Conscious Grounding: The Bridge Between Dimensions by Susannah Furr, M.Ed

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Currently there is extra push and support from the Universe for us “spiritual beings having a human experience” to shift identity from ego self to higher self, from the 3rd dimension to the higher dimensions. It is the process being called the evolution of consciousness! We are evolving from a duality/ego-based consciousness to a unity-based one. And we can willingly help this process unfold. 

Duality consciousness is the one we are most familiar with and the dimension that has dominated conventional reality for ages. It is the dimension of linear space and time, where we developed separate, ego identities through the lessons of good vs. evil, masculine vs. feminine, light vs. dark, self vs. others, logic vs. emotion, the takers vs. the givers, fear vs. love, acceptance vs. resistance, etc. This frequency of awareness is the one of polarized scenarios where we learn many important lessons in order to grow and evolve. And it has run its course for many of us. 

Unity consciousness is non polarized, non linear awareness of the higher dimensions. After we learn the lessons and work our way through the fearful, separate ego identity, we finally come to a point of surrender into ALL THAT IS. 

The Mayans have a wonderful saying, “In Lak’ech a la kin” meaning, “I am another you.” In essence, this is Unity consciousness. It acknowledges that we are One in Spirit and we no longer base our reality on the defensive stance of the ego, because we are living in the NOW moment identified as beings of energy/vibration/light. 

When viewed from a 3D, linear perspective, this shift in consciousness has been happening for quite some time. Over the ages, humanity has been blessed with Avatars and Ascended Masters who embodied Unity consciousness and served to teach humanity by example. 

The Buddha taught that all suffering arises from ego identification, which creates a sense of separation that causes self to grasp at all things that validate the ego and resist all things that threaten ego. The Christ embodied LOVE and taught humanity to “Love thy enemy…”, which is a true lesson in Oneness. These Masters were Wayshowers, embodying Unity consciousness to exemplify to humanity what we have within us and what is emerging NOW, in this amazing time in our evolution. 

The lower ego of our personalities is notorious for resisting this process of evolution, because the ego is a creature of habit and is afraid of losing its power. Ego fears it will die. One reason so many are feeling fearful, frazzled, blocked, and drained, with no energy, focus or motivation is because of resisting instead of accepting and embracing the process of evolution. A crucial first step in resolving the struggle is this: inwardly acknowledge the resistance, and tell the ego (yes, I mean speak out loud to it!) that it will not lose anything and it will only gain from the process of evolution. Then get active with practices that strengthen your experience of Unity consciousness, practices that are grounding. 

Grounding? It is a conscious practice of fully embodying the higher energies that are activating within and all around us. Any activity that gets you in your body, i.e. dancing, drumming, yoga, walking, singing, chanting, deep breathing, visualizing the root chakra connected to the Earth’s core, tai chi, etc. All these and more serve as a bridge between the lower and higher dimensions, particularly when we are consciously intending it, making it a priority to consciously ground and BE in the now moment fully. This is extremely important to more easily and smoothly navigate the shifting energies. Whenever you find yourself spinning out into anxiety or fear, practicing a grounding technique and consciously aligning with the NOW moment will create relief from the temporary relapses into the sense of separation/fear. 

Here is a helpful exercise to upgrade the energy field, clear out ego density, and ground the higher energies: 

Get outdoors in the early morning Sun.
Face the Sun, bow to the Sun and acknowledge its divinity.
See the Sun as a source of Divine essence and wisdom.
Imagine, as the rays of light from the Sun penetrate your body, these rays carry important downloads from the Universe that align you with your highest good.
Imagine and feel this light moving into and through the crown of your head. 

This light then moves throughout your energy field and physical body, enlivening all the cells of your body/field.
This light from the Sun, from Divine essence, carries the perfect template of your Divine/Higher Self.
Imagine the light transmits the Divine coding of this template into each and every cell and energy particle of your body/field.
This transmission gently and effectively raises your vibration to the most appropriate level that your system can handle for that day.
Breathe it in……and breathe out the “waste” of the old coding and conditioning of the ego.
Offer gratitude to the Sun for the Divine coding the Sun has graced you with. 

Get physical with it!
Do some stretches with deep breathing, the Sun Salutation, chanting…..
Confidently step into your Divine Self!
Go about you day feeling enlightened, enlivened, empowered and energized! 

Oh, and did I mention deep breathing?…….

About the Author 
Susannah Furr, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Intuitive Consultant, Reiki Master, Agent & Guide of Conscious Evolution, and Co-Creator of the Web of Creation Workshop. Her current base camp is in Northern Mississippi, and she travels the world teaching the Web of Creation to further the process of Conscious Evolution.