3rd Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Marie Allizon for Fourth Dimensional Shift on December 7, 1999*

Marie: When you referred to the Bible Code, you said that the Earth and its inhabitants successfully passed four difficult tests (Israel, Kosovo, Russia, and Israel again) in order to avoid another destruction of the planet. You also mentioned that we had eleven such tests to pass in order to reach peace forever, nirvana and so on. Can you expand a bit on that?

Drunvalo: All of these tests are recorded in the Bible Code itself. The first one was in 1998, when the Bible Code said that Jerusalem would be blown up by an atomic bomb. It described exactly the person’s name, a Russian, the atomic artillery shell, where it was coming from, etc. And it didn’t happen, because of a group of twelve Israeli people, which we now know are children, changed that whole event. Since then there was Kosovo, which was planned by Saddam and Iraq, and that was to bring the destruction of the planet also, to bring us into a Third World War, and that did not work. The one in Russia right now is also planned by Iraq and Saddam, and that one is also intended to bring the third World War. They’re still in the midst of that, and I don’t believe it’s going to happen, because of what the Russians have done. It was the Germans who stopped the Kosovo pattern and put us onto a new parallel universe. And finally we went back to Israel to try to change the very pattern that was causing all of this. It was 72 adult Israeli people– like the 72 names of God– that came together, and I believe that they were successful.

We did a medicine wheel to first produce rain because they hadn’t had rain in months and months and were in a drought, but the rain was really more of a sign. There had been no rain—there was no chance of rain (as far as anyone knew), but as soon as they finished doing this medicine wheel, within four hours the clouds swelled over and it rained for one hundred and fifty miles around for over three days. It was their sign that they were on track with what they were doing.

drusentrose.jpg (14315 octets)The second part was to bring peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians which is the core of all the problems. Seven days later they began to sign all the agreements, which are now being said to be the clearest and most powerful agreements that Israel has ever signed with Palestine. We will see what happens with all of this. It is not over.

You said eleven other tests. We don’t actually know the number. It could be anywhere from eleven or fifteen to twenty more, but there are many others in the future. All of these hurdles have to be passed over, and other countries around the world will play roles.

I know that South America and Mexico are going to be playing a huge role in this: specifically Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, because those countries are going to play a major role in the world’s affairs in the future.

Marie: And China?

Drunvalo: China is another one, but it is something else in the future. I don’t really know all about that yet. But without giving the full understanding of what I just said, none of this really makes a whole lot of sense. Those who have studied the Bible Code know that everything that has ever happened in the past, in the future or in the present is already written down, and they never found an error until 1998, when they did.

It said: “will you change it.” It was the first time it indicated that there was even free will. There are certain places in the Bible Code that must be changed in order for us to survive, not just to survive but to survive in a good way, so that we go back on track with the cosmic DNA.

Marie: If we passed four of these eleven or twenty tests, then is the worse behind?

Drunvalo: Well, I can’t say if the “worse” is behind us, but there are four that I am aware of; there might have been more that I am not aware of.

Marie: And was the Gulf War one of them?

Drunvalo: No, there had never been a change like this until l998. Or at least no one has ever found one, but there might have been some, sixty or seventy thousand years ago when the Hebrews first came in. And there may have been some in the very distant past that we are not aware of. But we cannot track that, because we can’t find them. I don’t know that.

Marie: Have those eleven or twenty hurdles been identified in the Bible Code?

Drunvalo: They probably have, because I am sure that the Israelis and the Pentagon and everyone else are searching through this minute by minute to see what the future holds; but I really don’t know the answer to that question. This is a subject that is very controversial– most people in the world would not even know what we are talking about.

Finally, regarding the children in Israel who made the first known world change in history using the Bible Code, they left a statement which they wrote on a rock, in Hebrew: “If it is not simple, it simply will not be,” meaning that they have decided that if there is not an innocence, a simplicity in the actions of the world, they are simply going to erase it.

Marie: At Omega this summer, you told us that the Nuclear Tests at Mururoa were made for the world government and not necessarily France.  If we look at the chakras of the Earth is Egypt her heart, Tahiti…?

Drunvalo: No. Egypt is the mind of the Earth. The heart actually is in Mexico, and some say in ColumbiaTahiti/Morea sits in the feminine South Pole of the Christ grid and that is why they did the nuclear experiments there. The area inside the tube torus that moves up through there enters into the very center of the beam of the Earth. That’s why I called it the womb– it goes right into the private personal aspect of the Earth. And they exploded the bombs, right down this center.

