6th Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Marie Allizon July 16, 2002

MARIE:   Many seem to feel that an activation of the stone circle known as Stonehenge has begun or has been completed. In general, will sacred sites around the globe become active and if so why? For what purpose? What would be an appropriate response from us – as humans to such activations? How does this impact Gaia, and all of her life forms?

DRUNVALO: “As far as Stonehenge being activated my belief on this as an overall view is that all the sacred sites in the world were created at a single moment a long time ago on the fourth dimension through the Ascended Masters for the purpose of re-establishing the grids around the Earth so that we can come back into consciousness – the consciousness that we lost 13,000 years ago, when we fell.  And it is true that some of these sites are being activated now and some have been activated over the last 30 years, or more. There are people who are drawn to do this.  It is just part of what is going on.  Most of the activation, when it was at its hot peak, was  about the mid-80s to about the very early 90s, 1990, 1991, somewhere in there, when there were hundreds of thousands of people all over the world doing it.  It  has slowed down a little bit because the Christ grid, of which these pyramids and sacred sites are all connected to, has been completed. All that is being done now is to fine tune, to make better, to complete certain things.

As far as how this impacts Gaia, it is slowly changing human consciousness and bringing us into Christ consciousness, so this is a good thing that is going on.  There are people who have shown and proven scientifically, and given this information to the United Nations even, that all the circles of the world and all the pyramids of the world are interrelated.  It is on our web site The Spirit of Ma’at*. If you go there you can see that there is a man, I cannot remember his name right now, who has shown mathematically that each site describes perfectly another site in another location and describes exactly where that location is.  So when you go there, they are all located together.  If you go to one site, it will describe another one and if you go there it will describe another one and this continues on through about 83,000 sites all over the world.  And the time line is not the same.  The one site that may be describing another one could have been made before or after that site so there is no logic in terms of the time sequence, further proving that it was a single mind that created all these things a long time ago.
… WindMill Hill crop circle in Avebury on July 18

I actually don’t know when Stonehenge was completely activated but all those sites had to be connected together like an electric circuit.  That was completed sometimes in  the late 80s, I believe, so that the grid was actually turned on.  I know everybody has different ideas about all this and that there is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of truth too.  You have to use your discrimination as to what is true and what isn’t.  But the sites had to be activated in order for the grid to be in there.

There is still work going on around the world.  Some people are saying they are activating them because they want to get trips to go out to certain places.  There are people who are real and doing these things.  You’ve got everything going on at once in the world right now.  Again use your discrimination, you have to decide.

MARIE: I thought that the activation was not by a human being, but by…”

DRUNVALO:  The activation was through a combination of the Earth herself and the Ascended Masters.  They are the ones who created these things and they are the ones who do it.  The Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters have used people and crystals and ceremony to activate some of these pyramids and sites. A lot of them are unknown, or at the bottom of the ocean, or inside volcanoes so I don’t think people got down there. There are natural sites also, as well as human sites.  It’s just what is called geomancy of the Earth  and by doing geomancy  it affects the energy fields above the Earth.  If you do the geomancy just right, you actually create a geometrical, electromagnetic structure above the Earth   which we call the grids  But it is pretty well complete at this point,  it is functioning, it is working.  It is not something that may be working in the future, it is already working now.

MARIE:  In your book The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, you describe the Neters as having a red oval above their heads. What does the red oval represent? Could it be the pineal gland? What more can you tell us about the Neters, and their message for our time?

DRUNVALO: We are talking about the Neters. My understanding is that the red oval is called the egg of metamorphosis and it refers to those beings that are literally going to morph from this dimension into the next where they change shape and abilities at various  levels.  The pineal gland does play a part in  this process, because the adept use of the seventh chakra is key to shifting octaves. The seventh chakra is essential. You cannot make the shift without mastery of this chakra.

The Neters were what were considered the gods with a small ‘g’.  They were the beings who went ahead of time, some of which we would call ascended masters in these times.  They were people who were at one time human but who evolved in Egypt through a lot of training to a place where they function as a god and, ultimately, as a part of the cosmic DNA of the planet.  There were 44 + 2 Neters in the system which is the exact number of chromosomes that we have in the human DNA and they are related to our potential as humans.  It was through their efforts that they were preparing humankind to make this kind of change.  As far as their message for this time, I am not really sure about that.  Most of them are only working through very small groups and the one that is working on the largest level is Thoth himself.  But how they are going to share their message, if they have one, out to humanity at this time, I am not aware of that or what it is.

