Shine Your Light Always by Ann Ramirez

Within each one of you is a divine spark of God, the Source.  As you pour more love into the world and yourself, your spark grows brighter and bigger.  The light within you will be visible by others and others will want what you have.  It is important to wake up to your spirituality, practice opening your heart so you can return as one with the Source bringing others with you.  Since all have the spark of God, then we are all one with God and it is our destiny to return to him.

While here in this world, it is important for us to stay close to our guide, angels, and higher self so the chances of us getting off the path we chose before coming here will be slim.  Trust and depend on their guidance daily.  Evaluate yourself every day and ask for reassurance from them that you are planning a day of growth.

With love and light, Ann.

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