Times are a Changin by Ann Ramirez

Everything, including time is a changing… rapidly I must say.  We have lived our lives in a false belief or more accurately in many false beliefs.  From the time we are born in this world, we are in a false environment.  Everything on this planet Earth is an illusion, including time.  It has been said that man is the only species ever to have invented something that doesn’t exist and that is time.  Time will be going away soon and we need to learn how to do without it.  Farmers back in the day did not live by time, they learned how to plant and harvest by watching the solar activity, astronomy cycles, and weather patterns.  

Most of reality of who we are and where we come from is removed from our memory the second we are born.  The reason for this is because Earth is a 3rd Dimensional planet where the harshest lessons can be learned and lessons learned are the main reason for the incarnation and reincarnation process.  We learn the lessons through experiences throughout our life and when we die, we take those experiences back to God.  Once the lessons are learned, we move on and repeat the same cycle until we have ascended high enough in the spiritual world where it is determined we have learned and experienced all there is.  In order to learn the lessons, our memory is taken from us because as it has been said, “we would not learn, if we had the answers to the tests.”  We were told to create our lives by using a very powerful tool given to us by God,…. our mind.  However, we were told to be responsible and create happiness for ourselves and others and not to hurt others.  Our thoughts create our world and what we experience is all based on our conscious and subconscious thoughts.  We really need to be careful and learn how to control our thoughts.

Children often remember the spiritual side of life at times as you may have seen them speaking to “make believe or imaginary friends”.  I beg you not to deter them from this behavior and please learn that this is not their “imaginations”.  It is them remembering and contacting their Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Fairies, Pixies, etc. as they can sometimes see through the veil and converse with the other side.  Sometimes, they can even see family members who have crossed over before and after they were born here.  The reason they can remember and see the other side is because they are still fairly new on Earth and they have not let go of their full memory of the REAL world.   As we grow, we let go of this memory mostly because we are taught that this type of world does not exist, we have a “WILD imagination”, religious beliefs, or that we have a psycho-social problem.  Children born over the last three decades or so have been able to live here on Earth and retain their full memory.  They are referred to as Indigo, Crystals, Cusp, and Rainbow.  There may very likely be other names for them. They are here to usher in the New Age as they simply remember their God given talents, i.e., telepathy, astral travel, creativity, intuition, and seeing beyond the veil to the other side to name a few.  Their unconscious mind is already opened.  They have so many talents that are generally not accepted by man even today.  We have been told that they are the “Light of the World”, “A Present to Mankind”, and “Pioneers of Conscious Evolution”.  Their main purpose here is to break down the walls to assist with the changing times as Humans evolve back into spiritual beings or light beings.  They are here to simply raise the vibration of the Earth and Mankind to assist with the Ascension of all Humanity and Mother Earth/Gaia.

Time is and will continue to change here on Earth.  First  of all, the day will come when there will be no time as this is an illusion just like everything else on Earth.  Men and women in high places from the beginning of time have had their own agendas and have told us lies about who we are and where we came from. The lies have never stopped, but they will soon.  These people who have lied to us and kept us living in fear and control will end soon too.  

Many people are beginning to remember fully who they really are and where they came from.  All Humanity will ascend; some sooner than others.  Mother Earth is ascending and will take those who are ready to go with her to the 4th Dimension and later to the 5th Dimension, which is the goal for all at this time.  Mother Earth is currently in the process of giving birth to a New 5th Dimensional Earth that will be absolute peace and harmony.  There are people still today who do not believe in this, but believe me, sooner or later, they will see the Light and want to ascend and that is when they will.  For it is a choice you must make in order to transform to the other dimensions.  There is no stopping the changing times as God has decided that all Humans will evolve into new species…… Light Beings.  We will transform to what we were and where we came from.  The sooner you make the decision to join the millions who are looking forward to this, the better off you will be.  It is up to all of us individually as Earth is a free will planet and only we can make the choice for ourselves.  We can ascend or remain on this planet and continue to live in hard times full of worsening negativity.

Don’t worry about your animals or children.  All animals will make the shift automatically and children up to the age of puberty will make this ascension shift automatically.  The reason for this is that they are still connected to their sacred hearts.  However, children from puberty and on up to adults, will need to work on preparing their physical bodies and spiritual selves in order to make the shift.  In other words, these individuals will need to connect back to their sacred hearts as this is the only way to connect with your Higher Self or Soul who will teach you how to ascend.  Also, you must take your physical body with you to the other dimension or you will be sent back to this Earth to start all over as a new born. 

Let us all assist each other by providing unconditional love and support with this process and remember that there are Starseeds and Lightworkers who were sent here to Earth to specifically assist all of us with this process.  If you know of any, speak with them and they will help you.


Much love and encouragement to all — Ann

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