MARIE: In the past, you have commented on crop circles. On July 4th, a crop circle appeared in Normanton, England in the shape of a wheel. This glyph looks very similar to the wheels you describe on Temple walls in Egypt. Are we encountering the vision of the Neters depicted on those same walls walking along a path that ends at a 90° turn?

DRUNVALO: The crop circle that I think you are referring to July 4th was based on the star, ultimately the star tetrahedron, and this was the second largest crop circle to ever be formed in crop circle history.  I believe that is the one you are talking about.

MARIE Can you expand on the 90o angle made by the Neters?

DRUNVALO:  The 90° turn is always used by anyone that moves from one dimensional level to the other.  There is no choice.  You can make two 45° turns, but ultimately you make a 90° turn.  So that your consciousness is at 90° from where it was before.  That’s a long subject.  But it is the same thing if you have seen the UFOs that go extremely fast and make a rapid, perfect 90° turn, and then disappear because that is what they are doing—shifting dimensions.  Now the ship does not make that 90° turn, it is the people on board linking together and making a consciousness change, and so it is the people taking the ship into the other dimensional level rather than the other way around. The entire process has to do with consciousness.  Each dimensional level of consciousness is separated by a 90° turn.

MARIE:  So are we experiencing now that change of consciousness? 

DRUNVALO:  I actually believe we have already made one of those 90° turns in either late 1998 or early 1999, and I expect that there will be more in the future.  The one that we went through in 98-99, was invisible to the world.  We didn’t know it happened.  The ones in the future almost surely will be done with awareness and we will know that we are doing them, but again it is up to Gaia – Mother Earth – and what she decides to do about this.

MARIE:  Mars. There are signs that a great deal of money and exploration is planned for Mars now considered a planet with a lot of water. What are your thoughts on the subject of space exploration to Mars.

DRUNVALO: We talked about how Thoth in 1984 said that Mars was covered with oceans at one time and looked very much like Earth –with organic stuff all over it. Then they had a war that blew away their atmosphere that eventually evaporated most of the water off the planet, etc.  This was a little less than one million years ago.  It was about nine hundred and something thousand years ago.  For a long time scientists have told us,  there isn’t any water on Mars and now they are finding more and more and more water.  There is enough water on Mars for a relatively small population to live indefinitely on Mars.  Mars is also creating an atmosphere at the moment that is developing extremely fast. In the last few years, it has doubled in density, which science has been able to prove.

MARIE:  In general, what do you feel is the most natural next step we are likely to take as humanity?

DRUNVALO:  I see lots and lots of possibilities of what humanity could do.  I do feel that the one that is coming up some time in the future is that all the indigo kids and the psychic kids are going to link as a single living being in the world and that this is going to change everything because they will take control.  There will be millions of these children in all of the countries in the world and that is one step that I think is a natural step that will alter things. We are in the midst of an experiment and everything is changing everywhere. I don’t know if I would really want to say what I think might be the next step because I like to see it like water flowing with many, many possibilities. I see things happening that I don’t want to really program into the world as the next thing that will be. So in this question, I guess I am not really going to answer it that well.

MARIE: You mentioned the Bible Code yesterday. Can you talk about the 19 words changed in the Torah and the five challenges we already went through?

DRUNVALO: It is not nineteen words, but initially the angels showed me very quickly that there were a certain number of places – very specific moments in time and space – when certain people on Earth have to come together and with their hearts, their minds, and their bodies change the course of history. At first, I wasn’t sure how many.  I knew that it was about 17, 18, 19 or 20.  Now I know it is exactly nineteen and we have been through five of these, that I am aware of.  So there are fourteen or less because some of these may have already happened.  There’s approximately 14 or less moments in the future when certain groups must come together to change it so that we do not go into complete and utter chaos which would lead us into another direction, or a parallel universe, whereby, in the future, we would not end up where God planned us, or according to the cosmic DNA.  We will do this, I know it, even if there is always a possibility that we will not, but we will do it and end up in the world that we are supposed to.

Marie:  So in the previous interview you talked about the Israeli children who made the move; the second one was Kosovo?

DRUNVALO: The first one was the blowing up of Jerusalem with an atomic bomb and it was twelve Israeli children who stopped that. The Kosovo war was intended to become the third  world war, but the Germans changed that one.  There was one after that in Chechnya, Russia. The Muslim community there was planning to put pressure so that Jihad would be called and the third world war would start.  But the Russian people came together and stopped that one.  It is going to end up being people from all the countries of the world.  I know that in South America Chileans are now preparing to stop a war that could emerge out of Colombia.  There are many factors all around the world .  We will come out of this eventually, and it will happen before February 18, 2013.

Marie: We are creating a new atmosphere (due to solar flares?) around the Earth, what does it mean to you?

