Family Fears Handed Down to Children by Ann Ramirez

Some parents make the mistake of handing down their own fears to their children.  This is a mistake, for children are people, and deserve the right to determine their own beliefs.  For these children, this fear is carried over into adulthood and often times, the child relates it as their own.  Usually this is not intentional on the parents’ part, they just simply are not aware that the fear affects their lives negatively and will most certainly do the same to their children.  They believe they are protecting them, but in the long run, it only hinders the child’s life in ways.  If a child it told to fear the dark, they will.  If they are told that money is hard to earn and that they must hold on to it, they will develop a fear of lack of money and we all know what happens then…. they will always have a lack of money as the Universal Laws state.  If they are told that a certain religion is the only true religion, they are instilled with a pre-judgment and fear of other religious and non-religious beliefs.  All of these types of beliefs or fears told to them as children will more than likely affect their own opinions and beliefs and instill fear in them as they age, these are referred to as inherited opinions, beliefs, and fear.  Granted their parents may be correct in their own beliefs, but children still deserve the right to decide on their own and fear should never exist in anyone’s world.

Fear is an illusion like all else. It is important to remember that whatever is feared, will have to be faced one day.  Fear should not play any part in anyone’s life because it only distracts one from what they were meant to be.  Until one breaks out of the circle of fear, their life will be hindered in many ways and they will not be able to move forward and enjoy the fulfilling life they are entitled to.  The children cannot help their parents with their fears, the parents will need to face their own fears and resolve their ties to them.  

The best way to deal with all fears is to do an exercise of faith and let go of them.  First one should explain to their parents that they choose to no longer be tied to their parent’s belief(s) and continue the attachment to their parent’s fears.  Ask the parents to respect their decision.  Then one could go into a quiet area either inside or outside.  If one chooses inside, they may want to light a candle, acknowledge their fear(s) by writing them on a piece of paper, and then write the lesson(s) learned from experiencing the fear(s).  Place the paper in the fire, and release it to the Universe.  Thank the Universe for taking them out of their life.  If  preferred, one could go out into nature, talk to a tree and explain what they have experienced with the fear(s), and how the fear(s) kept them from enjoying their life to its’ fullest, take the paper and bury it in the ground next to the tree, ask the tree to send it to the Universe so their ties to the inherited fear(s) will be banished forever.  Thank the tree for its’ love and assistance.   Anyone can do this exercise with any issue they no longer want in their life and they will be surprised by the results.  If one wants to move on from a relationship that no longer serves a positive purpose in their life, or make a change in careers, this exercise is a good place to start.  Remember, that without faith and belief, they will return.

It is important to remember as one becomes a parent or even an Aunt/Uncle not to instill their opinions, beliefs, fears into the children.  Simply express them and then let the children know that they don’t necessarily have to belief the same. Let the children know how important it is for them to develop their own beliefs and that they should not fear anything ever.  Children are our greatest assets and we should not impose on them to be a certain way.  Everyone is different and children must find their own way in this world as they have their own unique lessons to deal with.

Much respect, Ann.

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