Visualization in Magic Powers

Most people will tell you that magic spells cast by witches are evil. Witches who practice casting positive spells to help people are purely not evil.  Additionally,  ancient knowledge will tell you that the power of thought, imagination, and focused intention  can change circumstances favorably in the future.

Magic powers contain a step known as visualization which is the same as positive thinking, positive imagery, dynamic imaging, creative imaging, and plain old imaging. Same process as the Law of Attraction, which is the use of mental imagery in order to utilize your own energy and power to obtain a desired objective.  So if you think about it, this practice is in line with what we were told to do coming to this planet.  We were told to be responsible for creating our life by our thoughts and focus, but to ensure we consider our thoughts carefully because if we think of causing harm to others or animals, we will be held responsible for our actions because our thoughts will manifest sooner or later.  As we have entered the Golden Age, we have been told that our thoughts will begin to manifest much faster as the energy is increasing.

I believe we could all learn from Witches on how to practice visualization despite what some of you may believe, there are some who cast spells to help and assist people.

If you think about it, we all perform visualization every day.  We live our life based on the thoughts that stream through our minds.  We constantly visualize consciously and subconsciously and without us realizing it, our thoughts one day manifest.  It is important that we learn the art of mastering our thoughts so we can have a better life all the way around.  The other major positive at controlling our thoughts is that it is vitally necessary for successful meditation.  Praying is our time to talk to God, but meditation is our time to listen to God and is also one way to get in touch with our High Self which has all the answers we need for our life’s path and it is our time to listen to God, our Spirit Guides, and Angels.  Intentionally visualizing and expecting an event, action, or object is more than visualization, it is an act of creation.  Deciding upon something that we really want to happen, and visualizing it with concentration, faith, desire, and belief sets great powers into action. Creative visualization is a powerful tool, which we need to know how to use correctly and positively. Creative visualization is the creation of an image in the mind, and through the natural laws of the Universe cause it to manifest on the material plane.  The thoughts that pass through our mind create our life. It is possible to learn to accept only positive thoughts, and then go consciously through the process of visualization, to fill our life with happiness, success, health and magic. Visualization and imagination are the main aspects of magic. Spells and rituals make use of mental images. When casting a spell or performing a ritual, attention, concentration and imagination are called into action. The energy evoked is the power that drives the mental images into action and manifestation. Visualization should be done in a quiet and relaxed environment. You will find this helps when calling upon the Divine for assistance in achieving the objective of the spell or mastering meditation.  — Kathyann

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