Getting Through the Shift by James Gilliland

It may seem difficult to focus on all that needs to be done during this time and sometimes, yes we feel like we are going crazy.  Focus on your Heart Center as much as possible and before you know, it will become second nature to you.  When we focus on our Heart Center, forgiving ourselves and others, letting go of the past, having compassion for others, etc. all will eventually fall into place the way it should be.  It is important for us to reclaim our Sovereignty at this phase in the game as James Gilliland states below.  We need to look in the mirror daily and see our Christed self looking back.  We need to ask ourselves, when we are presented with uncomfortable circumstances, what would one of the Ascended Masters do if they were in our shoes.  Look at ourselves and evaluate who we are and what we need to be and stop blaming others for the problems in our lives.  — Ann. 

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Getting Through the ShiftWith the intense incoming energies, everything from magnetic waves, Gama bursts, solar flares and consciousness on high things are getting a little bit crazy. We keep trying to fix things externally, some blame, project even demand others meet their expectations of who they should be and how they should act. There is a wonderful saying.

If you try to fix crazy you become crazy, if you attune to confusion you become confused.

Many times I have tried to reason with the unreasonable and understand the confused even asking my guides about future events concerning interactions with these people. I was asked how can you predict what an unreasonable and confused person will do?

This is the condition on an individual and collective level of consciousness today.

It is like predicting weather, social, economic and physical Earth changes all within a sea of confusion.

We can however apply universal principles and understandings to our own lives and try to live by them to the best of our ability.

Are we working towards universal peace, brother/sisterly love, individual freedom and prosperity for all? Are we dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth? It is said by the highest of masters to release the past. Practice forgiveness, take responsibility for our creations, our manifestations, forgive those who harmed us and ourselves for co-creating magnetizing people and events into our daily lives and gain the wisdom from the experience. It is a long arduous path to try to blame, project, and continue in victim roles, judge condemn or seek vengeance in others. Clever as one may be this has nothing to do with Self Mastery and for every finger pointing out there are three pointing back. We have to become sovereign; release the need for acceptance and approval outside of self, stop fixing others the real fix comes when we fix ourselves. Even compassion can be used against you to draw you into dramas; which do not concern you especially when you are only given one side of the story. Who would we be without our stories?

It is a constant vigil to stay centered in a sea of crazy and confusion these are just a few tools to assist one into getting through these times. Rather than add to the problem lets apply the universal principles to ourselves and others as the solution. Be well,