4th Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Marie Allizon in December 2000

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Marie Allizon and Drunvalo Melchizedek

Marie: Have we already entered the fourth dimension? I mean, some of us?

Drunvalo: I think the Earth has entered into the fourth dimension, and we are now weaning ourselves off of the third. A lot of the new children coming in are realizing that we are actually in the fourth, and they are doing fourth dimensional things like putting hands through walls, or retrieving pills out of a sealed bottle etc.. And it’s not just children-there are scientists coming in that are demonstrating this-like the one up in Canada. The scientists are all studying him, because he has all these black boxes that do all these amazing things, but when they look inside there are no electronics with wires and crystals- there are no computer chips. It is old pieces of salami and broccoli and hot dogs and stuff like that.  Also you can talk to Slim Spurling about the guy who said he’s going to make a free energy machine: he took a coat hanger and said “this is a free energy machine”, connected his house to the coat hanger and his house lights up. And it’s just a coat hanger. That is because if you give it power- if you believe it, that’s what happens. I hear from the government how concerned they are about this, because obviously, it could get really crazy when people understand how powerful human thought and emotions are.

Marie: But isn’t that the way out? Those psychic children who do not accept war, etc. will force the government to change.

Drunvalo: Right now, this is quite clear that it is what will happen, and that’s also what the angels showed me a long time ago, in 1971, that these children would begin to come in toward the end of the century. That is extraordinary, and they are not earthlings, but coming from other parts of the universe. They said that at one point they would all link in consciousness and become a single living being. When that happens, they would be more powerful than any government or country or anything, and by their very presence, would begin to change everything. But that has not happened yet. In fact, when I’ve interviewed many of these children, especially the psychic children, and asked them: “are you linked with other people, do you have other friends that do this?” They don’t. Inge Bardor knows over a thousand kids that can do what she does, but they’re not linked. In fact, they’re more separate than others.

Marie: That’s why you’re doing the magazine?

Drunvalo: The magazine is for everyone to begin to see what’s going on in the world. Inge Bardor (see her interview in the November issue of the spiritofMaat.com) wants the other kids to realize that they are normal, she wants to help, but she realizes she’s had a very difficult life because she knows what everybody is thinking, and feeling, perfectly. Because she knows when her friends come to her that they’re not really friends-they want money, or something-they’re not with her just because of her-so this has isolated her. She is always looking for an honest person, and she can’t find one.
Everything has changed now. Something has happened in the world that has changed everything. It has changed all the prophecies, including the ones by Edgar Cayce, the American Indians etc., it’s changed all the prophecies-none of the negative things have happened, because of the work of certain people in the world.

Marie: Like angels?

Drunvalo: No, living people, people that have come together. And to put that into the magazine would take a lot of explanation. And it would have to be carefully worded, otherwise people will tear it apart, if they don’t really understand what it is. People like James Twyman are part of it.

What happened is that people have done something, like put our universe on a parallel reality, they’ve switched it over to another fate, and that was never seen by the people in the past who made the predictions, because it wasn’t coming from the past. It was coming from the future. It was people who were coming from the future altering our past. And the first group was a group of twelve children, who were in Israel. Those 10-11-12- year-old children have altered something.

Marie: We talked about that in the last interview —www.4dshift.com/drudec99.htm

Drunvalo: Yes.

Marie: But, if we are in a parallel universe, then why do you have such a concern about Mother Earth? Are we no longer on the earth?

Drunvalo: Well, the shift to the parallel universe didn’t alter everything-it only altered certain things. There have been at least four different shifts to different parallel universes that I’m aware of.  At least four times—that I’m certain-that have taken place, since 1998. There may have been more. The angels said there are at least 17 more. We’re going to keep jumping from one reality to the next to the next to the next, till we get to this place where we’re OK. You can see, with the Y2K and all that, nothing happened. Some actors here who are not human have come from other worlds. They are coming together in groups, small groups-the smallest one is twelve-and the biggest one I’m aware of is about 250 people.

Marie: Is that due to our prayers or merkaba?

Drunvalo: Well, the prayers for world peace and the people activating their merkabas have made this possible. This is also what the Kogi (a Colombian tribe) are saying. The Flower of Life people and James Twyman and all the people praying, have made it possible for these higher level people to come in and alter the earth in certain ways so that all the massive earth changes Cayce predicted never happened. The event of May 5th 2000 didn’t happen.

Marie: So why are you still concerned with the Earth, the forests and so forth?

Drunvalo: Because there are still problems. The problems aren’t over yet. So my job is to keep bringing the attention to the world until the problems go away, then I won’t talk about them anymore. I’m not worried about earth changes anymore. But I am still concerned about the health of the planet. And when the people come together to heal those areas we can start making changes that are super-positive, for example, bringing in the free energy machines or a technology that can bridge a gap between the deadly technology that we’ve been in, and a technology that’s healthy.

Marie: How do we do that?

Drunvalo: It’s all there. It already exists. The World Bank has designated 26 forests in the world that are crucial, and if these forests start to die, the world will die. So there are negotiations underway with the governments owning those forests, for example Brazil and Peru. I’m really relieved and happy that this is happening.

Marie: How can we best help the universe move toward the fourth dimension?

Drunvalo: I think the best way is to realize that every person is very powerful in the human equation, and that what you’re thinking and feeling actually creates the world. So your thoughts and your feelings are important. We’re not in an ordinary reality right now. So by meditating, praying and actually seeing the earth getting better and by seeing your body getting healthier and all the people around you getting healthier is creating a better world. Just knowing that it is going to get healthier, feeling it in your heart and feeling it in your body- that’s the key. We have to just keep seeing a more positive world emerging. You don’t have to think out all the details, about the Middle East, for example. All we need is just seeing the whole world getting better and better and better.

