A Message From VERONICA — Connection


     We suggest that a more accurate assessment is the return to the entity from which you have originated.  From this particular energy there can be alignment with guides, spiritual advisers and friends who you know well.
     When you participate in physical life the opportunity to create dramas for growth are abundant.  In a conscious aware environment these dramas are placed appropriately and are easy to disengage from so that one can connect with the originating entity.  However, in most instances the dramas become the higher source of energy and block any ability to realign with what you most desire.
     Our advice is to learn to discern the irrationally created environments whenever possible.  This can be done by understanding what you are creating & stopping the spiral of irrationality through complete honesty with the self.
     Often this is extremely difficult but attainable.  Quiet the arguments in your head, allowing the self to observe rather than experience, even for a brief moment.
     In the silence recognize your true self, which will allow the connection without too much effort.
     Once you do it, the rest will be easy, however, not comfortable.  Do not expect that.”