DRUNVALO: We don’t know that the new atmosphere is coming from  solar flares.  All we know is that there is a new layer of atmosphere around the Earth that has never existed before or at least we were not aware of it,[ and that is now there].  It was announced to the world by the Russians from the National Academy of Sciences in Moscow.  There is also an atmosphere that is now around the moon that was not there when we landed in 1968.  The Russians have discovered it and it is 6,000 kilometers deep.  They even say what the atmosphere is made out of but I do not have that information in front of me.  There are changes all over the solar system taking place right now.

Marie:  You mentioned that the Sun is turning from hydrogen to helium?

DRUNVALO:  Yes, that has now been documented but they don’t understand that at this point. Well, all these changes that are happening in the solar system are so huge that scientists would normally expect these changes to occur over millions, and millions of years, and they are all taking place in less than 30 years.  I don’t know how this is going to affect us.  We are in the midst of doing research on what we speculate will affect us. These changes have never been seen before. And there are many more that you can read about in detail in The Spirit of Ma’at*. We researched and documented them very carefully.

Marie:  You mentioned a city of 125,000 in 

DRUNVALO:  There is no ozone there and the hole of ozone over the south pole is growing and it now extends over the southern tip of Chile.  So Punta Arenas  is now completely exposed to the UVC radiation coming from the Sun.  Nobody knows what to do.  The Chilean government has appealed to the United Nations for help as it wants the entire world to do something about it.  But there isn’t anything you can do other than move the city.  At this point, I do not know what is being done.  The UN is trying to figure out what to do, and as far as I know they have not yet found a solution.

Marie: So it is a worsening situation… and it could happen anywhere in the world?

DRUNVALO: Right now especially the south pole is completely exposed.  New Zealand is getting hit really hard and the people in the southern half of Australia are also freaked out.  All over the world there are holes.  They are like Swiss cheese and they come and they change every year so there are people being exposed to this UVC. Even though the governments know exactly where these holes are, they have elected not to tell the people affected when it is happening, probably so that they will not cause chaos, I guess.

Marie:  So would the Kogi meditation we did last night help solve the problem, for example?

DRUNVALO:  It could.  If we can dream a new dream through our heart, which is something that shamanism has talked about for a long time, and learn how to connect the creation process through that way, then it is possible that we could actually alter the outer course of things and that is  something where all of my attention is being placed on right now.

Marie:  So we could co-create from the heart?

DRUNVALO:    Yes, there is a way of co-creating with God through the heart and it is a science.  It is very specific on how this is done but it is not a science on how the actual process occurs because it is feminine and has no logic to it.  So I do not know at this point. That is the cutting edge of where I am working in my own understanding and so give me a few more months and I will tell you.  I am writing a book right now called Living in the Heart, it will be the third book, that describes all this information and how to get into the heart in the way that we have found and how to access all of this.  It should be out probably by the end of the year. Think of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” as the right eye of Horus information, and Living in the Heart  as the way of opening the door to the left eye of Horus, or the female information rather than the male information.

Marie: You mentioned that most of  the vortexes of our planet are reversed. How is it affecting us?

DRUNVALO: Gregg Braden just told me that over the last two and a half weeks the magnetic poles of the Earth are reversing. I have to go back right now and do the research.  It is talked about, he said, in Nature magazine, which is the most prestigious science magazine in the world, and many other ones, because Gregg said this is one of the biggest changes in the magnetic field the Earth has ever seen.  I am going back home now and will personally research this and we will write an article in The Spirit of Ma’at* and let you know what we’ve found.

Marie: I have a problem with the definition of dimensions. I thought God was in the 13th,  that some masters can be in the 9th and still operate on our Earth. But you said that we are about to go to the fourth and when we reach the fifth dimension we no longer operate in bodies?

DRUNVALO:  The dimensions move on one level according to the chromatic scale.  There are other ways they can move and I do not even want to get into that. But as the world is generally looking at dimensions, there are 144 basic dimensions.  There are twelve major ones and twelve minor ones within each one of them, so the 12 x 12 produces the 144 major and minor dimensions that exist in the octave of universes, and then there is what is called the great wall or the void that exists between each octave and then it repeats all over again.  It is just like music, going up one octave then going up another octave. I myself am just operating from one octave up and coming back down to this lower octave.

