Autumn – Season of Gratitude by Ann Ramirez

It’s time to harvest our blessings!!

Giving Thanks and Letting Go…….

The harvest is in, the kitchen is full, and Autumn season is here.  It delights us with its beautiful warm colors of orange, green, gold, yellow and red.  Even as the weather cools, Mother Earth provides warmth in these beautiful colors that abound all around us.  

It is an important time of the year to meditate on all that God, the Universe, and Mother Earth has provided us and give great gratitude to them.  Even if life threw us many curve balls throughout the year, there were reasons for them and we need to learn to be grateful for the lessons associated with them.  We need to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned, what improvements could we make within ourselves and how to project the improvements out into the world.  

One good exercise we all can do is:

1.  Write the situations that occurred and the lessons associated with each on separate pieces of paper.

2.  Place them in a container and hold them up to God and give heartfelt thanks for them.

3.  Put the papers on fire and as they burn, acknowledge that you are releasing them back to the Universe for completion.  

4.  If you had circumstance occur that are unresolved, tell the Universe how you wish to resolve them and ask that your wish be honored.

5.  Once again, give thanks and remember that sincerity and emotions are vital to making your desires turn into reality.  In other words, if you are not sincere, grateful, or do not believe, God and the Universe will know, as they know all.

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