But Mother Earth reacted to the bomb and changed the geometry of the Grid by shifting it from about 6 feet thick to a super thin field of 3 atoms. She made the grid super strong so it could not be messed around with. She is now stronger than She ever was before. It is almost like taking penicillin. You take it for a few days and then stop, and it makes the illness stronger. The Earth since then is very strong. Everything has been changing.

Beside the Unity Breath and prayers, which are excellent to heal the Earth, I recommend truly connecting with Mother Earth and really talking to her. Let Her use you, come into you and use your body and your words to create whatever it is she wants to do. That’s what I do. I just let Her use me, in many, many instances, especially when I am working with pollution. She is a very real Spirit– she is your mother, and if you open to Her, she can come in and use you in a way that is very powerful. That is what Mother Teresa has done, by being selfless.

But I am not too worried about what has happened in Tahiti and Morea now. I believe it’s all been healed. Things are moving very, very well. People just need to trust in themselves, believe in God and in Mother Earth and let God and Mother Earth work through them, let them direct their lives, not to actually control them, but direct their lives.

Marie: Even if that means to change cities, jobs?

Drunvalo: In my life I do whatever is necessary, even if it is something that is not comfortable, or not fun. I just went to Russia, and I did not want to go. I’ve been to many places I did not want to go, and would have done anything to get out of it, but I knew I had to do it for the good of the planet. And if we put ourselves behind and put what’s more important in front, we will know what to do.

Marie: Are Goddess Amaterasu** and Mother Earth the same energy, or are we talking about two different beings?

Drunvalo: They are two different beings. Mother Earth is the spirit of the Earth. Amaterasu is the spirit of the Sun, that is, the feminine aspect of the spirit of the Sun. The Sun is a male, but everything is polarized, everything has a male and a female part. And she is the feminine part of light. Relative to the Earth it is more of a male energy, but she is the energy that comes and moves through Mother Earth, to bring consciousness and life. It’s just that Amaterasu’s spirit is actually connected to the light of the Sun.

Marie: What kind of energy is the Sun bringing to us now? How do Solar Flares affect our everyday life?

Drunvalo: Well, I know that we are only reaching the solar flare maximum, and this is a very unusual one, because it is intense. I don’t think that anybody knows—and I don’t really know—the full role that the Sun is playing in all of this right now. Solar flares affect our everyday lives in all kinds of mundane ways. They affect satellites, they affect our emotions, and so on, but they also affect the nature of the light that is coming to us, which is kind of the way that the DNA unfolds. And on those levels hardly anyone really understands all of this, and I don’t either. I just know that what is going on in the Sun is very important.

Marie: But would the acceleration of craziness in the world be due to solar flares?

Drunvalo: It may be, but I think it’s more due to the fact that we’re approaching fourth dimensional consciousness, which naturally moves on a much faster frequency than we are on now. I’m actually suspecting, though I haven’t announced it publicly, and I don’t know for sure, that we may have already moved into the fourth dimension. And that we’ve recreated the world, because that is a pathway (??). The reason I’m suspecting this is because the number of psychics in the world is increasing at phenomenal rates. Whatever they think and feel happens, which is a trait of the fourth dimension.

Marie: I thought that the fourth dimension is actually a tunnel to the fifth; (see our june 99 issue) that is, we move quickly through the fourth, to reach the fifth.

Drunvalo: No, we will be on the fourth for a long time. We haven’t entered the area of the fourth that I’ve talked about in the Flower of Life, because when we do, our bodies will transfer. So this would be some kind of transitional state that we are in. And it would have to do with Mother Earth, the Sun, and God, if they decide to do that. The other reason that I think we may have entered into the fourth dimension, though it’s almost impossible to tell, is that Mother Earth –according to all the Native people of the world that I have talked to, and from my own personal experience– was between two years and six years old; I saw her more about six years old. The Earth herself is spirit, she is like a young child. And in the last year, when I’m bringing her in, and other people that I know are bringing her in, she’s about eighteen years old. She has somehow grown up very, very quickly. And she’s really smart right now. It’s not at all like dealing with Mother Earth the way it was a few years ago. The only explanation I can have for that is that we have entered into another consciousness level of the Earth.

