The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Welcome to the Turning Point.  Contrary to what you might expect me to say on a day with today’s astrolgical aspects (go inside your tree and weather the energy), wise old owls will take flight today.  Instead of grounding or sheltering in place, today we will fly from situation to situation as the need develops.  We’ve spent the last week opening up a space for the influx of energy that will recalibrate our personal frequencies toward a closer spiritual connection with the planet.  The grounding has already taken place.  Now, when something we are around becomes mired in aggression or discomfort, we are going to mentally move on from it.  Our consciousness remains firmly connected but we will simply remove ourselves from situations that are not to our liking.

Today opens the three-day period where things are going to turn or shift like a hinge.  People will tend to be erratic, unpredictable, and volatile.  Aggression will surface in places.  Some will come unhinged.  Things will come seemingly out of the blue, so we need to be prepared to respond by taking ourselves to a different mental space – one that is slower and surer.  This energy is fast.  Impulsivity is heightened.  Be very aware of your surroundings and take special care when you are driving or working around anything that could injure you.  This energy causes accidents.  If you are in a city, you’ll notice an increased number of emergency vehicles’ sirens.  This has already been building and you may have noticed it.

Yesterday I sent a tweet about US naval ships firing on a “mystery” boat in the Persian Gulf, killing one person.  This is a prime example of the energy.  But it does not bode well for the future in the region.  This energy is being used by darker forces to further agendas contrary to the good of humanity.  The astrological imprint for war is being made.  The Illuminati, pawns of the Archons, are master astrologers and they know when to take advantage of energy like this.  We are not fooled.

So, for us, the Turning Point is the shift point.  You will begin to feel a change in the energy.  But remember what I mentioned a few days ago (see Archives).  Changes to the energetic field are subtle.  This energy will bring balance to what is out of balance.  We can pivot our way out of situations (mindsets, beliefs, habits, insecurities, perceived failures…) and into a new way of thinking and living.  The Turning Point is a gift!  Give thanks.  Find and celebrate the beauty of the world.  Seek a new experience of life.  Slow down, breathe, and fly through.

(Note for those who are interested in the astrology of the day:  The Moon moving into opposition to Pluto and squaring Mars and Uranus is what kicks off the energy of the Turning Point.  This happens around 11:30 am EDT.  The Sun is square Eris and Saturn, with Eris and Saturn in opposition.  There are other aspects in play, but the hard aspects in cardinal signs are dominant.)