Transform Your Life by Transforming Your Mind! – Meg Benedicte

I can’t encourage you enough to work on your ascension process via Meg’s instructions.  Please take the time to visit her website and practice different meditations as she carries you through each one.  Take care! — Ann

In an age where advances in awakened consciousness and spiritual enlightenment are sought by the masses, groundbreaking ideas are constantly emerging. We live in extraordinary times, and are witnessing an unprecedented window of opportunity to evolve and ascend humanity. Yet to genuinely transform a life, one must be willing to transform the mind.


The question is how? Today, a totally innovative and cutting edge approach is making its mark in the world of co-evolutionary enlightenment and it’s called Unified Field Therapy®. This unique, revolutionary process, which was developed by Energy Healer and Evolutionist Meg Benedicte, not only helps release energy that is blocking one’s good, but it clears past traumas and quickly awakens consciousness. Cut Loose of Limitations…Expand Your Vision….Fulfill Your True Potential

As humans, the majority of us live our lives under limited experiences based only on old energy blocks, incorrect assumptions and outworn systems that no longer support our dreams. Unified Field Therapy® is a holistic healing approach that begins with an evaluation and assessment of old patterns and takes the participant through an expanded meditative state within a spinning vortex that releases engrained programming and energetic blocks.

Applied in a gentle, sacred healing manner, Unified Field Therapy® serves as a catalyst, almost immediately shifting the energy in the body and mind and leaving one with feelings of peace, empowerment and motivation. Imagine for a moment how good life would be if we were deliberately choosing to clear away unwanted behaviors in a serene, peaceful setting. It isn’t hard to envision and certainly not hard to achieve, particularly when one incorporates theUnified Field Vortex into their lives. Impacting dynamically on the physical, emotional and spiritual systems, this innovative approach helps shift a person’s vibrational energy, thereby moving a participant towards achieving more soul-body union; thus aligning with true purpose and the spirit’s genuine destiny on the Ascension Path.

Break Free From Unwanted Behaviors!

Ask yourself if you are missing out on some of the joys in life because of old memories or trapped energy? Does it appear that others are experiencing a deeper and more lasting level of fulfillment and enlightenment? In truth we cannot do anything to get happy, but we can instead become happy and that can be achieved by releasing out-of-date programming that no longer works. If you are aware of the stresses in your day-to-day experience and know that you are not living the life you always dreamed about, perhaps you are ready to break free from these unwanted behaviors and sabotaging mental blocks. Perhaps you are ready to experience the Unified Field treatment, a process that will break you free of self-imprisonment, and guide you into the New Earth!

“What is Unified Field Therapy®?”

Holistic Health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and their daily environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best that is possible.

In Holistic Medicine, a symptom is considered a message that something is out of balance and needs attention. The symptom is used as a guide to look deeper into the condition of the mind, emotions, body, and spirit in order to locate the root cause of separation.

According to Unified Field Theory, developed by Albert Einstein and his successors, our physical, mental and emotional bodies are supported by a grand force field of energy that permeates and bonds all. This grand “Unified Field” of energy which operates much like a matrix of interconnecting life force (chi), contains all possibilities, past, present, future and all unmanifested potential. Because our energetic bio-fields are part of an interconnected whole, the use of focused intention by one individual can benefit the health and well-being of another.

Based on the tenets of Quantum Mechanics, there is no reality until it is observed…our very act of dna_chakras_smallobservation breaks the natural wholeness of the Unified Field. Quantum physics shows us that matter is how spirit appears in the physical universe…how matter appears depends on our mind’s choices. We create our current reality by the continual choices that we make. Our “Unified Field” translates into a human hologram where our inner condition is interwoven with the manifestation of our physical lives.

Throughout time every thought, emotion, fear and belief is stored in our cellular structure…evolving into the blueprint that produces our third-dimensional image in space. The swirling strands of DNA code are the conveyors of genetic information that determine our entire physical existence; and can be changed! There is considerable evidence that mind-body interventions have positive effects on psychological functioning and quality of life, and may be particularly helpful for patients coping with chronic illness.

By correcting the intention of our thoughts, choices and desires we can transform the molecular patterning that creates our human experience. The quantum notion of discontinuity and the illusion of time and space also provides a transformational opportunity. If life does not occur in a linear fashion as a continuous phenomenon, then we can transcend the past in one moment. Within the timeless 12 Dimensions of the Unified Field Vortex, we can jump into a totally spontaneous newly formed present, released from past conditioning…ready to experience life with new freshness, hope and purpose.

uft_newMeg Benedicte channels an original approach to assess and evaluate optimum patterning within the Vortex Healing, and if beneficial or necessary, transforms energy and matter. Unified Field Therapy® is an interactive process…within a powerful force field, Meg can catalyze radical change in people’s lives by updating the outworn physical, financial, emotional and spiritual systems that are limiting their human experience.

Acting like a mechanic of energy systems, Meg is able to read the energetic blueprints in the Unified Field, access the Akashic Records, locate and assess the source of the pattern; heal the original wound; integrate the life lesson; erase the karmic debt; remove the genetic lineage and create a new reality better reflecting true soul purpose and Ascension. Specializing in energy dynamics, Meg has applied this innovative technique on freeing clients from debilitating programs from family of origin, from addiction systems and from generationally transferable disease, as well as Soul karmic contracts.

This is done during deep meditation, within a powerful 12-Dimensional spinning vortex, where one can revamp ones bio-energetic programming in a radical way. The proprietary vortex spin enables individuals to make headway in penetrating the Unified Field with its infinite content. Meg guides groups into the necessary deep meditative state, penetrating the Unified Field, and use her skills as an energetic surgeon to change the past for a newly formed present. The focus and application of Unified Field Therapy® is offered mainly to support and activate individual Ascension, evolution and purpose.

What should you expect after a healing session? You will feel lighter and peaceful within all levels of your energy field, but sometimes feel fatigue as the physical body integrates the healing work. It may take 2-3 days for the physical body to update and catch up with the higher consciousness. You may also experience consecutive waves of releasing emotional or mental energy in the weeks to come. You will begin to notice and observe daily habits and behavior that no longer resonate with your increased consciousness, and start the release process for more to clear out.

® Unified Field Therapy is a registered service mark of Meg Benedicte. All rights reserved. This mark can only be used by certified Unified Field Therapy practitioners who have also signed a service mark license agreement with Meg Benedicte.