Marie: You mentioned that if seven percent of the population reaches awareness, the whole population would acquire it. Have we reached such awareness, which would allow Mother Earth to grow very quickly?

Drunvalo: No, that’s different. That seven percent has to do with advertising. In advertising, it’s just a fact that’s been noted, that if you try to sell some kind of new food or something—say you’re aiming at the United States– the product will remain basically unknown until seven percent of the population knows it. As soon as seven percent of the population knows about that product, on the next day, about ninety-eight percent of the population knows about it. And they don’t know how it happens—all they know is, it does. It jumps in a twenty-four hour period. And in the same way, anything that you’re trying to put across, whether it is a product or spirituality or anything else, when seven percent of the population knows of it, the following morning, ninety-eight percent of the population knows.

Marie: But you said in Mexico, you had 100 people for the Summer solstice, and last year there were 44,000?

Drunvalo: That was at Chichen Itza in 1985, when there were fewer than 100 people to watch, the shadow that forms the snake. It goes down the pyramid called the Castle. And in 1995, ten years later, there were 40-odd thousand, 42-, or 43,000 people.

Marie: Don’t you interpret that as a big jump in the consciousness of the world?

overton.jpg (28874 octets)Drunvalo: It shows that there’s a huge consciousness in the world around sacred sites. But I don’t know if we’ve reached the seven percent, if that’s what it takes. I just don’t know these things. There are definitely some unusual circumstances spreading today that make me feel more and more that we have already made a specific transition. If we have made a specific transition, what it means is that anything is possible right now. And I mean absolutely anything is possible. And when people begin to understand that whatever they think and feel happens, then the psychic phenomena begin to rise, which is what’s happening now. The psychic phenomena and the number of people involved in psychic phenomena is rising at just an incredible rate– that’s a definite indication of the fourth dimension. But it’s also a very dangerous time.

Because psychic phenomena does not mean wisdom; it only means mental understanding of the relationship of the outer world to the inner world. So you can have psychic powers and not be a very nice person. This is dangerous because China and Russia, who are equally involved in this, for example, are using their psychic powers and these children for warfare. And we have entered into a psychic war. We’ve been in it for several years now, but it’s getting stronger and stronger. And China is stealing all of our secrets out of our computers, using the psychic children, and we’re trying to say that it’s people here in the United States, but that’s not the case. And Russia for sure is able to go into any computer in the world and take all the information out of it, from a sophisticated Merkaba interconnection between the Merkaba and Tatwa? that they’re using in Russia.

We’ve been deeply involved in psychic research since the early seventies. But this is far beyond anything that they ever dreamed of in those days. I mean the kinds of things that they’ve done in the Montauk experiment and (Foldof??) experiment, for example, are even farther out than what we’re talking about now. I’m talking about psychic powers coming down to the everyday, average person. We’re able to do things that are emerging. We’re slowly beginning to realize that whatever you think and feel can manifest directly in the outer world.

Marie: At Omega and Earth Sky, you talked about the importance of the PINEAL, Pituitary and Thymus glands. Here is the transcript:

The pineal gland is your third eye. Jacob Lieberman, author of Light, the Medicine of the Future, is a prominent light expert worldwide, along with Malcolm Lillywhite. He describes the pineal gland as an eye, literally. It’s a round ball, it’s hollow, it has color receptors inside of it, and has a lense that is facing up. Its field of view is up– it can’t see down as our eyes can.

Though there is no scientific documentation, I believe the pineal gland –just as our eyes– can see 90 degrees this way around the horizon. In other words, our eyes can look up and also look around. The pineal gland can do that, too. There are three primary fields of view: one straight out the top to the crown, another one at a 45 degree angle, because there’s another gland here, the Pituitary, and the last one right off the horizon.

When the pineal gland looks through the pituitary gland, is when your high psychic energy takes place. The pineal gland is the key to all psychic energy; I am convinced of this. There are six beams of light that come out of your pineal gland, and if you know where they are and how to adjust them, you can augment your psychic abilities tremendously. Because most people beam instead of being, these straight little beams of light are all mushroomed out or bent or crooked. They are all messed up, in almost everybody.

You can fix them in just two or three minutes. It’s really easy and it will also stop all your headaches. Even if you have migraine headaches, they will disappear in most cases, unless it is a disease causing the headaches, and then you have to heal the disease. If it is a stress related headache it’s gone immediately. The pineal is key.

