At the end of this post, is the activations link which will take you to the webpage that lists many situations to clear from your life enabling you to move forward with your ascension and heal yourself.  Please practice those that are applicable to your life.  I wish you the best with your healing. — Ann 

The Karma Klear Program reposted by The Sound of Light 

The Karma Klear energy activations have been designed by Spirit to rapidly clear repetitive, sabotaging thoughts and emotions. These recurring patterns of thought and feeling limit us in achieving our potential and affect our enjoyment of life.

Each thought that we create, whether it is in this life, or has been created by us in previous lifetimes, resonates with a vibration or tonal frequency.

Our thoughts and beliefs in response to traumatic, upsetting experiences in this or previous life times leave an energy residue in our energy fields, like a series of wrong notes or off pitch vibrations playing in an otherwise harmonious piece of music.

As human beings we are energy crystallized into form. We have an energy anatomy, a central vertical energy power current aligned with the spine, chakras which transmit and distribute energy through the body and an auric field.

At a basic foundational level our entire energy anatomy is really created on one core ‘note’ of the soul, just as at a basic foundational physical level the cells and organic structure of our physical body is based on the ‘atom’, which is in itself an energy structure. It is not physical organic matter.

The frequency that we vibrate at relates to how we think and feel from moment to moment, as the vibrations in our energy field directly relate to how we think, feel, function in life and how we view our reality. When we are emotionally triggered by present time experiences, this also triggers the vibration of those ‘off pitch’ discordant energies of past life thought and these begin to ‘play’ the same old tune! This can also magnify the emotional trauma we are experiencing in the present and make it doubly hard to deal with and understand.

The Karma Klear energy activations are designed by Spirit to target and clear specific patterns of discordant vibration locked into our energy anatomy that when ‘playing’ cause us to feel, think and behave in ways that we do not like and that are not really US. It works a bit like homeopathy, as precise sound vibrations are used to clear the blocked pattern of emotion.

The outcome of this work is that you can gradually and permanently clear patterns of negative thinking and sabotaging attitudes, clear limiting patterns of emotional reaction, heal the energy causes of chronic health problems to allow the body to heal itself and clear the energy causes that may attract to you what you don’t want in life rather than what you do. 

Over time, the things about yourself that you don’t like, but which seem to run on auto pilot can be cleared. You will then be able to achieve your soul’s true potential in life.

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