A New Message from VERONICA

This Internal Magic

  “In the linear there has always been a sense of comparison between incarnates that can often become distracting in the pursuit of purpose.

       Know that each of you brings forth a magical element.  To do so, it is important to focus upon what those gifts are.  Coveting another’s energy or belittling the self for lack of personal purpose is wasting valuable inner abilities.

      Instead, focus clearly upon your own energy.  Calm the chitter chatter of the day and listen to the lullaby of your soul.  This internal magic is unique within each one of you.  No one arrives in physical without their purpose tucked deep inside.

      Many chase pursuits that leave them wondering why they feel so empty.  It is important when searching for that “Magic Moment”, to seek it within yourself.

      The magic is not external.  Your talents and strengths are within the heart.  Seek them there instead of connecting with the magic in the distance.  Often that external magic is elusive, for it may be simply a reflection of yourself.  You can almost grab it, but some how it escapes.  The internal magic is ever present.  One can simply extend themselves and blend with it.

      The unique qualities of your soul are yours.  They reside within, hoping you will recognize them and release them into your life’s journey.

      Always remember that each soul is unique, so any attempt at comparison will be disappointing.

      Stop the motion of negative thoughts and become a believer in your own magic.

      You were meant to succeed in this.  Turn your thoughts around and embrace your purpose.  It is magical.”