If you read the book The Super Psychics of China, you’ll discover that most of the children that are psychic in China, as well as all over the world, are females. It’s about 80 to 85% female vs. 20 to 15% male. They discovered that the children become psychic around five, six, seven, eight years old, and their psychic abilities keep increasing until the girls get their menstruation period, a time when their psychic abilities drop. And the same when the male hormones kick in; their psychic abilities drop as well. Not in every case, but it is the general rule. They don’t know why, but I think I have figured out why.
At the time of puberty we grow a calcium shield around the pineal gland. A calcium bone, a sphere grows around the pineal and blocks these energies. How heavy the shield at the pineal gland is, will very much determine how your psychic abilities are. Why we do that, I don’t know. (End of the transcript)

mzalambic2.jpg (28280 octets)Marie: You also tried many essential oils blends created by Mikael Zayat. Would you say that Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus oils help open and balance those vital glands?

 Well, I’ve only tried them recently. The pituitary gland seems to go straight to the pituitary. The pineal seems to surround the gland—and it may just be me, I don’t know—rather than actually going into the center. And that’s a trait of the pineal gland– to avoid the center. I’m going to have to work with these new ones a bit longer. Also the four sets of Mikael’s oils that I  bought before  are incredible and the best I’ve come across so far. My favorites areEnergy, Adrenals, Forgiveness, Clear, Heart ChakraThymus, Liver, Healing, Harmony, Relax, and, of course, hisLavender… (for a more complete list, click here: http://www.4dshift.com/products/oils.htm.

Marie: What else can we use to develop pineal and thymus glands, besides asking God directly?

Drunvalo: The primary thing that we have discovered, are the light beams that come out of the pineal gland. There are six primary beams and another two that are connected to the pineal, so a total of eight. When people understand what those are, straighten them out and work with them, the pineal becomes healed. And the psychic abilities become manifested dramatically. In fact, one of the beams connects directly from the pineal through the pituitary. That’s the last key– you link those two things together. Then you begin to see in a new way.

Marie: In some locations, like Key West, some have seen UFOs pouring rain or causing hurricanes. Have you heard of any yourself?

Drunvalo: No, I haven’t, not in Key West. Sightings of UFOs are increasing, and that was announced on CBS: that more UFOs were sighted last year than at any other time in history. And they’re increasing still. I’m not too concerned about UFOs right now. I feel that all of that energy has been pretty much balanced out, and that the 200,000 plus UFO/ ET cultures that are here are working together. I feel very confident that there are really no problems in any of that. There are many conspiracy theories out there, about bad UFOs that are going to come and eat us up in various ways. I really think that people must understand that what you really think and feel and believe is what you’re going to create in your world. And if you start believing in those kinds of theories, you’re going to live them. You need to realize that the galaxy is organized and structured and has been for billions of years, that the life that is out there is loving, that it is working together, that they see us as children and they’re doing everything they can to help us. And they’re not trying to harm.

Marie: Are all the earthquakes, natural disasters and so on that we are experiencing now, provoked mostly by the Earth needing to get rid of the negativity we live in, or quite often provoked by the elite government?

Drunvalo: The elite government does have devices that can create earthquakes anywhere in the world that they want.  I was just in Russia and I talked to their scientists. They are able to take a field of crops of some unusual shape, and make it rain or snow only on that crop and nowhere else around it. That’s how much they can control the weather. So who knows how much they’re using these things. How much is natural and how much is created by human forces, I don’t know. Is the Earth really shaking off negativity, or restructuring to prepare for a new world? I don’t know. I don’t think at this point that there’s really anything to fear, or be concerned about.

Marie: But if we need to move to that other dimension, don’t we need to let go of negativity, and what better way than an earthquake?

Drunvalo: The most important thing right now is that the Earth is a sort of microcosm/macrocosm of that. We need to heal the environment – that’s a big thing—because we messed it up and we have a responsibility to heal and clean up what we have messed up before we think about leaving here. And secondly, we can’t really heal the outer environment on those levels until we heal our families. Until the mother, the father, and the child are brought in balance, because that is truly the source of all these disasters that we’re facing.

This is why we are looking to change the course of the workshops and things in the future, when we can collect all the necessary information to look to heal these families and these children. The new children are coming in. The families do not understand them. It does appear, from all the research that people are doing, that the new children are healing their mother and father by their very presence. So they may do it themselves, but, still, we’ve got to change what’s happened here—our families are just total disasters.

