5th Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek at Omega Institute, NY, July 28, with Marie Allizon (MBA), Director of MZ Alchemist Oils

Marie:  Yesterday you said that in some ways we’re not doing any better, but in other ways we are.  Do you mean that the Earth is doing ecologically and environmentally worse, but prayer and meditation are reversing this?

Drunvalo: “People are getting healthier by the minute, but the Earth is still going down.  The Earth is at the moment in grave danger environmentally, all signs are pointing to this.  The good point is that people are still going up in consciousness, and it’s still getting better and better and better.

It’s a race between human consciousness rising to a place where it can do something for the environment that’s deteriorating very rapidly. I don’t believe that science is going to find an answer in time to minimize these problems.  Science in the past aimed itself at one problem or another, but it doesn’t work very well in shotgun effects, like getting lots of things done at once. It’s fine if science solves some of the problems, but I think human consciousness is what’s going to solve the problem by rising to a high enough level…

Marie:  Thanks to the children…

Drunvalo:  That’s part of human consciousness reaching to a high enough level by realizing that the outer world is a function of the inner consciousness.  Once that’s realized,  people can begin to alter the course of events.  Not only by doing drastic events such as changing parallel universes, or less drastic events, but also by just literally altering the reality within the reality, in other words, solving the problem.

Marie  In our last interview in December 2000 you said that you peeked into the future where the Earth made it, and that somehow, somewhere we went into parallel universes several times.  Have you looked into the future lately?

Drunvalo:  What was the last place I went to?  There was the time when Israel began with the twelve children, Germany was the next one, Russia was the next, and then Israel again. There were two more, that I was involved in, since then I have stopped.  However, my angels told me long before this, when I was in Chile,  like three years ago, that Colombia would become the source of a third world war.  At that time there was no indication that it would even be possible.  They told me to prepare people in Colombia and Paraguay for that, which we have done.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but the whole thing in Colombia could really explode.

Marie:  During a workshop in Toronto with Almine, we cleared parallel universes, especially the one holding genetics mishaps.   How many parallel universes do we have?

Drunvalo:  I don’t know at this time what’s going on around there as I am not a part of it right now.  The angels have said, “Your part is now over”.  So, I have been doing other things like the magazine Spirit Of Maat, the Kogi etc.  There are other people involved in this now, and I don’t know who they are, or what they are doing.

Marie:  But by clearing the parallel universes, won’t we get the burden off Mother Earth?  Can you expand a bit more?

Drunvalo:  I am not sure if those concepts work for  this.  The parallel universe, or its direction, is created at the moment when a group of people cause the Earth to move in a different direction.  It’s like a Y.  So if you try to clear a parallel universe, it won’t even exist until we get to the place where the Y takes place.

Parallel universes are created by the thoughts, the mind, the body, and the heart of a group of people,  by taking a decisive action that from now on, it is going to be different in a certain way.  That puts the Earth in another direction than where it was headed.  But it didn’t exist before.  It’s not as though the parallel universes are all there. They’re not. (N.B.: I think Dru talks here about “potential or probable” universes).

It just changes direction and goes into a parallel universe different than the one we were heading on, and so the fate of the world is changed. It’s just a potential.  It could get better, it could get worse, depending on what the change is.  The objective is to make sure that it’s better.
Anyway, we will get through it all. I’m certain of that.  But there are all kinds of interference, especially right now.  There are lots of it.

Marie:   How many children or adults  are using and have access to the inner screen?
(The inner screen is a special form of vision that the Super Psychic children use to see with, and it is literally a screen, like a television, that shows them parallel realities, and it is where they get their information.*

Drunvalo: I think the number is probably under a million.

Marie:  Oh, that’s good.  How many in the U.S.?

Drunvalo:  Very few.

Marie: Why?

Drunvalo:  It’s a theory of my own, but if you look at the human brain, it has a left side and a right side, the male and female and both, the logical side and the intuitive side.  The rapid environmental changes and the food changes that are occurring in the world  would indicate to any rational thinker that understands DNA that there would have to be a DNA change in the human consciousness.  Three children of three different races are three possible kinds of changes that the Earth could respond to.

There’s the male/female and the logical/the intuitive in the body. The mind, the heart,  the body.  When you look at where they are located, you see the mind changes wherever the computers are.  In the United States it’s almost all mind changes.  In Israel  too, as it has the highest per capita computers in the world.  But when you look into China, that’s not their thing, the masses are not involved.  There you see the Eastern side of the planet, the intuitive side of the planet and where the psychic children are being developed.  So based on that observation, you really have a response given by the Earth itself.  It appears to be based by geographic locations.

Marie:  Are China and Russia in the same category?

Drunvalo:  No, in China it is almost all psychic children.  For Russia, since it  is very big and extends all the way into Europe, where you find the Indigo kids, and extends all the way over into China, with the psychic kids, so you have both there.

Marie:   Would you say that the psychic children could ask Mother Earth to work for her in order to save the planet and the human race?

Drunvalo:  Mother Earth is well aware of everybody that lives on the planet.  She has evolved a great deal in the last few years. For a very long time — depending on who you talked to, or what indigenous tribe you talked to — she was anywhere from two to six years old.  She was a child.  She has matured very rapidly and now she appears to be about twenty-one years old.  I don’t know exactly what happened, or why, but when you go in, she’s no longer a kid.

She’s very smart, and she’s very savvy as to what’s going on in the world.  She knows who is helping, where the helpful energies are.  So I believe she will do whatever she can to help those that are pro the environment and pro the Earth.

The psychic children haven’t yet reached a level of maturity themselves to understand their situation.  Most of them are very separated and are not aware of others children like them.  Inga, for example,  is aware of about a thousand other kids, but she’s kind of rare.  Most of them are not aware of the other children with their talents.

Marie:   Can ten kids or so change the world?

Drunvalo:  It is a very complex subject that nobody really knows very much about, because we are just witnessing an unfolding at this moment.  For anyone to say ‘well I know exactly what’s going on’, is being a little presumptuous because Mother Earth is very old, billions of years old on an inner level. She’s responded to many other races that have lived on this planet and  have attempted to destroy her in one way or another and she has survived. She’s going to survive us too.  Exactly how she’s going to do it and what she’s going to do, I think only she knows.

Marie:   What’s your next project now?  The Illuminati, the secret government seem ‘depasse’ (over with).

Drunvalo: I believe that there is a deterioration in their intentions and that it is getting worse at the moment rather than better. But, I am not as concerned as I once was.  I am more concerned about the children reaching maturity and linking together as a single living being.  That, I think, is the most important thing.  Just as King Herod during the time of Christ tried to kill all the children so that Jesus would not be alive.  That’s going to be pretty hard to do in the 20th century.  They’d have to kill millions of people in every country of the world.  I don’t think they’re going to be able to do that.

Marie:  Do you have anything else to add?

Drunvalo: Only to the people that are following all this, not to be worried about the outer circumstances, if it looks like it’s going in a cycle where it’s going down, or not be concerned if we are going to make it or not make it, or anything else.  Just stay focused and keep doing what you know you need to do in order to learn from inside yourself, so that you can improve yourself and help improve the whole human consciousness.  Do whatever is in your heart that feels like the right thing to do to make it better, and not to go into fear.  Forget fear.