Connect with your Higher Self by Ann Ramirez

Your Higher Self, your Sub Conscious Mind, or Over Soul, some names people refer to it, is with you at all times.  It is the spiritual part of you that assists with keeping you on your Life’s path so you can complete your life’s mission or purpose.  It is also the part of you that holds the Akashic Records, which holds all information about you from the current lifetime, all past lifetimes, and future lifetimes.  Since it knows all about you, it is in the best position to give you life advice and direction.  It will often give you messages to warn you about some impending disaster or trial/tribulation coming your way if you do not change the path you are on.  It will also provide you with insight and advice on what to do next in your life so you stay on the right path.  However, often many of us do not listen.  Perhaps, we don’t want to or we don’t believe in a Higher Self, or we are too wrapped up in the day to day routine that we don’t take the time to listen.  The one sure way to listen to it is to go into meditation by quieting your mind.  

Meditation is not easy, it requires practice and assistance from your Guides and Angels and the skill for stopping the mind chatter.  You must go inside your Sacred Heart to connect with it.  Above all, it deserves your utmost respect because it is the highest spiritual part of you.  It has only your best interest as its concern.  Like your Spirit Guides and Angels, your Higher Self will not help you unless you ask for help and guidance.  

There are times you will feel separated from your Higher Self and that is usually when you consciously or subconsciously choose to be separate because of your beliefs or when you feel you are not a special person and feel you don’t deserve such a relationship.

I urge each of you who have not contacted your Higher Self to practice the following, make contact, and then ask yourself whether it was beneficial or not to your life overall.  Please give this much effort as you have never given effort to something before and be honest with yourself.

1.  Remembering – that you are a part of God or the Source the same as God is a part of you.  You cannot be a part of God without him being a part of you.  God is the creator of all and you were sent here to Earth to practice the same skill by creating your world.  Before incarnating to this planet, we all made a contract with God on how we would live here, including the experiences we would benefit from, our family, relationships, where we would live, whether rich or poor, and even how we would live in order to learn the lessons we agreed to learn before coming here.  The thing is that when we incarnate on Earth, our memory of the other side is removed from us because as they say, you wouldn’t “learn or pass the tests, if you had all the answers.”  Now, in order to remember the best we can, we need to stay in communication with our Higher Self for guidance.  We were empowered with the knowledge necessary to create what our life should be in order to complete the contract agreed upon prior to incarnating.  The ETs have said that “we have no idea how powerful our minds are” and thereby only use a fraction of our mind for creating a beautiful and beneficial world for ourselves. So, first of all, we must remember that we are very powerful and are only at the mercy of ourselves to create our life.

2.  Quiet your mind – The fastest way to meditate is to quiet your mind.  Focus on stopping the mind chatter as it will prevent you from contacting your Higher Self.  Go into a quiet room, sit comfortably, ask for protection via prayer, ask your Guides and Angels to assist you with making contact with your Higher Self,  all thoughts of the day or things that have had you pre-occupied, let them roll through your mind but do not give attention to them.  Just let them float right in and out of your mind.  If you don’t give them attention, they will not stay.  This does take practice.

3. Meditate – by focusing on the inside towards your Sacred Heart or Heart Chakra.  Just imagine yourself inside your heart and simply let go of everything and feel the love that lives inside there.

4.  Listen — to yourself which is actually your Higher Self and where you will find all the answers.  This is also known as your “intuition.”  or “the voice inside your head.”  The most important part is to trust and accept the first thoughts and images that come through no matter what they are.  Remember your Higher Self is only good so if there is any negativity coming across, you have not connected to your Higher Self.  Also, remember that  sometimes we are told or guided to do something we may not like, but the Higher Self will only guide you to complete your life’s higher purpose as you contracted to do prior to incarnating on Earth.   This is where trust comes in.

Start practicing and I wish you the best. — Ann

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