Appreciation from Veronica

Wake Your Spirit Up —  Create Positive Thoughts and Appreciation!

“In the physical much attention especially in your culture is given to negative actions.  The emphasis in its intention to create awareness, often results in creating more of the same.  If you believe in the concept of thought creates reality, then it is important to regard yours as a canvas of your creation.

Knee deep in the muck and mire of a negative reality does make it complicated.  Be focused on finding the good actions of others and demonstrate your ability to recognize them.  By doing so you help to create a contrary position to all the negativity.

Of course it would be wonderful if all this could be created with a snap of the fingers.  It is a fact that the emphasis on the negative gets much more attention.  Therefore, it is imperative to be patient, while continuing to appreciate all the positive moments, people, and actions you can find.

You may feel all alone in the endeavor.  You may become despondent at the density of the mountain of negativity.  However, realize that spirit is right there with you.

Since we are not of solid existence at the moment, we depend upon your physical presence to enact the recognition from your viewpoint.

We are there supporting you, guiding you, and loving you.

Together there is probability of a new perspective and energy.

A positive moment to be appreciated by all.”