Be the Change You Want to See in the World by Ann Ramirez

 The incoming light energies flowing to the Earth at this time are assisting to restore hope in obtaining a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy world where Humanity will finally learn that we are all one and being so, together we can change ourselves to respect, honor, and love ourselves and others the same.  It seems that not only do we have individual lessons to learn when we incarnate/reincarnate here on Earth, we might just have lessons as a whole to learn as well.  Remember, we are all connected throughout all Planets, the Universes, and God, the Source.  We are all one.

The light energies are also helping to heal Mother Gaia/Earth as she has been struggling for so long to ascend, much less to survive.  We have been killing Mother Gaia/Earth for so long that we can no longer see that we are essentially killing ourselves.  Believe me, Mother Gaia will ascend and will be healed whether we go with her or not.

It is time, that we let go of the fear that has been instilled in us throughout time, start reading to learn who we really are and get the facts about REAL LIFE, which has been held from us for far too long.  Light and Love can overcome and overpower anything.  Fear cannot hold the same space as Light and Love.  So try to stay within the space of Light and Love and Fear will become non-existent in your life.  Fear only brings negativity which only breeds more fear and then more fear, and more fear.  The Rulers of this World have brainwashed us to believe that the world is full of hate, crime, brutality, insensitivity, etc. and that we need to be controlled and protected by Government Agencies and for their protection, we must pay.  When in fact, I believe there is more love, respect, consideration, sensitivity in the World today than ever. The only thing keeping people from showing these attributes is fear.

Let us stand up for each other and beside each other, conquer our fear, and face the allies who continue to manipulate and control us.  We are sovereign beings of God, the Source and we were sent here to create happy, prosperous lives without stepping on and killing others along the way.  

Let’s start remembering the great power our minds hold so that we can conquer anything we don’t want in our lives and throw it out the window.  We must at all times hold positive and loving thoughts for everything and everyone and believe what we need already exists.  In other words, begin showing our great attributes by loving, sharing, respecting, not judging, etc., and we will begin to change the world to what God intended for it to be.

Begin living in Light and Love at all times and to all people.  One by one we will become united again and begin to conquer the fear that has overtaken our world.  THE TIME IS NOW!  Learn to meditate daily, meet your Higher Self and ask for guidance and the answers you need for everything in your life, pray for all humans, animals, plant life, Mother Earth, etc.

Even God is trying to help us by allowing the Light Energies to shine down and penetrate us and Mother Gaia.  We must show gratitude and do our part!


With much love, Ann


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