2nd Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Marie Allizon of the Fourth Dimensional Shift

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DRUNVALO: Unless we change the way we live and begin to love one another, it is just a matter of time that these “Earth Changes” will happen. Of course, nobody knows for sure. But it would definitely help if people were prepared at least in their hearts, and at the very least this information has allowed us to “think about” how we would react. Here is what I have found since July 1st.

According to CNN interactive, a further melting of the ice in Antarctica has just been reported on July 24, 1998. This melting is more significant than the melting of Larsen’s Ice Ledge (LIL) because LIL is on the northern most part of the continent, the most likely place to melt if the oceans are warming, whereas this new melting of the Pine Island glacier (PI) is in the middle of Antarctica. Is this not what happens when a pond begins to melt, in the middle first? It is melting from the bottom because, they believe, the oceans are 4.5 degrees warmer than normal presumably from the green house effect. This phenomenon is just now beginning to be understood.  According to CNN interactive, “A melting Antarctic glacier could lead to the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), causing global sea levels to rise up to 20 feet, researchers said.”

This is 20 feet more!!! If the entire Antarctic ice cap were to melt, the world’s sea levels would rise about 60 meters. However, even 20 feet or about 6 meters, would cause a world catastrophe, and if there is even the slim chance that this might happen, the world should know and begin to at least think about what to do if this happens. If the ice is melting in the Antarctic winter now, what will happen in 4 to 6 months as we approach the Antarctic summer?  one last thing, “The total size of the Larsen B Ice shelf is more than all the previous ice that has been lost from Antarctic ice sheets in the past two decades,” according to CNN interactive. This means that if Larsen B Ice shelf (LBIS) breaks off, (it is expected that about two thirds of LBIS will break off) more ice will go into the world’s seas from that break than has in the last 13 or 14 years combined total. This appears to be a major warming. I reported that this LBIS would raise the world’s oceans by 65 feet. This is according to the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. We have checked this out mathematically based on the amount of ice relative to the surface area of the world’s oceans, and it does not seem to compute, but perhaps those figures are based on the entire shelf melting, we are not sure. But do understand that whatever the sea rise will be with LBIS, it is added to the WAIS melt of 20 feet if it happens.

Just to make sure you do not go out and sell all your beachfront property, it is not likely that this sea rise will happen fast. Unless something happens that is beyond our understanding, such as the entire South Pole ice cap somehow breaking off as suggested in Brown’s theory. We have spent a great deal of time thinking about the South Pole when actually it is the geomagnetics that I personally am concerned about.

As far as the Russian and German prophecy that the geomagnetic field would go to zero, we will not know until the same approximate time as the Hopi prophecy, the end of this year. But they did not really know. No one has ever seen this happen. There is no data to draw upon. As long as there is a geomagnetic field, we will not feel the effects. Only when it goes to absolute zero will the effect we talked about “probably” happen. This is by far the most important aspect of all the information that was given. We will see.

Also one person said that if this was true then how could we have gone to the moon or walked in space. The answer, according to the Germans, is that the United States and the Russians have magnetic generators on board their spacecraft and in their space suits to simulate the earth’s geomagnetic field. In the Russian experiments outside the earth’s magnetic field when they did not use a simulator, they found astronauts being affected negatively.

I said that the ground near Mexico City would “have to be over 459 degrees Fahrenheit” I was informed that the Mexican government had measured and recorded the actual temperature at 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Realize the situation: two comets entered the Sun followed by coronal mass ejection’s, after which 30 to 35 (a guess) solar flares appeared in two circles around the Sun at approximately the 19.5 north/south latitudes. If you are aware of sacred geometry and its implications, these specific latitudes are important in relation to the study of the human body or the Sun or, in fact, all of creation. In sacred geometry these latitudes relate to the tetrahedral substructure of nature. Soon after this event with the comets we had a major solar storm and the sudden stopping of information coming to the public about this matter from the SOHO satellite.

On a question about the Ulysses spacecraft and its discovery that the sun’s magnetic polarity (in December 1994 or thereabouts) has changed dramatically, and if so, how?

