Avalanche of Good Thoughts by Veronica

“The dramatics of each individual life can become difficult for the most advanced energies.  It can seem as if they pile up upon each other building a wall that separates loving energy from you.

That isolated feeling can be overwhelming.

We suggest that when negativity builds up and seems to surround the best of days, decide to tilt the scales in the other direction.

Deliberately begin to build a monument of love for yourself.  Pile positive intention upon positive intention until you have created a mountain of heavenly energetic flow.

Place your focus upon it, allowing an avalanche of love to fall down upon you.  Roll with the punches of life, while being embraced by all the clear intended energy that you can.

It is extremely difficult to avoid negative dramatics from others in the linear.  However, if you build an avalanche of love, honesty and respect, you can move through it all with a great deal of confidence.

Create as much positive energy around you as you can.  Be an individual loving power and become the center of it.

By being the creator, you state your intentions to the universe.  There will always be negative forces, but you certainly do not need to be a victim to them.

Be the positive avalanche of love and transcend beyond it.”


Inner Whispers