Letting Go of Your Past by Kathyann

It’s is incredible when you stop and think about how much we look back to past mistakes or events that were very hurtful to us.  We often dwell on all of our failed relationships, jobs, trials, our mistakes, etc.  It has been said that 96% of our thoughts are focused on our past.  We stay stuck on something that no longer exists.  Why do we do this; allow the past to consume us? Sometimes it seems like our mind wanders there on its own, without our consent. We could be busy, occupied with something else, and all of a sudden we are thinking of our past and once again drawn into a moment that is gone.

Tell me does that make sense?  I say not.  Why do we do this? Because we haven’t let go of what was, we haven’t forgiven ourselves or others, haven’t acknowledged our lessons, haven’t given thanks to God for the experience, or because we do not fully understand why something happened or how we allowed something wrong to happen.

We hold onto moments that have affected us, moments that were hard for us or emotionally difficult, and we also hold onto what we don’t understand. Think about it, how often do you spend time remembering the great moments, the moments where all went well and everything was great? Those memories are wonderful and they should be the ones to pop up so that we can feel good and be happy. But no, this is not what we do, for we understand those moments, nothing confuses us, and therefore they are rarely looked at. We look at the ones we don’t understand because our mind is trying to figure them out.  I know I often ponder and ask why was it so hard?, why did it hurt so much?, what could I have done differently?, why did I do what I did?, why did someone else do that to me?, why did God allow that to happen to me?, etc.   Questions such as these occur because we allow the past to continue to haunt us and control our present and create our future.  

Do you ever find yourself reflecting on the same event over and over? One moment that was hard for you and emotionally trying? You are either trying to make sense of that moment or you haven’t chosen to let it go. For if we understand it and we still replay it over, then we are choosing to be stuck with it. You can look at it in two ways, either you are choosing to hold onto something that no longer exists because you want to or because you don’t understand it. There is one way to solve both of these problems. It is acceptance; it is as simple as that. If you want to be at peace with your past, accept it completely whether you understand it or not.

By accepting our past, we can be free to deal with our present and create our future.  Acceptance holds a lot of power; it not only releases, but it sends us into a much more clear and open place, one without fear, worry, or hindrances of any kind. By accepting, we are not only setting ourselves free, but we are opening ourselves up. Think about all the space you could have in your mind and in your heart if it were not filled by those trying memories. Think about how much more peaceful you could feel without that one memory that keeps bugging you. By eliminating those trying and hurtful memories, we are allowing ourselves to move on and live life in the present.  Since thoughts create our lives, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to carefully control our thoughts for a better today and brighter tomorrow?  

I wish everyone the power to overcome ghosts of the past and move on.  — Ann.

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