Evolved Children on Earth — Our Gift from God by Ann Ramirez


The spiritually evolved children who volunteered to come to Earth and assist with the ascension of Mother Gaia/Earth and Humanity are to be respected, admired, and loved.  We have been told that they are our “Gift from God”.

The Indigo Children:

Nancy Tappe who wrote about the Indigo’s in her book, “Understanding your Life through Colour”, published in 1982, was the first to coin the name “Indigo Children”.  The predominant color of the Indigo child’s aura or energy field is the color indigo.  The indigo color is indicative of the Third Eye Chakra, which is the energy center of intuition and psychic activity, which is believed to be wide open in Indigo Children. Indigo souls have been coming to our planet for a while, but have never before come in such great numbers.  The current group have been incarnate for over 40 years.  The earliest Indigo’s were born between the late fifties and late seventies and a huge impact of Indigo’s began arriving in the mid eighties.  Research has shown that 90% of children under the age of 12 are Indigo and the last Indigo children were born in 1999.

The Elder Indigo’s possess the same characteristics of the younger ones, but they have a longer “awakening” period.  They are beginning to come into their power now and will act as guides and role models for the younger generations.

The main purpose of the Indigo Children is to raise the level of human consciousness and the vibration of our planet and therefore help humanity to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.  They are therefore the next step in human evolution.  They have a purpose and it is to break down limiting, restricting patterns of thought and behavior and to restore beauty to our Earth and create a new and different world.

Indigo’s are very intelligent and creative, but also rebellious towards authority and systems in general.  Their nonconformity makes it difficult for them to get through their childhood years and perhaps even adulthood.  They are often mislabeled with disorders such as ADD or ADHD.

They have extreme levels of sensitivity which is hard to understand and appreciate by others who do not share this trait.  They can be very emphatic and caring, although they can become insensitive should they suffer from any kind of emotional abuse.

Generally Indigo Children feel huge amounts of rage and frustration and react aggressively towards their environments both at home and school.  Often they themselves do not understand their responses and don’t know where it stems from.  They often cannot express themselves adequately and become over stimulated and anxious.  It is important that they find safe and acceptable outlets and perhaps even counseling for this as the anger and frustration they feel is often not even their own, but the unexpressed emotions of the people around them.  They are unable to cope with any type of discord, anger or imbalance in their environment and it is therefore important that they are provided with some sort of outlet and a place where they are able to go to calm down.

Indigo’s vary differently in their appearance, but there will be a certain something about them that sets them apart from everyone else.  They have wise eyes that see right into your soul.  It is extremely difficult to lie to them because they have the ability to see through the dishonesty.  They have heard every lie, every scheme and done everything there is to be done since the beginning of time.  But they have volunteered to come back with all of their wisdom and experience intact.

To really understand the Indigo Child we need to adopt a holistic approach.  This will enable us to look at each child as a unique soul, who chose to come back, chose their parents, all in order to facilitate their purpose.


Crystal Children:

The Crystal children represent the next step in humankind’s evolutionary process, they are simply put, the next generation of Indigo Children.  But where the Indigo Children came to break down structures, systems and old patterns, the Crystal Children have come to show us a new and better way of being.  They have come to begin the process of renewal and rebuilding after the Indigo Children came to dismantle and remove old and limiting ways of thinking and being.  They will show us a way of living that incorporates only joy, love, peace and harmony.  They have come to show us how to live from our hearts and not our heads, they are here to help us to reconnect with our emotions and to live life from this perspective.

The Crystal Children began coming to the planet in very small numbers from 1998.  They then started to arrive in significant numbers from about the year 2000 onward.  As many more of the Crystal children arrive they hold the energy for even more Crystal souls to incarnate.

Where the Indigo Children came in waves the Crystal children will come together as one, as one consciousness.  The Crystal children have ‘watched’ the Indigo’s being labeled as ADHD, ADD or just plain different and difficult and have made a decision to come together so they won’t be labeled and we will have to recognize that there is something “different” about all these children.

The Crystal Children function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals and in this way they are even more powerful and creative.  One of their greatest gifts to us and the Earth is the opportunity for us all to rapidly ascend and move into higher vibrations.  In this way we are able to open up and to reveal our true potential.  They are serving as a catalyst for our own evolution and many Indigo Children and  Adults are transitioning into the Crystal vibration with the help of the Crystal Children.  The rise in humanity’s vibration will enable the Earth itself to ascend and to be reborn as a ‘New Earth’.

Generally the Crystal Children are recognized through the color of their aura which is normally crystal clear, but can also carry opalescent tones of gold, indigo-blue and magenta.  It is important to realize that the Crystal child is a “Christed Child”, whose purpose is to incarnate and to hold the Christ Energy.

The Christ consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature, our natural birthright as children of the Great Spirit, our Creator.  It is our living expression as we unfold our own divine life plan onto the Earth, that of bringing Heaven to Earth.  Living in this state we are actually fully alive and invested in who we truly are.  When we actively access and hold the Christ Consciousness we become an inspiration to others to seek this state for themselves and are therefore able to move ourselves and our Earth forward into planetary transformation and higher states of evolution.


It is the goal of each human being to evolve towards a life of Spirit.  As our journey unfolds over the course of our lifetime, Spirit reaches into the hearts and minds of humans to urge us to choose the ascension path to unite with the Source of all Creation.  The Crystal Children hold this vibration of Christ Consciousness and in doing so enable every human being to access this vibration of energy and begin their process of reconnecting with their true selves and the Great Spirit, our Creator.

As more and more of us open to the awareness of the Christed or Crystal energy our minds and hearts grow and strengthen and life becomes more liberated, joyful, peaceful and loving.

The New Children have come to help us to reach full consciousness of peace and harmony.  They are here to teach us to speak our truth, to walk our talk and to follow our passions.  They were born to join hands and to find a better way of living for all humanity.  They will compel us to be responsible for ourselves.  They will press us to think profoundly about the way we live our lives, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves and our children.

These children brings gifts of love, compassion and knowledge.  Allow them to be your teachers, listen to them, make space for them, honor them and they will honor you in return.  You are what your child needs to grow and to learn and they will bring growth and learning to you too.

One of the most important changes required in our world is in the area of child raising and education.  A major problem that we face as a human race is our inability to trust ourselves and to leave our comfort zones.  It is, however, crucial that we create a new vision for our new children and in doing so help all humanity to evolve.  Our future depends on these children and I believe that if they do not have the support of their parents or society their mission could fail.

Can we truthfully afford to ignore the possibility that if our children are having difficulties at school or at home, we might need to be the ones who need to change?  Is our world so perfectly balanced, so filled with love that we can afford not to question our choices?

I believe the future of our world depends on parents and teachers developing the insight and behaviors necessary to empower their children to develop into well-balanced, confident adults.

Parents and teachers need to educate themselves about these new children.  They need to explore their own childhood, both negative and positive experiences.  They need to grow as people and most of all they need to be honest with themselves and especially with their children.

These new children know what they need and if we stay open and listen to them, they will tell us.  Taking a child’s point of view is new to many of us but it is precisely their point of view that we need most in this world.

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