You are Powerful by Ann Ramirez

Our Galactic Family have said that we Humans have no idea how powerful our minds are…..  We are one with all that exists. Therefore, if we are one with all that exists, then all belongs to us.  We need to remember this special gift from God.  We are the ONLY keeper of our thoughts so we are the ONLY one that can control them.  Control and gratitude are the keys to creating our lives.  If we focus on what we don’t have, we will receive more of what we don’t have.  So we need to learn to do the opposite by focusing our thoughts on what we have and want more of or on what we want.  Let the Universe and God feel your gratitude coming from your heart and your life will change in the direction of your thoughts.  Remember, the words you use must be positive and never use negative words such as “I don’t want to live here in Arizona”, etc.  The Universe does not recognize negative words and will ignore them, which will change your statement to “I want to live here in Arizona.”

Practice this process daily and be sincere about it if you really want to change your life.

Wishing you good thoughts,

Sincerely, Ann

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