Marie: I heard you say that Mother Earth could be cured with one person.

Drunvalo: I meant one person who was really pure, who was really in the higher levels of consciousness. There is hardly anybody there; we’re moving up in baby steps, but we’re getting there. If you consider all the people around the world, maybe one of them can do it. Because we’re all working together, it is getting better. It’s also getting healthier, things are getting smoother. But there are forces that have karmic patterns on the earth that are unfolding, and if we don’t do anything we’re going to be in a lot of trouble—there are things that are going to happen, so we have to stay awake, keep working and just keep seeing the earth getting better and better and better. Seeing your own body getting better and stronger—it’s the same things on a microcosm—because it’s important that you become healthy. You can’t just look at the earth, you also have to look at yourself, and all your husbands, wives, children. By overcoming all these negative patterns, everything is getting better and better and we are doing it.

Marie: If you were to ask again permission from Mother Earth to clean., would she say no because she wants the whole world to do it rather than one?

Drunvalo: I don’t know what Mother Earth is going to do, but I know that she has become very alert, conscious. She is now a beautiful teenager, no longer the fearful child. The earth’s merkaba field is functioning perfectly, and she has the potential of changing anything at any time. She’s allowing it to move in the way that it’s moving. I’m very optimistic. There were times when I was very concerned. But we are going to make it now and I know it. But there are going to be many times in the future when it’s going to look really bad, and then all of a sudden, like a miracle, it’s going to change and keep going. And you’re going to keep watching these things where “oh my gosh, it’s not going to make it,” and then it does anyway.

Marie: Thanks to the parallel universe help?

Drunvalo: Thanks to the prayers, to the creation pattern that we’re making (people are working with their light bodies) to all the people in the world that are working together to make it happen. But ultimately, it’s going to be the children, and the adults that are connected to the children, who will make the final huge change. I don’t know how it’s actually going to unfold. But it will and it’s just so important that nobody gives up. Just keep seeing the earth getting healthier. And every time we’re presented with a Middle East crisis or something like that, do not be afraid and just give the situation love, even if you can’t see how it’s going to work out, just know that it will, and it will.

Marie: So for the Flower of Life people, do you recommend that we keep reactivating our merkaba (and our extended merkaba)?

Drunvalo: Yes. And that was what the Kogi found out when their prophecy did not manifest; they had never been wrong before. According to them, we were to be out of here and not even in this dimensional level by August 11. They just couldn’t believe that we were still here. When they searched the world in their inner psychic ways to find out why we were still here, they came to me and said it was thanks to all the people who were working with their merkabas and their light bodies that changed the world. They were absolutely amazed that we had done this. So keep working, we will reach a place where we’ll all be together, we’ll be safe, there’ll be health, and we’ll be able to progress without all these crazy events and fears.

Marie: Is the meditation we did with Emma, the Kogi spiritual teacher yesterday, helping to reach a higher level and helping the earth?

Drunvalo: Right now, it’s experimental, they’re testing us to find out what we’re capable of and what we can do. They’re hoping that we’ll be able to go into our hearts in such a way that we will become like them, and begin to help assist Mother Earth. Remember, the earth is like someone who has cancer and is in the critical ward that’s been given a few days to live. What we’re seeing now is that she’s getting better and better and the remission is starting, the cancer is starting to go away, and we’re getting stronger, and the pancha mamas are clear that we’re doing this, because they were doing everything they could, and it was getting worse, and then when it started getting better, and they realized it was us doing it.

All I know is that whatever we’re doing is working. I honestly believe that if we had not done this, that if all the people had done this, this world would be in utter chaos and in complete pain and dying rapidly right now. We can’t stop. As more and more people are learning this, it’s spanning the whole world.

Marie: Do you want to talk about your new magazine?

DrunvaloTheSpiritofMaat.com is something that was born on January 1st of 2000. I was doing my meditation and the angels described what they wanted me to do now in order to reach many, many people. We’re a long way away from what I saw: a full live broadcast out to the world, and reaching very large numbers of people. So we’re working as hard as we can to manifest this.

We have four main concerns announced but we have about a hundred. We’re going to come out with every conceivable idea around spiritual understanding, and elaborate on it. We’ll keep bringing all the world’s knowledge on healing and meditation and environmental issues and the children. Many things are just going to keep coming out and we keep hiring people so we can keep collecting the information from all over the world so that eventually people can come here and it will be like a library of information that has been checked out and documented.

So along with the articles we are building all the records too, but the copyright laws won’t let us do it in the way that we were originally dreaming it. One small article out of The New York Times that we wanted to put on there to prove what we were talking about, would have cost $500 a month and 50 cents a hit. Since we now have 12,000 people a month looking at the magazine, this one article would cost $6,500 a month, every single month, just for that one little tiny article. So we’ve dreamed up something else. We’re about to make a world internet library and put it in there so the world can access it—but you won’t be able to copy it .

Marie: Any comments on Mikael Zayat’s oils and their use?

Drunvalo: I have not tried all of his 90 excellent blends, but there are certain oils that I use, since I am travelling so much, and STRESS OUT DOES help me when I am in a stressful situation. And the ENERGY one replenishes my energy and it does work, it really does. There is another one Clear which is also very good. I have used Forgiveness, Healing and Lavender oils when I am working with people when they are trying to clear things. They do actually work very well when you are in the healing process. And for EndocrineGrounding and Upliftment...
…oh no, I am late, I do have to catch my plane…(for more information on Mikael’s oils, click here: http://www.4dshift.com/products/oils.htm.