Be The Solution by Veronica


     “It is well known how dense the energy can be in linear reality.  The most advanced of souls often find it a maze of difficulty to navigate through.

     In these moments, one can decide to be a victim of circumstance, or a creator of the solution.

     The energy of such obstacles can be diminished if one keeps aligned with their own soul’s purity and resolve.  Thus, the importance of establishing a relationship with your soul.  If you have not take the time to do so, we feel it is of the utmost importance to do.

     There is nothing more empowering than to conquer the linear density, even at the most elementary levels.  Decide to be flexible in the pursuit of the perfect connection.  Know that if you are disconnected it has taken some linear time to get there.  Be fair with yourself and allow the firmness of your energy to regain  its position.

     Those in spirit never give up, nor should you in the linear.

     Roll with the perceived punches from physical reality.  Know that no matter what occurs, you have the ability to rise above and conquer it.

     Yes it is dense.

     Yes it’s difficult.

     However, you are resilient enough to withstand the difficulty and move through it.

     Yes. you are strong.

     Yes, you are spiritual as well as physical.

     Flex your spiritual awareness, and proceed to a more comfortable space.

     Be the solution.”