Blue Lotus Poem by Mynzah

Oh, I just love this poem and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone .  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.   Much love, Ann

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blue Lotus (2013 writing by Mynzah)

~ Blue Lotus ~
“Holier than thou…kings and queens of the world…self assigned titles of adult boys and girls.
Politicians are souls too…it doesn’t seem like it because they’re conditioned too.
Listen to what we say…our blood is royal for heavens sake…passed down through generations…that’s why we rate…now do as we say.
There are some that obey and are called sheep or a slave but that is ok because they too will awake and see Love instead of hate.
There is only one spiritual race and that includes everything because everything is Grace…and we all awaken at our own pace.
This truth has been shared as well as hidden from the human race…ignorance is falling…hearts are being embraced…lines are being erased…Earth is uniting with family in space.
We do not walk alone in this holographic bio-dome…all are returning home as they awaken to what they have always known.
Go inside and ask why you are here…you may be surprised at what you will hear.
Awakening to your Divine nature relinquishes your fear…beyond this reality you will see clear…an inner knowing awakening, flowering like a Blue Lotus from Ancient Egyptian years.
Nevermind the kings and queens…politicians and popes…and the rest of those who believe they are better than thee.
You yourself are royalty…and when You remember this truth…a new reality will be seen.
No one is better than You, never has been and never will be…You choose your own sovereignty.
Each a Divine flower…open…beautiful…ready to receive…poised to remember the Garden of Eden around thee…and the Kingdom of Heaven within You…within Me…within We.”
~ Mynzah ~