Debunking Ascension Disinformation

Reposted from 2012 The Awakening. Another great message from Annette O’Toole.


Lately several readers have written in expressing confusion  and anxiety over information they’re received on the topic of ascension.  This is all very disturbing when if becomes clear how much disinformation, fear and ignorance surrounds this topic and how so many people who consider themselves spiritually grounded have absolutely no idea what ascension means.  It’s also clear that a psyop fear matrix was set into motion a long time ago as a way to prevent people from embarking on a path toward enlightenment and soul realization. To keep people from even believing there’s a “safe path” inward, out of the dark matrix.

If you’re looking outside yourself to others who place themselves above you for salvation, that’s when you open the door to deception, trickery and manipulation. This whole Ascended Master frenzy appears to be a mechanism dark forces have used along with the “Jesus Saves” motto to keep people from doing the “healing work” necessary at the soul level to cleanse and purge dark energy and aetheric technology’s {ET’s} from the unified field. From consciously working on the healing necessary at the heart level to remove energetic blockages and emotions that prevent incoming or outgoing love energy from flowing through our hearts.

Over time human’s have increasingly lost the ability to feel love energy emotionally from the heart, instead it comes through the head as a thought.  We say “I love you” to loved ones but the energy isn’t a “feeling” coming from the heart.  The INFINITE love we’re capable of is something most people can never imagine experiencing because they constantly live in energetic states of fear, anger and stress. All emotions that block the flow of love from entering or leaving our hearts.

The energy of Love is the highest and most powerful frequency in the universe, it has the power to transmute dark energy and matter. If we’re facing an inter-dimensional shift in the future,  it will be imperative for those who wish to shift upward with Gaia to intuitively hear the call and be able to lock onto the frequency of love, without going into fear mode.  For everyone still stuck in the ego’s fascination with the battle on 3D and who haven’t done the spiritual work to shift their energy to a higher frequency, they may not be able to shift their awareness at the last-minute to a conducive energetic state that will help them lock onto Gaia as she shifts into higher dimensional vibrations.  That’s why meditation with purpose is important, so  that we’re focusing on the healing steps we need to take to cleanse, purge and keep dark energies out of our system should be a daily routine as long as we’re living in a parasitic environment.

Even convincing people of the need to meditate is difficult, when at this point there’s little time left for spiritual procrastination or laziness. We have five months left before the end of the year, things are getting crazier by the day and the PTW are doing everything in their power to keep the masses in fear.  It always important to remember there is NOTHING to fear but a lack of faith in your own Higher power, second go within to ask  for answers you seek and then watch/listen for answers…they may come later, but they will come if you stay aware your thoughts and reality. 

And on the note of Ascended Masters, my advise is don’t pay attention to those who advertise their heavenly status or have put themselves above you in any manner.  NO SPIRITUAL MASTER EVER wishes to be WORSHIPED or FOLLOWED, even Jesus who came to teach us to follow his “example” ~ not to be worshipped. We are all One and hold equal status in the heart of the Divine Mother/Father.  There is plenty of Divine assistance here in the higher dimensions coming from the Angelic realms, the League of Light and everywhere else in the heavens, people operating from the Shadow ego have lost sight of their own Divine nature. If it doesn’t feel right, or you have any doubts…walk away. NEVER “follow” anyone whether they be guru’s, ascended masters, preachers, ET’s or anyone else. Follow your own Divine inner light into Oneness with Christ Light and the love of the Divine Mother/Father, you don’t need anyone but yourself to find that place in your heart.

Also, have fun with spirituality, don’t take yourself and life too seriously. The Divine Matrix is actually a place of happiness, joy, laughter, creativity, music, dancing and most of all love!  The angelic and heavenly realms actually have an awesome sense of humor that’s quite entertaining when you’re paying attention and aware of your reality. Look for the silver lining, it’s there in every cloud…

If you’re living life in good intentions while treating others as you wish to be treated and you’re going within to connect with your Divinity, you’re on the path toward ascension, aka enlightenment. No one’s ascending into the clouds or vaporizing into thin air. We’re always exactly where we’re supposed to be and in the end there is no death only transition. Live your life in the present with passion, purpose and intention to serve the will of Creation while treating others as you wish to be treated and you will find Heaven on Earth.  Ascension is really that simple, the rest will take care of itself…just believe.