The Great Shift 12–12–2012 to 21–12–2012 ~ Meditation

Beautiful hearts,

The following link will lead you to experience the most visually beautiful, frequency transmission in the form of a 25 minute video—sound and light journey. This is a free gift from our hearts to yours. The Great Shift 12.12.2012 to 21.12.2012

This video is truly worth watching more than once, as it is visually stunning and energetically carrying a very high love vibration. It will offer you and any who watch it a beautiful love light transmission through your heart.

It has been created from the source of divine love, as a gift for all people in the world to receive and share with others, during this auspicious time on earth, 12–12–12 to 21–12–12, as Mother Earth’s heart frequency is reaching its crescendo in light vibration and the Great Shift is beginning to occur within the core of the Earth.

I hope you deeply enjoy our co-creation and it illuminates your being to have a beautiful shift within your heart and energy, in oneness with Mother Earth’s heart.

With all my love and blessings, Sri’ama Qala