The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Thursday, July19, 2012

New Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Today a struggle between old structures, beliefs and ways of doing things and new structures, beliefs, and ways of doing things are clashing.  This is due to the fact that an influx of energy to make corrections and modifications is happening with the astrological effects of the “turning point.”  We’ve been making space for this to enter and settle into our lives, but those who are not open to this or don’t want things to change are having difficulty.  Or perhaps things are so out of balance that the effects are dramatic.  Our friend sunspot AR 1520 unleashed another strong flare today (M-7, bordering on X-class).  These volleys from the Sun are adding energy to the astrological aspects in the cardinal signs (see Archives over the last week for more information if you are new to this site).  Today is the last day of the turning point so we will still be moving or hinging in another direction.  Mars has moved slightly off direct opposition with Uranus, but we should continue to take special care when driving (and walking – I fell down a flight of stairs yesterday!).  The Moon is approaching Mercury, which would normally allow us to begin to understand how the energy of the turning point has changed us (recalibrated our personal energetic field or “vibe”) but since Mercury is retrograde, we are still a little fuzzy on this.  Overall, fluidity and flexibility are called for today.  The picture of the barn swallow reminds us that we can make rapid and precision turns, changes, and adaptations while the energy continues to hinge.  Stay open to the turn.