The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Saturday, August 4 – Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saturday: Full Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

Sunday: Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon In Pisces/Aries

There isn’t anything more I can write about this weekend’s post that I didn’t write about on Friday; however, you may find that your ideas about yesterday’s post evolve.  In other words, what you read yesterday may “read” differently to you on Saturday and Sunday.  The lucky thing is the energy is still in effect and will be throughout the weekend. This is pure energy to create.  This doesn’t just mean artistic things, it means manifesting things in life.   Who wouldn’t want more time tto do that?  Post from Friday, August 3, 2012:

Venus moves into opposition with the Galactic Center, the hub of creativity, today.  Anytime a planet moves into this position it is amplified to maximum effect.  This means that issues around the  themes of Venus will dominate today: love, beauty, security, sexuality, needs, femininity, etc.  But there are other things at play also, including gossip, selfishness, superficiality and sabotage of relationships.  There is no need to pretend today; things just need to be what they are.  The appearanceof people, places, and things is not what is important.  Today there is no guarantee of success with anything, but it is important to make an effort if we have any chance at success at getting what we want.  Venus always brings up what we want, so don’t disregard what you are drawn toward.  We remain in the energy of the Full phase of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, and are continuing to deeply reflecting on things.  If you want something badly enough, you will do something, however small, to get it.  In addition to the Venus-Galactic Center aspect, the Moon will conjunct Neptune (both in Pisces), making this not only a highly spiritual day, but a highly creative one as well. Come from your heart in whatever you do – don’t be lead astray.