The Vortex of the Greater You by Gabrielle

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As human beings, we are all but small parts of a Greater Self. A Self that is made up of an infinite amount of parts or expressions, which may gradually show themselves to us as we search for the Truth of who and what we are. It all depends on whether we are ready to accept what we find and on how determined we are to find the Truth. We may have to dig through a whole lot of inner ‘stuff’ before we get even the slightest glimpse of who/what we are, but the results are always enlightening. (Although this analogy is the same for each and every one of us, I have written it in the ‘you’ form for easier reading.)

The physical body that you live in is nothing but energy, vibrating to a certain frequency – a low frequency at that. In fact, it is the lowest possible frequency of the true Great Being that you are – and also one of the smallest parts. There are an awful lot more parts or expressions of you living in higher dimensions and therefore higher frequencies. You can’t physically see or feel these expressions of yourself, because of the low frequency of the physical vibration.

water-vortexImagine a vortex – a spiral or coil if you like. It starts off with narrow twists/coils at the bottom and is much wider at the top. You are very much like that as well. The physical part of you – the person you know – is at the bottom of the vortex – the lowest, tightest and most restricted part, and the lowest vibrational frequency. With every twist or coil, the vortex widens out. The next twist/coil of the vortex is the next part of you – an expression that is less restricted, more expanded and aware, and which has a wider view of life than you can imagine. It is not enclosed in a physical, but more etheric (crystalline) body and lives in a larger, more expanded reality and a higher vibrational frequency. It knows that you are not just a physical or even a finite being, but that you are part of a far Greater Self. It looks up to the top of the vortex and sees/knows that there is Light. It wants to reach that Light, because it doesn’t like to be in darkness and it has a sense of the Love and Power that this Light exudes. It also holds information that cannot be found anywhere else. So it tries to wake the lower vibrational expression – you – up to the fact that there is more out there.

It does this through signals heart multidimensional[1]that can only be received by the innermost part of your being – your heart – which is the only part of you able to receive these higher frequency signals.

Every consecutive twist/coil of the vortex is a greater expression of you and lives in a greater awareness than the one below it. As each expression comes closer to the Light at the top of the vortex, the more Light it absorbs and the more loving, enlightened and empowered these expressions are. Each expression tries to help the expressions below it to become more aware, more loving, enlightened and empowered, because the Light is the ultimate goal, and because ALL expressions are ONE Being. By sending more of the Love, Light and Power down into all lower vibrational expressions of you, ALL expressions can move closer to the Light of Love. The expressions at the highest part of the vortex are already living in the Light and are sending wonderful, powerful signals of Love to the lower parts, in an attempt to help those parts reach for the Light as well.

So the more we open our hearts to the Love, Light and Power that the higher parts of us are sending down to us, the easier this process becomes and the sooner we will reach the Light.

beautiful vortex