A New Message From VERONICA

Streamline Your Thoughts Into What You Really Want
     “It has been said that the spiritual realm is of higher vibration.  To be able to reside there one has to increase their energy.  Inspiring one’s self to ascend in this manner can be tricky in the physical environment.
     It seems contrary to that ascension to “slow down” and just be.  However, the ability to become more spiritual means that the physical actually needs to slow down.
     Many of you spend your days running from one event to another.  Trying to fit all that living into the timeline is possible, but indeed distracting.  If you were to think without all the activity clouding your perceptions, there might be an opportunity to create your physical reality more in line with your soul.
     Examine your day.  How much of it is filled with useless chatter and drama?  How much of it becomes spiritually confusing as the day wears on?
     Perhaps you are creating without taking a moment to think clearly.  The best way to achieve alignment is to stop yourself.  Slow down.  Take a pause from the endless display of creation and events to realize your full potential.
     It is so easy to create while running through the reality, but, is it the reality you really want?
     If you are disappointed at the end of the day, take time the next day to slow down.  Allow your thoughts to streamline into what you really want.  
     We realize the culture is running rampant in this timeline.  You do not have to follow the crowd.
     Slow down.
     Decide to let yourself be a bit slower in the day-to-day adventures.
     To raise the vibration of you, there needs to be a slowing of the physical, not the other way around.
     Stop the frantic movement.
     Think clearly….. slowly.
     It may create a connection that you have been running after.”
VERONICA is several entities on the other side channeled through April Crawford.
April Crawford’s website – http://www.aprilcrawford.com/