Let go of the Heaviness of Being Human and Become a Light Being by Ann Ramirez


Everyone, please read carefully because we have been told that we need to let go of all of our ties to negativity and all problems in the present and past.  All unresolved issues in our lives have been presenting themselves over and over to us as we have been instructed to deal with them by acknowledging them, forgiving ourselves and others involved, recognizing and accepting the lesson attached to the incident, and then releasing it and letting go.  Release all unresolved karma.  

After this, we need to learn to live in the moment and forget the past.   Learn to meditate and connect with our Higher Self for guidance into the now and future.  Humanity is evolving into Light Beings and ALL of us will make this journey eventually because this is our destiny and the wheels started turning a long, long time ago.  Mother Earth/Gaia is ascending and giving birth to a New 5th Dimensional planet and there is no stopping this either.  Do all that you can NOW to ascend so that you can begin to live a life full of peace, harmony, happiness, and the ultimate goal of pure love.

It has been said that if you want to know if the end times are near, look to the sky, and you will see.  The sky these days shows more and more signs of our Galactic Family coming back to rekindle our relationship with them.  

Do not focus on all the fear being instilled into the world these days and all the negativity.  When you hear or see these things, go meditate and enter your Sacred Heart, connect with your Higher Self, and guidance and peace will be given to you.  Listen and trust your inner guidance and at all times, send out love to all Humanity, Animals, and all that exist on Earth at this time.  More than ever send love and healing to Mother Earth/Gaia as she is and has been hurting for far too long and needs relief.  She has loved us and provided all we need to live here on Earth and we have abused, neglected, and taken her for granted.  If and when the days of darkness come about, don’t be afraid!  Be still, go into yourself to find peace, and remember we are all transitioning into the higher realms.  Realms where the promises of God will abound!!!  

Much love and remember to walk in nature every day, barefoot if you can. Feel the Earth and let her energies enter and ground you.  Talk to the animals, trees, plants, flowers, etc. AND BE THE LIGHT BEING YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!!!!        — Ann. 

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