The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Balsamic Moon Phase/New Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The picture above is what the Turning Point looked like over the skies of California yesterday (photo of the auroras posted on by D. Obudzin).  The sunspot that delivered the X-class flare last week shot off an M.1 flare and CME yesterday.  This solar flare took an unusually long time erupt and the energy will reach us on July 20th.   The long-duration of the flare means that the wave will last longer when it reaches us.  In other words, the effects/changes that are underway will be long-lasting.  Were you surprised about what you turned toward yesterday?  Did you think you would turn toward something else?  With Uranus, the unexpected often arises.  The energy for turning loose, breaking out, and jumping off continues today with an intensification of the Mars-Uranus opposition.  These two will move into exact opposition today.  The Moon is approaching the Sun in preparation for the New Moon at 23 minutes past midnight EDT tonight.  The pressure-cooker energy remains in effect and there is a tendency to feel out of control and the need to be in control so the energy is primed for conflict.  Eris is going to station retrograde today, meaning she will acquiese to the opposition with Saturn.  They’ve been in a tug of war (Eris ruling freedom and Saturn ruling restriction) for a few days now.  Eris doesn’t like to surrender, especially to Saturn, so those who are more free-spirited may feel somewhat defeated today (or lash out at those who aren’t “helping”).  But we have been preparing ourselves for this three-day turning point for over a week and we’ve stored resources to move with the energy instead of hitting up against it.  Remember that we are turning on a hinge, not rigidly holding in place.  We are moving fluidly with the changes.  So today, don’t fight.  If you feel your personal energy waning, get outside and draw in energy of the natural world.  Breathe it in.  We should all spend some time outdoors today in order to facilitate the intense recalibration to our electro-magnetic fields.  Uranus is pure electricity and it jolts the body when it upgrades it.  Stretching and breathing are essential.  Remember that we anticipated the changes and created space inside in which they could land.  If your life is very out of balance, the landing is rough, but worth it.  Sometimes it takes a big jolt to get us on the right track.  The Turning Point will not last forever, so view it as a wonderful opportunity to “get right” and let things fall into place.