DRUNVALO:  No, it is not an octave inside each dimension although there is one there, it is in the third dimension you go up through those notes until you get to the fourth.  The third dimension is a density dimension – it is very, very dense, you can knock on a table and all kinds of things.  It is hard, but when you go into the fourth dimension, it is mostly energy and very little matter.  There are still atoms involved in form and shape there.  The atoms are at great distances so a fourth dimensional object would pass right through the table of a third dimensional object.  But when you are in the fourth dimension you do not know that, it all looks like it does here.  It looks solid because it is all consciousness really and so the fourth dimension still has individual shape and form. Bodies still exist in the fourth dimension but when we go into the fifth dimension there is no longer shape and form as we now know it and consciousness expands out and becomes everything.  A person is not confined to a body but rather becomes the entire creation. There are over 100,000 levels of this ‘becoming all things’, each one different and approaching the original source.

Marie: Can you talk about the plasma ship over Mexico City?

DRUNVALO:  It is not one ship.  There are many of these ships down there.  They are called the plasma ships.  They are Light ships.  They are not solid.  You cannot knock on them, they are light, they look like lava, actually. They are orange and glowing.  These ships have allowed us to get very close to them. We can usually get within a hundred feet or so, and photograph them. For years, I have had people coming from Mexico telling me that they have had direct experience with them, showing me photographs, showing me videos of them.  They originally came out of the volcano south of Mexico City, Popocatépetl, El Popo in short,  that has been active over the last few years. When El Popo was not active, Mexicans saw them, would climb up to the top of the mountain. I had people who saw this first hand, and would see them coming in and out of that volcano on a daily basis, in fact, sometimes on an hourly basis. When it became active the ships started coming out of a lake and now they are just coming right out of solid rock all over the place. Many, many people have seen them.  You go in some of these cities and everybody has seen them around El Popo area.  There is a man named Carlos Diaz who claims that he has been on board these ships. About a year and a half ago, when Carlos was on board one of these ships, they asked him to come and see me and to give me all this information. So we met in Mexico City just a little over a year ago at which point he was about to turn over 1,800 photographs and 250 hours of video of these things at close range, including intimate pictures of the beings on board as they walk around and look at him.  I have seen these videos first hand and the beings come right up close.  They are pretty amazing actually.

The material  has been analyzed in Germany and the German computers see these ships from directly underneath. They see them as living cells and alive.  They do appear that way. When the beings walk right through each other they seem to be like light.  When they get on board, the ships get bigger, they expand.  When they get off the ships, the ships get smaller.  They have got them on video where the ships go up in the air about a quarter mile and then split into two ships and go into two different directions and later on they will come back in midair and look like they are going to collide, but no, they just form one ship. They are living merkaba fields, they are not ships.

They are living merkaba fields of light. Carlos said that the beings on board would allow me to go on board one of these ships and I agreed to do this. Also that I could have witnesses. So we were going to have Paramount Pictures and many other people there involved in the filming of this when it took place. Then Carlos left to go see the Pope – at his request – to talk about this very subject. When he got back he refused to talk to us. No phones, no emails, nothing. We did not know what was going on.  He finally sent a person from Mexico to tell us that he could not talk to us because a member, or members, of his family had been kidnapped by what appeared to be humans and he was told that if he continued in this vein with me that he and all his family would be killed.
So there is not much we can do.  We are just waiting for the next thing to take place.  We have found quite a few people here in the United States who have seen them coming right out of the ground.  We do know a fair amount about them.

We do know that they used to be on the surface of the Earth a long time ago and that they were in bodies different from human, but with a similar kind of understanding and technological understanding. They had developed a technological understanding and it was doing the same thing as us [now], that it was actually killing the Earth; the Earth was dying. They talked about how an ET race came down from space, came down to them and told them something about themselves. That in this knowledge that was presented to them from the ETs, who then left, that this race of beings evolved very quickly and soon became light and went inside the Earth. So where are they coming from?  They are not really ETs, they are beings from within the Earth. They live in these huge orange sacks, dimensional sacks, inside the Earth, they are part of our evolutionary cycle. They say that the reason they are here is to do the same thing that those other ETs did for them – they simply want to tell us something. When we know what this is they tell us that we will change and transform and we will be able to solve all of our problems and go on. That is the only reason they want to tell us this.  At least this is what they are saying.  I trust them.  I believe that they are real.

DRUNVALO: I know most of Mikael’s oils since I was one of your first customers! I like almost all of them. I use a lot Stress Out and Energy when I travel and it does work, it really does. There is another one Clear which is also very good. I have used , Relax, Forgiveness, Healing and Lavender oils as they do actually work very well when you are dealing with the healing process. Also Light of God, Pineal, Pituitary, Spirit of Love and White Light.  For the new creations Anxiety Out, Let Go, Spinal Cleanse and Spleen seem promising.”

Marie: Thank you. I appreciate your precious time immensely.