The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

August 2, 2012

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

Mercury retrograde is wreaking havoc on telecommunications and my ability to post this report!  This is my second attempt.  Nevertheless, we persevere.  In all my years of monitoring the Sun, I’ve never seen it do what it did on the last hit of the Turning Point (July 30/31): it released 15 minor solar flares within 18 hours.  As I discussed then, the energy pounded us in long-standing, sustained waves (the imprinting).  I am  only mentioning this as corroboration that the Sun is engaged in what is happening.  But the Turning Point has passed and today we continue to feel the relief.

I am painting a mental picture of today’s energy because I could not find a photograph to capture it fully.  Today’s picture should be a swing suspended from an ancient oak tree.  Most of the day, the swing is still.  The energy is internal, not external, and indicative of the deep process of reflection that is underway.  We are still and sturdy along with the oak tree.  But sometime today it is important to swing with the joyous abandon that we experienced as children on a summer day – carefree, at One with the Sun, stabilized by the sturdy oak, and immersed in the feeling of the endless summer vacation.  Remember that?  We had a unique reliance on the stability of the ground beneath us.  We felt rooted.  This is what we re-engage today as we undertake reflection (alongside the Full Phase of the Sun, Moon, and Earth) of where we are now and what has changed for us.  Don’t worry today.  Just reflect.