It’s all over the world. I’m convinced that the key is that the mother, the father and the child have to come into a sacred relationship. The mother must see the father and the child as a holy and sacred person. The father must see the mother and the child as a holy and sacred person. And then the child can see the mother and the father as God, which is the way it should be, as a sacred being. At which point the child could keep the first commandment, to honor thy mother and father. Right now, it’s pretty hard to do it, because they don’t honor each other.

Marie: You did not mention the Secret government in December. Is it because with your five favorite subjects, it is already old news?

Drunvalo: I’m not concerned about the secret government anymore. They too understand the bigger picture now. They have to protect themselves as an entity, and that’s OK. But they realize that they can’t think and move in the same way that they did before. They know that all the life on the planet is inter-linked in a way that can’t be erased. So their movements are considering the bigger picture also. I really have very little concern now about all the larger external forces that were very detrimental and dangerous in the past.

There are no secrets anymore. The governments, the Chinese, the Americans, the Japanese, the Russians, just the governments alone can move right into anybody’s mind, any computer, anything, and pick out the information. And now you have–, who knows how many? We say 100,000 kids in China because that’s just all they’ve identified. There’s at least 60 to one hundred million children that have made DNA changes, and we don’t know how many, but it’s in the millions and millions—there’s no way it can be stopped.
It is my opinion that all these children are racing toward some kind of convergence, that they’re going to link somehow, and when they do, they will take control of the world. And there’s not going to be any government or any religion that will have any power over them. They will do what they know is best to do. And they will do whatever their sacred purpose for coming here is, which I believe is to heal this planet, and to eliminate all the greed and the egotism that have been on this planet before.

Marie: Are you talking about the Indigo children?

Drunvalo: No, all three of them, the left brain, the right brain, and the physical kids of the Earth, all three races. It’s a plan– there are no accidents anywhere. All of this is going to be talked about in the Torah. If you really want to trace it back, you can see what’s going to happen in the future. But, I don’t even want to. I know that what’s moving here is whole, complete, and perfect. It’s flawless. All we have to do is just relax and begin to learn how to love each other again.

Marie: What is the purpose on December 31st, of restoring the capstone to the Great Pyramid when its spiritual purpose may have ended recently?

Drunvalo: They’re not really doing that; it’s a commercial thing. That’s only for commercial purposes, and as soon as that’s all over, they’re going to remove it. Yeah, it’s a fake. It might look real, but it’s just a teeny weeny thing. And they’re spending millions and millions of dollars. The only reason they’re doing this, is because they’re in a civil war right now, and have been for many years. There’s been a few thousand people shot and killed over there, mostly Americans, Germans, and Israelis.

And the trade in Egypt has dropped dramatically. The tourist trade has gone down 80, 85%, maybe more, and they’re trying to incite the world to come back and to visit Egypt, because they’re losing lots and lots of money. So, they’re also doing this fancy light show to attract people over there, to get the world’s attention, and to try to bring back more tourists. I don’t think there is any secret purpose. I think it’s money.

Marie: And is there a powerful crystal underneath the capstone, above the King’s chamber?

Drunvalo: Actually, I believe that there is one, but I don’t think that they are going to invoke that. There is one crystal there, according to Toth, and there’s one far in the ground that’s connected to it; that’s at the octahedral point underneath the pyramid, but I don’t know when those things are to be activated, or how. Toth never talked about that.

By the way, Toth is back now. He’s here, back on Earth. He arrived a few weeks ago with his wife, Chiza(?). They have been gone for six years or so. They’re claiming that there will be brand new information that the Earth has never heard of before, since the beginning of Time. Because they’re bringing it from another universe, and there are higher octave universes. There’s going to be information coming that has never been known, and concepts that have never been dreamed of, dreams that have never been dreamed.

Marie: Almine said that we are about to create a thirteenth universe, that we went to a parallel universe and we are about to create a brand new one.

nbcinnocence2.jpg (10425 octets)Drunvalo: Twelve were based on the octave… See, there’s so much that we have never talked about. The 144 universes and the twelve primary universes create one octave, and then there’s an infinite number of octaves above that. That’s only based on one harmonic scale. There are over 200 other harmonic structures, all of which have universes associated with them. And we haven’t even talked about them. There are only certain possible harmonics—there are no other harmonics; there are only certain possible ones. They just simply are what they are.

