The 12:12:12 Completion is Mirrored Throughout our Reality.

The Truth of the 12:12:12 Stargate is that the completion of the Earth Grid, the sun disc’s final ignition, simultaneously takes place within us too–our own 12-strand DNA re-instating, our own 12-chakra system activating–and in the expanded specificity of our being.

We emerge into a freedom as potential in which we can move up and down within dimensions while on Earth–with vibrational resonance–and in the wholeness of this 12, we experience the 13th.

The 13th, the Unity of All, Cosmic Consciousness, the Christed Consciousness re-membered in humanity, the awareness of unconditional, divine love. This fully activated crystalline DNA allows us to access the living library of light which in and of itself, liberates access to our greater reality. This reality is created and as we are in resonance with it, we shift fully onto this time-line of light and love.

The 12-chakras are the literal Jacob’s Ladder, the way that we move within our own Lightbody into resonance with different dimensions and the wholeness of this, the 13th, is the Universal Order, the Zero Point, the time of all time, of dynamic wholeness accessed through the living fields of light.

So with these alignments this month we will have access to un-definable waves of light, each of us accessing, integrating, receiving as we are able. These alignments are living fields of light, perpetuating throughout time and influencing all of creation.

In this auspicious time, we are each treasures. Perfectly placed, having been chosen to participate in this here and now because of our life experience, our devotion, our love and our desire to be here. Each of us perfectly opening to receive, situated as we are to facilitate the grounding of these energies, and participating in our own lives, as they are elevated, refined, opening and expanding into greater expressions of wholeness.

~ Expect Wonderful via Meredith Murphy