A Message From VERONICA — The Calmness of Connection

 Stay Calm and Find Yourself!

 “It does not matter where your focus is directed, the most common concern of those in physical is spiritual connection.  ‘Is it enough?  Can I do more?  Who are my guides?  I feel them but the communication is scattered.’

     ‘At times I feel so isolated?
     “What can I do?’
     From a spiritual perspective we advise calmness.  A belief system that includes all possibilities gives a limitless advantage to those who seek to connect with their spiritual counterparts.
     In your physical environment most of you are caught in a whirlwind of activity and contrived progress.  Some of your cultures are driven by physical success while others live in a virtual void of creativity. 
     Many religions promise evolution but lead most on a circular path to nowhere.  The most intimate connection to the source of spiritual energy is within yourself.  You are the map to inner consciousness that will lead to connection and your ultimate evolution.
     Your guides whisper continuously in hopes of connection with you.  In a frantic pace in physical it can be most impossible to connect.
     The calmness of eternity where your soul originated is the best path to your desired reunion with all.
     So calm down.  Look about you.  See what you’ve created and acknowledge why you have done so.
     Breath deeply and appreciate how you have manifested in your current environment.
     Omnipotent energy in physical form.
     That’s you.
     Slow down and allow the magnificent energy of your soul to do its original intent.
     Everyone is different in their purpose but all must be still from a moment to recall what it is.
     This is the first step in answering all of your deepest questions.
     Breath.  Calm down.”