Toth came in recently and said some things that I don’t know quite what to think about yet. He told me that he wanted to work with me, when we have time. His concern right now is for me to understand that the outer world of matter that we see out here, and consciousness, were linked. That based on e= mc (squared), that consciousness and energy are the same thing, and that matter, of course, is consciousness also. That matter is a mirror and reflects consciousness, and that the creator of the images of the outer world has cameras, he says, that are located in the blind spots of the eyes. And I have no idea what he’s talking about.

I kind of understand it, but I don’t know… He’s really coming to the place where he’s saying that we are light beings this isn’t really here. It’s a mirror. It isn’t what we think it is.

Marie: Yeah. An illusion.

Drunvalo: It’s even more illusion than we think it’s illusion. It’s implying that it doesn’t exist at all. So, if it’s true, then we’ll find out, but I don’t know what this is, about the blind spots of the eyes. That the cameras that produce the outer world are located there. I don’t understand this, right now.

Marie: Finally, you mentioned that the new children being born since 1972 have a liver capable of handling junk food! Are those Indigo children also protected from the chlorine and other chemicals we are subjected to? If so, what about all of us, older than 25!?

Drunvalo: The oldest one of these new children who have been documented in the world, goes back to the birth date of 1974; but I believe the first one was born in 1972, because … As for the rest of us, if originally they only found children who had these traits, they’re now finding that adults have changed their DNA and followed the children. So there are adults—lots of them — appearing with the same traits as the children. So it’s obviously the hundredth monkey theory; that idea has emerged, which makes it possible for any human being, at any age, to transcend this point, into the same regions as these children.

Marie: With all the stress and negativity bombarding our lives, what is the best technique you recommend to stay above it?

Drunvalo: The way I do it is basically a Hindu way. I simply don’t become attached to the outer world or to anything. I work for God. I do the very best I can, and then I give the results to Him. And it’s up to Him—or Her– to accept the results. And because I’m not attached to the outcome, I don’t have to worry whether I succeed or fail.

Marie: But we’re talking about stress. How do we get rid of stress?

Drunvalo: That’s where stress comes from. Stress comes from trying to achieve, trying to do something, trying to keep up with the events of the world, the speed of the world, and trying to accomplish, to produce results, etc. And I care. I’m here but I’m not here. I do everything the best I can, but at the end of it, I give the results to God, whatever they are. And that enables me not to become stressed. However, that doesn’t help me with close things, like my children, or your family, people who are very close to you, relationships and things like that. It’s difficult to do that, even though I know it’s true. It’s easy for me to do it with big things—audiences or anything out in the world or trips I make– I can just pass right through it. It doesn’t affect me.

Marie: But your second book** and its deadline– isn’t this stress?

Drunvalo: Not really. It will get there when it gets there. I really am doing the best I can; I can’t do it any better. I’m not slacking off or anything. It will come when the time has come. So it’s being unaffected by the pressure of the world and realizing the lesson of the Torah, too. It’s very, very important, because the Torah shows clearly that the past, the present, and the future have already happened. So what are we pushing for?

I know we are moving faster and faster. I think that what we’re going to have to do, besides what I just said, is we’re going to have to learn how to shift gears. We’ll have to learn how to accept many rapid images in our lives as normal, rather than thinking it’s too fast and it’s overloaded. It’s like watching television; if you look at TV, say, from the fifties, it’s really slo—ow, modern day time, especially for the children, just (chug chug chug)—just moving at super-fast rates. Because it’s where we’re going. And part ofthe problem with the Indigo children is that the schools are moving so slow that they’re bored. They get it in the first half-second, and then the school keeps talking about it for a week. They are going to have to create a form of much more rapid teaching.

Meditation is still OKThere’s nothing wrong with slowing the internal aspect down. There are a lot of people who have worked at this thing– stress, but I feel that we’re going to have to find new answers to all of these things.

And our relationship to silicon is really important in all of this, too. Organic structures are merging with computers. Carbon and silicon are blending together. Silicon enables carbon to be able to move at a much faster speed. One person on a computer can do more than about ten people on typewriters. The whole entity of life is moving in new ways. And it’s about to move in a brand new way, as the Internet emerges. The Internet is basically a global brain that is about to change things forever on this earth. We think it has kind of reached where it’s going. But it’s still in the first ten seconds of conception, if it was a human being. And the two next big steps have just emerged: search engines are now able to look at the entire Internet in one package, and are reaching even into the databanks. As all that opens up, we will be able to know any information about anything or what anyone’s thinking on the whole planet from our computers. And that’s here now. But it’ll emerge as even more incredible within just a year or so.

