A New Message From VERONICA — Lead From The Heart

“So the day begins….. and you wonder how you will get through the day.  It feels like a miracle is necessary for the perspective to shift.  Instead of waiting for a miracle, why not be one?
Shifting your perspective is not as difficult as it may seem.  The linear systems that all participate in can become flawed.  If that has become the case, lead from your heart.  It is the one true operating system in the linear that always delivers.
It may take a bit of time to feel the results, especially if it has been bruised.  By letting it heal the heart has the ability to rebound quickly.  It simply does not require reciprocation.  Your willingness to be loving supersedes all negativity in the big picture.
We realize there can be disappointment in the singular perspective, however, in the end, all transitions to the bigger picture.  What has occurred will be attainable at some point with a balanced perspective.
One just needs to remain hopeful and full of patience while cleaning up the thought process.  Navigating through physical dense reality is not easy.  We agree.
Take care of your heart.  Nurture it and fill it with hope regardless of what has occurred.
You are an immensely evolved being of the Divine.
Heal….. then lead with the heart.
It just might create things differently.
Be the miracle.”
                                 -VERONICA as channeled through April Crawford