Nature’s Magick


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On a wild and stormy night

Deep in the woods and out of sight

The Elementals, Sidhe and Fey

And others following Nature’s way

Gather together among the trees

In anticipation of a grand release

They’ve waited aeons for this day

When all the density that held sway

Would eventually be lifted

Once the consciousness had shifted

And higher frequencies had come in

So their celebrations could begin

Through their time of long restraint

They’ve worked hard without complaint

Now the Light is here at last

Those days of darkness are the past

And they can feel their spirits rise

At the prospect of creating paradise

The cleansing process alone remains

With lightning strikes and thundery rains

Their wild magick is unleashed and free

As the whole of creation is soon to be

And so the celebration starts

As they feel the freedom in their hearts.

When you go out for walks in Nature

Feeling the peace with a sense of rapture

Drinking in the beauty all around

With the deep joy of freedom found

Please send loving thoughts Nature’s way

And thank the Elementals, Sidhe and Fey.

Gabrielle :)


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