NASA gave this answer: “It has been long known that the Sun’s magnetic field reverses its polarity every solar cycle. (approximately 22 years long.) This is a fascinating observation that is still not well understood. This polarity reversal is telling us something about the process through which the Sun generates its magnetic field, but the specifics of this solar “dynamo” are not known.

Drunvalo: This is very interesting information. I never knew this and do not know anyone who does. This could be paramount in understanding the situation here on Earth. When did they discover this and by whom and what are the conclusions about what this means? Also since the Earth’s poles have reversed themselves many times before, does NASA know if there is a relationship between the Sun’s pole reversal cycles and the Earth’s?

NASA: You will normally only hear about a solar (or geomagnetic) storm on the news if it results in damage to a significant satellite (especially one that relays cable television channels) or results in a significant power outage such as the one that occurred in Quebec in 1989. If you are interested in keeping track of solar activity and resulting geomagnetic storms, frequently visit NOAA’s Today’s Space Weather page at http://www.sel.noaa.gov/today.html
NASA and the Solar activity: It will continue to increase as we approach solar maximum. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections will become more frequent. The average rate of solar flares at solar maximum can be as high as 20 per day.

Drunvalo: If NASA expected something unusual to happen that could affect the Earth and its inhabitants in a negative manner, they would never tell us. In fact they would do anything to stop us from knowing the truth. Keeping peace and order at any cost, this is the directive from all the governments. The TRUTH will come out if we stay together and remember the purpose of searching into these matters in the first place.

are stress lines moving over the earth. They are caused by internal stress in the earth such as the movement of tectonic plates or lava. They are about three to five hundred feet across and thousands of miles into space. They are like sheets. They are very, very dangerous to life and can cause fatal illness. If they happen to pass through your home, you will almost surely become sick.

are much weaker. They are about two to three inches wide and move south to north and west to east. They are about six feet to fifteen feet apart in a grid. They are deeply aggravated by electrical transformers. If these lines cross in your home, and they will in almost every home, and you spend a lot of time where they cross, such as in your bed or at your desk, they can make you very sick or even kill you.

has known about these lines of energy for a very long time, and has found ways to deal with them. You can, for example, with the Hartmann lines make a copper wire into an “omega” symbol, place it in the ground in a certain way and it will divert the Hartmann flow of energy so that you are not affected by it.
Or you can simply program into your Light Body that these negative lines of force (and any other unknown lines) will flow around your Light Body, and they will. No matter where you go, this problem is no more, at least for you. You can prove this to yourself or others if you are a dowser. Simply find the lines with your rods. Then just think into your Light Body that the lines will divert around you, and then test with your rods again. If you are truly in your Light Body, the rods will no longer react. Or better yet, get someone else to dowse while you just “think” them away. This is very convincing.

You may find that the EMF (electro-magnetic fields) that are being broadcast all over the world are not good for you. At this moment, millions of beepers, telephone calls, radio stations, television stations, police radar, microwave stations etc. are passing through the center of your head. If you understand about your Light Body, you can stop this with a single program to your Light Body.

In the same manner, the loss of the geomagnetic field of the earth that could cause incredible harm to the planet, You can simply program against by saying that you will not be affected and that the geomagnetic field around your body will remain normal and that the Schumann Resonance Field will also remain normal. In this way you escape the basic problem. You will still have to live with a planet that is going crazy. This is exactly what the Mayans did when they left Atlantis during the identical problem, the shifting of the geomagnetic poles of the earth. The Atlantan priesthood, or part of it, protected themselves and left by boat to the Yucatan in Mexico. Once in the Yucatan, they were able to remember what had happened as evidenced by the “Troano Manuscript”, that I believe is in the British Museum, whereas the rest of Atlantis lost their memory and went crazy. This document proves that the Mayans remembered the sinking of Atlantis.

You, and only you, can choose what is appropriate for you to do. No matter what happens, your spirit is immortal and is intimately connected to God. You really have nothing to worry about for the Creation is whole, complete and perfect. Now that you have programmed your Light Body, what is the “other thing” that we can do? This other thing is the greatest action that I am aware of… Let’s love this earth, we may not get another chance.