Remember by Veronica

     “Each day determine your path to your own evolvement.  Walk truthfully towards it whenever possible.  Even when it appears impossible, stay the course.  Masquerading as someone you are not will only create frustration.  Decide that being who you really are, without the linear costume, is the only way to achieve serenity within.
     All those who participate in the linear experience will have moments where it all feels overwhelming.  Reach deep inside to realize your truth and intimate potential.
     Be the one who responds immediately to the whispers of their soul.  Turn down the volume of the chaos so that you may hear it.
     Remind yourself often of why you are here.  Strip away the drama while embracing your soul’s intention.
     By allowing yourself to become confused in the masquerade, there can be loss of internal focus.
     To do this it is important to see past the dramas to the core of who you are.
     At the end of the life, when the lights grow dim and the desire to move out of the linear grows strong….. remember.
     Remember the energy of events.  The sun on your face, the squeeze of a hand, the sparkle in the eye of one you randomly helped.  These are the strong moments of who your soul is.
     It will not be the items that are left behind, and not the stairway of prominence you were dedicated to climb.
     It will be the vibration of your heart, as it remembers the love.
     Be the love.
    Be who you are.”