A New Message From VERONICA — “What is The True Path to The Correct Answer That All Seek?”

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“One of the many phrases we hear from those entrenched in the linear is that they “have no time”.  
No time to focus their thoughts.

No time to respond to others who might be able to benefit their conscious awareness.

No time to give back to the energy of the reality in which they exist.

And lastly, no time to nurture their soul’s presence in the physical form.

It is indeed a conundrum for those who are incarnate at this time:  “What is the true path to the correct answer that all seek?

Again, we return to the individuality of all who participate.  There are universal truths yes, however, each of you have a special approach to those truths.

It is important to perhaps consider that each of you create your concepts of time as it relates to you.  If you are finding you are short of time, it is important to create the moments that would sustain your balanced existence.  It should be of importance to find the time or create it as your soul sees fit.

Redirect your thoughts to include in their creations a moment of pause to rediscover why you are here in this time.

Thinking often does not require time, but without thinking, there is no solid opportunity to create.  So decide to multi-task if necessary to allow your thoughts to breathe.

Give your thoughts life.  It may be just the formula you need to create a new reality.

At least allow your self the opportunity to do so. ——– Think clearly whenever possible.

You as a thinking creator originally designed time.  Rethink how you can design enough time to live this life fully.

You are capable. ——— Perhaps just decide to have/make enough time.  It is after all, a perceived concept.”