Become Your Truth by Veronica

     “Within all of you is a core energy that resonates with your soul.  To know when the two are in harmony is the beginning of realizing your full potential in this current life.

     It is important to be not only a seeker of your own truth, but also a believer in its potential within you.  Decide today that if you are out of sync with your energy, that you make committed strides to remedy the separation.

     It is easy in the chaos of linear to lose your way.  Reserve the judgement of that loss, and use the energy to reconnect.

     Be your powerful self regardless of anyone’s opinion.  By allowing those individuals the power to block your path, there is acceptance of what was brought forward to begin with.  Never lose sight of your own energy.  Give it the chance to blossom into the magnificent flower of love that it is.

     Stand strong in your energy and its path, no matter what it is.  Without a full sense of self, there can be confusion.

     Your core energy is yours to design this life.  Just simply begin.  The rest will follow.

     You can.

     You will.

     You become your truth.

     Nothing is more beautiful.”


Inner Whispers