Unexpected Circumstances are Defining Moments by Ann Ramirez

We have all experienced times in life that went in a different direction than what we planned, better known as unexpected circumstances.   I am speaking about things or events in our lives that we would rather not have or deal with.  In these times, we often sit and wonder why this happened and remain fixed on how life is supposed to be rather than dealing with the way life is.  It seems we spend too much time on wishful thinking that we can’t see life the way it really is – sometimes it goes as we planned and other times we are surprised with circumstances we didn’t ask for.  Instead of dwelling on an unwanted circumstance and continually giving energy to it, we can apply ourselves to it creatively, resolve it and move on.  The more we learn to embrace reality in front of us, the quicker we will move into the reality we want.  

I once heard the story of a Captain of a ship who was sailing out in the middle of the sea when unexpectedly the weather changed; the winds blew up and a storm came.  Now, ideally to the Captain, a perfect sail out into the sea would be smooth waves and calm breezes blowing through the ship’s sails to guide him where he was headed.  However, the Captain knew that a perfect world here on Earth does not exist.  He knew that if he sat and pondered on why?, why?, why?, he would get nowhere, except to the destination of further frustration.  He learned through these times of unexpected circumstances that it is better to accept the event and think about the best way to deal with it so he can get through it fast.  

The same applies to our lives, times of unexpected circumstances allow us the opportunity to bring out the best in us, to apply faith and trust, make more effort, and at times learn to be more honest with ourselves and seek to make the changes in ourselves that must occur in order to bring necessary changes in our lives.  All of this helps to build character and strength which is so necessary for growth.  

Remember, prior to incarnating on Earth, we all agreed to life contracts to experience certain circumstances in order to evolve spiritually on the other side and to make us a better human being.  Nothing that occurs in our lives is an accident, but rather pre-planned.  These are our lessons and we must learn the lesson from each one so we will continue our forever evolvement into bigger and better beings overall.  The other thing is that we must express gratitude for all things in our lives as they come into our lives for purposes we may or may not understand.  Once, we move on to the “other side”, we will understand ALL!

— Ann Ramirez

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