedicte has created a Global Intention Video Meditation for 11:11 and beyond. By following the visual imagery and energetic activations during the video, you will experience more awakened consciousness, access to higher realms, the doorway to your Soul timeline and the opportunity to create and anchor a New Earth!
Click Here to play video: 11:11 Global Intention Video.

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