Bente Hansen Speaks with Edgar Cayce, aka The Sleeping Prophet on the Possibility of 2 Earths

Bente Hansen on Saturday, April 23, 2011

 On April 10th I  was invited to share my experiences with the energy of Edgar Cayce and to also channel. Below is one of the many questions asked, along with the response. I feel it worthwhile sharing this as there has been a lot of misconception about how our new reality will look. The response makes it very clear that we can forget some of the speculations and rumors that have been floating around for some time!

Q:  I am wondering about – and having heard and felt that there are two different energies, or polarity, on the planet now. People talk about two earths developing, one for the people transforming and one for those caught up in fear, denser emotions. I’m wondering if you could speak to that?

Edgar Cayce

A:  The myths that perpetuate!  I love this, I love this! There cannot be two Earths. There can only be one beloved Earth. There can however, and will be, two realities – for a while only. During this process of change you will find that you – as a light being, one who is shifting in consciousness and awareness – will often find yourself becoming invisible to others who do not share a similar vibration. You will actually have the physical experience of this. You will be waiting in line to be served in some store and will not be noticed. What I am saying is that everything is energy, and energy vibrates at frequencies. As you shift to a higher frequency, one of greater awareness you cannot exist in another frequency. The two cannot co-exist harmoniously. They cannot intertwine. So for a while – and this will be for a few years still – there will be two separate realities co-existing. One will be fear based. It will still have the energy of competition, enmity and dominion. The other will be peacefully and blissfully creating a new reality, a new energy that is in harmony with the Earth, that supports sustainable practices, that honors the essence of everything that is.

However, these two different energies cannot exist side by side indefinitely. There will be large loss of life. Many of those people who engage in duality and polarity and who choose to engage in what could be called the baser energies will choose to not be here any longer for the light from the new energy will make it very uncomfortable for them. The light will reflect strongly through the hearts, through the eyes, the intentions and lifestyle.

You will find – and it is already happening – that there will be an exodus of many souls. These souls will then choose their own place of re-embodiment. It will not be Earth. Earth, too is shifting to a higher frequency. There will not be two separate planets made from the one. There will not be space ships coming in and lifting people off the Earth.