And the fact that we are heading right now at this minute into full video capability on the internet, means that every single internet site will be a full television studio. And every person will be able to communicate visually, audibly, and just as though you’re sitting there in the presence of any other person in the world, and be able to express all of your ideas in full video images. There’s a power that has never happened before. It will take the Internet to another level and we can’t even imagine what that’s going to mean.

Marie: Was it the Indigo children who needed to be close to computers, or the psychic children, too?

Drunvalo: No, the psychic children don’t need the computers. They can communicate telepathically, and they can do basically everything the computers can do, without the computers. The Indigo children do need the computers; it is the way they’ve chosen. It’s the male left brain. But they will be able to use them in a way that we never have really understood. When they grow up—and by that time, the computers will have matured to another level—it’s going to be a world that we can barely imagine right now. We can BARELY imagine what that’s going to mean in one generation, if we’re still here.

Marie: We might be here, or in another dimension where the computers will be accessible…

Drunvalo: On that level we don’t need the computer in this way. I can envision a computer that could not only know everything that’s going on on this planet, but one that can know what’s going on on every planet in every star system, in the entire galaxy, and the whole download of all the information and wisdom and knowledge of everything that is available. And not in ways that our search engines do now, but can download directly into experience. These are things that are inevitable in the future and seem like Star Trek, but we’re going there, fast. You know, at the turn of the century we thought that going to the Moon was impossible. And the kinds of things I’m talking about now seem almost impossible, but we’re going there. It’s going to happen. We’re going to be there, fast.

Marie: And to close?

Drunvalo: I am always working in consciousness, and to me consciousness is the answer to all of our problems, no matter what they are. And as we change our consciousness, the problems we have will be resolved. We will be able to move more and more into a problemless area, as our consciousness becomes clearer.

As far as my pet issues go, I am still studying WATER, because it is the key to a lot of the problems that we have to solve: environmental problems, energy problems. We’ll be using water in ways no one’s ever dreamed of before. At least, not for a very long time. And the use of crystals for energy is also a huge potential. Between crystals and water, these areas will become more and more important in the future, and very soon, I think.

Another area that I’m very interested in is, of course, the CHILDREN, because that is our future. Like I said, it is essential to solve the family problems, which revolves around the children, or no other solutions are going to make any difference, because everything will crumble. It’s already crumbling. Our family structure is just about destroyed.

Marie: So when you say the children, do you mean the eight year old, or the 25 year old?

Drunvalo: They range from the babies who are in people’s wombs, all the way up to about 27.

Marie: How old are the children you talked about in Israel?

Twelve to fourteen years old. I said on Saturday (December 4th) that about three weeks ago, the CIA and the FBI were blaming Russia for breaking into the Pentagon’s Internet and stealing secrets, and they were blaming a specific board of Russians for doing this. That board probably came back on and said, “We didn’t do it, and if we did do it, you wouldn’t know that we did it.” That was the board that I was brought before in Russia. And they explained to me how they could do it if they wished to. They didn’t say they did it, but if they wanted to, they could enter into any computer in the world, whether it’s turned on or off, and extract all the information from it, anytime they want. And so can China. So the United States cannot keep secrets.They can put the computers in psychic fields and carry them in cages, but they can still go in. It doesn’t affect them. Time and space mean nothing. So the U.S., China, Russia, and Japan, are going to have to begin to cooperate in new ways. Because there’s not going to be any way to keep military secrets any longer on this planet.

Marie: Finally, do you feel the world is moving away from negativity toward spirituality?

Drunvalo: It’s going perfectly. It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. I’m very excited about the way it’s moving, though I don’t know where it’s going. Especially ever since these children made this change in Israel, and I know that we’ve made at least four parallel reality shifts, so I don’t know where we are… I’ve kind of lost my position. I’m not sure where we are at this point, and it’s going to take me a bit to figure it out. I really don’t know, especially about the prophecies. I said the prophecies had shifted a long time ago. But this time I don’t know if they even make sense anymore.

Marie: Maybe because we outgrew them. Thank you so much!