The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

This picture was taken from the International Space Station of the lights over the southern hemisphere last Saturday.  It is quite beautiful, isn’t it?  This is what the energy of the Turning Point looked like.

Today we are being bathed in protons from a solar storm that is raining down on the planet.  It is a day for calming.  It will take some time for us to adjust to the recalibration to our personal energy fields (frequencies).  The amount of time it takes will be different for everyone.  If the Turning Point was intense or disorienting for you, be kind to yourself today.  Slow down and let the relief sink in.  Find some quiet time.  We can’t see it directly, but the picture shows us what is happening to us and exactly what is affecting our personal fields.  Let’s consiously join the Earth in the “rainbath” from the Sun today and let the showers gently bathe us.